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Senate passes Food Safety Modernization Act

2 commentsBy Caroline Scott-Thomas , 30-Nov-2010

The Senate has passed the Food Safety Modernization Act with a bipartisan 73-25 vote on Tuesday after awaiting debate in the chamber for more than a year.

The bill gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the right to order recalls and greater access to companies’ safety records, and requires food manufacturers to put in place detailed food safety plans. It represents the biggest overhaul of the US food safety system in decades.

In order for the legislation to progress, the bill must be reconciled with legislation passed in the House in July 2009 – the Food Safety Enhancement Act – before it can reach the President’s desk to be signed into law.

The bill was developed largely in response to a spate of foodborne illness outbreaks that hit the United States over the past several years, including one caused by salmonella-tainted peanut products, which killed at least nine and sickened more than 700.

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More restrictions on freedoms

The percentage of food contamination by small farmers is virtually non-existent due to the minimal handling of the food. The recalls are from confined animal feeding operations where animals live in their own filth, large food handling facilities and mass food production. AND this bill gives the Food Czar the right to exempt companies from compliance and the recall is an option, not mandatory. Good luck to those wanting access to locally grown organic foods. This bill will increase the cost of foods and lower availability... just what we need when the global food supply is collapsing.

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Posted by May G-d Help Us All
30 November 2010 | 22h132010-11-30T22:13:24Z

A failed opportunity

This bill exempts the majority of farms in this country based on reasons unrelated to risk.

Imagine if all small restaurants were exempt from health department rules?

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Posted by Fresh Origins
30 November 2010 | 18h222010-11-30T18:22:20Z

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