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Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals BV – Salt Specialties


Salt has been our business since 1918. Starting as Royal Dutch Salt Industries (KNZ) in Boekelo, the Netherlands. The salt is dissolved in underground salt layers, formed hundreds of millions of years ago. Around 1963 we extended our business by starting salt production in Denmark, to serve the Scandinavian markets as well.

These days, Salt Specialties is one of the world's leading salt specialists, supplying high-quality products for all different kinds of applications. Salt Specialties exports its products throughout the whole world. These products cover a broad spectrum of grain sizes, ranging from micro fine, to coarse salt, to compacted products. Our business is well known for the strong brand names under which its products are sold, such as Jozo®, KNZ®, Sanal®, Suprasel®, Broxo® and Broxomatic®.  

Our philosophy is that we deliver Tomorrow’s Answers Today and therefore we are constantly looking for new and better products that serve the needs of our customers and that can improve your business.

Our latest launch is Suprasel Loso OneGrain®

This is a simple 1-to-1 salt replacement all made into a single grain. No changes in recipes are needed. The great-tasting, free flowing Suprasel Loso OneGrain products can be handled and stored just like regular salt, making them a convenient replacement in food manufacturing. The products can be used at the same dosage levels without becoming lumpy, creating dust or de-mixing.

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