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Even doubled income for farmers won’t make cocoa sustainable: Mars

Cocoa living income may need to quadruple to secure the long term future of the crop, says Mars’ global procurement head.

Industry reaction: What #Brexit means for UK & EU nutrition sectors

For the first time the European Union has lost a member after the British people yesterday voted to leave the bloc which began life as the European Economic Community in 1951.

McCormick launches 40 new products, from chipotle mayo to matcha and ginger seasoning

Packaged spice giant McCormick announced its new fall product line-up, and its reflecting a nationwide trend for new flavors from around the world.

Confectionery to be worst hit UK food sector after Brexit, says Euromonitor

Confectionery volumes are forecast to decline faster than any other packaged food category after the UK voted to leave the European Union.


Brexit fallout: Snack sales face threat of drop in discretionary spend

Sweet and savory snacks will be among the hardest hit UK food categories as a result of the Brexit vote, according to analysts Euromonitor International.


Britain votes to leave the EU: What now?

Britain has voted to leave the European Union and Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned as a result. Across Europe and the UK, the food industry is coming to terms...

Soup-to-nuts podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Quinoa’s rise to superfood superstar status and the challenges it must address

Quinoa was one of the first superfoods to take America by storm more than a decade ago, and one of the few such stars to sustain its reign long enough...

GUEST ARTICLE: Eat your art out… intellectual property protection for food

Properly applied, intellectual property law is flexible enough to protect creative food designs from substantial copying, but with built-in limitations that safeguard against stifling collaboration in the food industry, says Foley...

Nespresso to bring Cuban coffee to US soil for first time in 50 years

It has been half a century since the US embargoed trade with Cuba, and now Nespresso is jumping on the first opportunity to bring the storied coffee beans of this...

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New VC fund will allow Kellogg to access “cutting-edge ideas” from food & tech startups

The Kellogg Company joins the growing list of large legacy food and beverage brand manufacturers launching venture capital funds as a way to access “game-changing ideas” and tap into emerging...

Health & wellness concerns are fragmenting dairy milk, presenting more opportunity, survey shows

Traditional white dairy milk is becoming more colorful as consumers increasingly demand sustainability, functionality and flavor from a category that for years was dominated by only three choices: whole, low-fat...

Soup To Nuts Podcast

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: How can stakeholders overcome challenges facing plant-based innovation?

Sales of plant-based alternatives to animal products may be growing fast, but the road ahead for the industry is far from smooth with several substantial hurdles threatening to hold back...

One Hop Kitchen expands edible insects beyond baked goods into pasta sauce

The nascent edible insect category is growing quickly, but finished product manufacturers have mainly focused on baked goods made from insect flour – until now. 

Eating more whole grains could reduce risk of chronic diseases, study finds

New research that demonstrates a clear association between eating whole grains and the reduced risk of chronic diseases supports the 2015 dietary guideline’s recommendation that Americans “shift” their diet by...

Amid volatile domestic market, Brazilian candy manufacturers look to the US

Candy manufacturers in Brazil are looking north as the US dollar is in top form while the local real is seesawing amid political volatility.

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: Strategies for growing sales of plant-based products

When many mainstream consumers think of plant-based alternatives to animal products they think of non-dairy milks – and for good reason: it is one of the fastest growing sub-categories and...

Door to Door Organics and Relay Foods extend geographic reach & resources with merger

Door to Door Organics and Relay Foods are teaming up to create a new powerhouse in online grocery retail that has sweeping geographic reach and extensive technological and operational expertise...

“Stealth health” could be strategy of the past as consumers embrace healthy reformulations

New research from market intelligence company CivicScience suggests changing consumer attitudes about healthy eating could mean manufacturers can shed their years-old “stealth health” approach to product reformulation without fear that...

CoffeeFlour expands as demand for novelty and sustainability increases

Made out of the often discarded pulp of the coffee cherry, a byproduct in coffee bean production, CoffeeFlour has seen its success ride on the wave of gluten-free enthusiasm and...

ADM and GLG partner to sell stevia and monk fruit sweeteners

Ingredients supplier Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) has partnered with GLG Life Tech Corporation to market stevia and monk fruit sweeteners.

IOI drops legal action against RSPO

Palm oil supplier IOI Corporation Berhad has ditched plans to sue the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), saying it has “engaged” with customers, NGOs and the RSPO to resolve...

New hires: Mark Clouse takes the helm at Pinnacle Foods, Hershey promotes Michele Buck

Check out who’s moving onwards and upwards at Hershey, Pinnacle Foods, Chobani, Mars, Hormel Foods, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Suja, TerraVia and Kellogg in FoodNavigator-USA’s latest round-up of new hires in food...

FoodNavigator-USA's Soup to Nuts Podcast

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: What is driving the booming sales growth of plant-based products?

Sales of plant-based alternatives to animal products are booming, thanks in large part to improved sensory qualities, expanded availability and increased consumer access to information about their health and environmental...

Celebrity endorsements, flashy marketing works – even for fruits and veggies, FNV campaign shows

Turns out flashy marketing, celebrity endorsements and the support of social influencers is just as effective at selling fruits and vegetables as it is salty snacks, sugary drinks and other...

Not all Millennials are the same, and other generation-based myths busted by CRA-backed study

Young adults move through several distinctly varied life stages from the ages of 18 to 34 years – high school graduation, moving out on their own, going to college, finding...

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