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Biorigin - Natural Food Ingredients

 Biorigin is a Brazilian company created in 2003, with a structure completely dedicated to the development of innovative solutions based on yeasts and derivative products.

Biorigin has 4 ranges of products: Bionis yeast extracts naturally enhance the original flavors of a variety of food products, providing more body, mouth feel and natural Umami enhancement.  Biotaste yeast extracts providing culinary savory notes and enhancing the body and mouth feel of end products. Bionis and Biotaste are yeast extracts lines that also can promote salt reduction. Goldcell, dried yeasts and autolysed yeasts line that can be use in food applications, bakery products and as a nutrient for fermentation for example. Mannovin is a flavor enhancer for wines.

The company announced in November 2008 the acquisition of PTX Food Corp, a company specialized in natural and clean-label products. This acquisition reinforced Biorigin strategy of offering health and life quality solutions to the public as ingredients that allow salt reduction, enhance the flavor of foods, and several other functions.

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