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Islam was the fastest growing religion in America from 2000 to 2010

GUEST ARTICLE: US halal food regulations… Are you up to speed?

A growing segment of US consumers is scrutinizing animal treatment and slaughter from an Islamic lens, while halal food consumption among the nation's fast-growing Muslim population has become a ballooning...

Heavenly Organics' shows "profits can create peace" by providing ethical jobs in conflict areas

Under cover of darkness, deep in Northern and Central India and the Himalayans, harvesters for Heavenly Organics gently brush away sleeping bees from wild hives to collect the velvety, organic...

Entomo Farms rides the edible insects wave: ‘Things really exploded for us in 2015’

2015 was a difficult year for some in the embryonic edible insect ingredients business, with Big Cricket Farms suspending activities due to water supply problems and All Things Bugs facing...

Walmart & Otis Spunkmeyer join cage-free egg movement in the US

Retail giant Walmart and baked sweets manufacturer Otis Spunkmeyer join the swelling ranks of companies switching to cage-free eggs, but both are doing so cautiously with long timelines that likely...

VMG Partners & TerraVia launch algae-fueled investment vehicle TerraBrands

It is only a matter of time before microalgae becomes a mainstream food ingredient, predict the founders of TerraBrands, a new partnership between private equity firm VMG Partners and microalgae...

Expo West 2016

BrightFarms helps retailers provide fresh, local & safe produce year around

For shoppers today, buying groceries is all about fresh and local – which can be a tall order for retailers in urban areas or with limited access to nearby farms. 

'Artificial' preservatives are falling out of favor, but what are the alternatives?

The percentage of new food and beverage launches (retail) making ‘no additives/preservatives’ claims rose from 12.46% in 2012 to 20.24% in 2015, according to Mintel*, while there has also been...

Special Edition: Preservatives

Plant-based preservatives emerge as consumers hunt for clean-label meats

From celery to citrus to vinegar, consumers are glancing over nitrate-containing meat products and going for what they deem a more natural alternative.

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AAK unveils confectionery filling fats with zero trans-fat and no hydrogenation

AAK has unveiled a new brand of confectionery filling fats called Confao, which are claimed to deliver creamy and caramel-like textures or the melt-a-way sensation of a premium truffle, with zero...

ADM flavor creation facility in Cranbury, NJ built for collaborative innovation

ADM has opened a new flavor creation, application and customer service facility in Cranbury, New Jersey designed to help customers work collaboratively with ADM’s flavorists, mint specialists, and application technologists...

Splenda CEO blasts ‘flawed’ Ramazzini research: ‘Sucralose does not cause cancer’

Sucralose “is safe and does not cause cancer, despite what you may have seen in some headlines,” Ted Gelov, the CEO of Splenda brand owner Heartland Consumer Products Group, has...

Amazon for ingredients: New e-commerce platform rolls out with transparency and factory-direct pricing is promising to change the industry by allowing manufacturers in the US to purchase raw materials directly from overseas factories, providing considerable cost and time savings.

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Glanbia launches OatPure gluten free oats in the US

Glanbia Nutritionals has launched OatPure gluten free oats in the US, containing less than 10 parts per million of gluten, far exceeding US FDA requirements for gluten-free claims.

Whey, pea protein suppliers team up for line of functional proteins aimed at sports nutrition

For sports nutrition blending proteins to achieve customized delivery profiles is the big trend, and two companies, one from the plant world and the other from the animal kingdom, have...

Durham Ranch: Bison demand surges as formats of meat products diversify

Once popular mainly among the food-service industry’s experimental chefs, bison demand grows as meat products from protein bars to bone broth compete for consumers.

At Expo West 2016, North American tastes turn up the dial for heat tolerance

More North American consumers are able to identify the nuances of spicy flavors, and the ingredients behind them, demanding more complexity in their spicy foods. Brands are happy to oblige.

Now it is just a question of 'when' and not 'if'

GLG a step closer to realizing a commercially viable Reb M extract from stevia leaf

Vancouver-based GLG Life Tech has developed a new variety of stevia containing unusually high levels of sought-after steviol glycoside Reb M, a breakthrough it claims is “a very important step...

Solazyme rebrands as TerraVia, raises $28m as part of plan to focus on food, nutrition, personal care: 'We’re redefining the future of food'

Microalgae ingredients pioneer Solazyme has unveiled plans to spin off its industrial products division and focus exclusively on food, feed and personal care, under a new name: TerraVia.

Givaudan draws upon 'Noah’s Ark of citrus' to unveil new global flavor collection

I’m getting creamy, peppery notes, with a hint of cinnamon… and definitely some raspberry… 

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All Things Bugs unveils new GrioPro cricket protein brand

Edible insect expert All Things Bugs has unveiled a new brand name for its cricket powder: GrioPro (based on grillo – Spanish for cricket; and Pro for protein), which it...

Veterans behind Rumi Spice source saffron directly from Afghan farmers

Sold in a variety of channels, including direct to consumers and to foodservice entrepreneurs, Rumi Spice delivers quality saffron in a category full of mistrust.

Plant Based Products Association launches to fuel growth of alternatives to animal-based products

Manufacturers of meat alternatives, tofu, tempeh, nut milks and vegan dairy replacements have a new champion in their corner and in Washington to help them level a playing field that...

Masienda wants to elevate tortillas by importing nonGMO, biodiverse corn

New York-based startup Masienda wants to elevate the $6.8 billion corn tortilla market in the US by importing biodiverse, heirloom corn from Mexico to create a better tasting, nonGMO alternative...

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Herbalife seeks companies willing to pitch innovative ingredients, products

Herbalife has announced an upcoming event in which companies can pitch their new product ideas. The North American Innovation Meeting is set for May 18 and 19 at the company’s...

Sodexo will blend mushrooms into burgers at schools to boost produce consumption

The Mushroom Council and Sodexo hope to encourage children to eat more produce by introducing “Blend Burgers” and expanding the Eat Brighter marketing campaign into school cafeterias.

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