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Potential compromise reached on food fight about school meals

A bipartisan Senate agreement and proposed legislation slated for markup Jan. 20 could end the long, drawn out food fight over healthier school meal standards laid out in the aggressive...

Limited co-packers dedicated to allergen-free production hinders category growth, Snackin’ Free warns

A lack of co-packers with dedicated allergen- and grain-free production facilities will hinder startups and small manufacturers from competing in the quickly growing free-from category, but it won’t stop them...

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Probiotics hit the cold brew coffee category

Brooklyn-based cold-pressed juice firm JÙS by Julie has scored an industry-first with the launch of a new cold brew coffee infused with probiotics in original and vanilla flavors.

Diet meals step-up with more premium, gourmet offerings, test reveals

Diet delivery meal services are raising the bar to create more gourmet appearing and tasty meals in a bid to attract more consumers who traditionally have shied away from frozen...

“Small but significant”: Pea fiber may help cut calorie consumption, says human study

Consuming 15 grams per day of yellow pea fiber may help reduce body fat and energy intake in overweight and obese adults, says a new randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

6 trends to watch in 2016: From hard soda and drinkable food to sour flavors and fat

Small Town Brewery’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer may have stolen early mover advantage in the hard soda renaissance, but it can expect significant competition from heavy hitters in 2016,...

For the love of beets: Love Beets opens new facility to meet demand

Marinated and vacuum packed, juiced, or turned into a bar, Love Beets is reinventing ways to make the healthy beetroot vegetable more adaptable to a busy lifestyle.

Sales of sweet baked snacks slow, but single-serve holds promise, Packaged Facts finds

Sales of single-serve packages is a rare bright spot in the otherwise beleaguered sweet baked snack category, sales of which are slowing dramatically as consumers reach for healthier options or...

Can “green” claims turn the GMO debate around in 2016, analysts ask

Growing consumer concern about food waste and the environmental impact of food production could be a “conversation starter” for food manufacturers to shift consumers’ focus on genetically modified organisms away...

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Ingredion invests $30m into expanding production capabilities in Mexico

Ingredion has pumped $30m into expanding capacity at its San Juan del Rio manufacturing facility in Mexico.

health and wellness 2020

7 trends influencing the evolution of health, wellness and consumers' views of food

Americans’ evolving definition of health and wellness from treatment to prevention is dramatically impacting how they view food – with many people looking to the ancient past for guidance on...

Safety warnings could deter parents from buying sugar-sweetened drinks

Adding warning labels about weight gain, disease and tooth decay to sugar-sweetened beverages, as proposed by several state bills, could deter parents from buying them for their children, a new...

GMO Labeling: After Campbell’s announcement, will others follow suit?

On this touchy subject, most companies declined to comment, and those that did emphasized the need for congress to act quickly.

Recommendation to eat potatoes questioned in study linking them to gestational diabetes

Research finding that women who regularly eat potatoes before pregnancy are more likely to develop gestational diabetes raises concerns about dietary guidelines that advocate eating potatoes.

More consumers distrust how food is made, but are willing to work with manufacturers

The percentage of vocal consumers who passionately care about, are dissatisfied with and distrustful of how food is made, packaged and sold is growing from a small niche group into...

Is fresh chicken with added solution “natural”? TLC says no

USDA should prohibit the use of “natural” on fresh chicken with added saltwater or seaweed extract given recent research that reveals most consumers do not expect added solutions in chicken...

2015 Dietary Guidelines create marketing opportunity for manufacturers, trade groups

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines released Jan. 7 create a marketing opportunity for savvy manufacturers and industry stakeholders to promote their products through educational materials that help consumers better understand how...

Coffee pod sales growth slows, but emerging trends could expand category’s reach, Packaged Facts

Sales of single-serve coffee pods in the US continue to grow, but the pace will slow in coming years as the maturing category enters a tumultuous period fraught with increased...

Limited access to supermarkets not the only cause of obesity in food deserts, research finds

New research challenges the commonly held belief that simply adding supermarkets, with more healthy options, to food deserts could reduce obesity rates in low-income neighborhoods with limited access to food...

Seeds, avocados and clean-eating will gain traction in 2016, RDNs predict

Nutrient-dense and protein-packed seeds will steal the show in 2016, predict 450 registered dietitian nutritionists surveyed by Pollock Communications and Today’s Dietitian.

FoodNavigator-USA’s 10 most popular articles of 2015

Gluten-free Cheerios, Soylent, trendspotting, the rise of veganism, and lawsuits: All of these made the top 10 most read articles on FoodNavigator-USA, but what was #1?

New culture developed to enhance the quality of reduced-fat cheese

Chr. Hansen has launched a new cheese ripening culture, Delight TM, to help improve the texture, taste and flavor of reduced-fat cheeses.

Race to use only cage-free eggs could create supply challenge, predicts exec from the happy egg co.

As the race for manufacturers and restaurants to switch to 100% cage-free eggs in the US gains momentum, the speed of the transition could create short-term supply challenges for manufacturers...

ReGrained repurposes spent beer grain into a baking ingredient to cut food waste

The old adage that one person’s trash is another’s treasure is the foundation of San Francisco-based startup ReGrained, which makes snack bars from grains used to brew beer and eventually...

Ardent Mills launches plan to double US organic wheat acres in three years

Flour producer Ardent Mills has announced a plan that it hopes will more than double the number of organic wheat acres in the United States by 2019.

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