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Latest food ingredients trends from natural sweeteners to ancient grains


Want to stay up to speed with the latest developments in sustainable palm oil, natural sweeteners, ancient grains, plant-based proteins, gluten-free ingredient trends, probiotics, prebiotics and omega-3s? Keen to stay on top of clean-label and natural trends, the challenges around replacing partially hydrogenated oils, BVO and Azodicarbonamide? Bookmark this section to see what the big names in ingredients supply are up to from Cargill and ADM to WILD, Givaudan, Bunge, PureCircle, Ingredion, GNT, DDW, Tate & Lyle and CP Kelco.

News in brief

DFI’s erythritol moves closer to market as company plans new plant next to raw material source

Biotech firm Dynamic Food Ingredients (DFI) Corporation has announced plans to construct an industrial scale polyol manufacturing facility near one of ADM’s wet-mill corn processing facilities in the US, giving...

News in brief

Kancor America opens application labs at Rutgers University

Kancor America, a division of Kancor Ingredients Limited, (Cochin India), has opened the doors to its North American application labs at Rutgers University Food Innovation Center-North location.

Special edition: Oils & Fats

Chewing the fat with Columbus Vegetable Oils: ‘We had a lot of phone calls after FDA dropped the PHO bomb…’

While the food industry has been reducing partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) for years, Illinois-based Columbus Vegetable Oils still had a few panicky phone calls when the FDA “dropped the PHO...

Special edition: Oils & fats

Partially hydrogenated oils? We have all the tools to replace them now, says Dow

A lot of food manufacturers are not happy with FDA proposals to revoke the GRAS status of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs). Meanwhile, the soybean industry is urging the agency to...

Special edition: Oils & fats

Time for a rethink on saturated fat?

If the cover of TIME magazine earlier this month (headline: Eat Butter) is anything to go by, it would seem that the conversation about fat, and saturated fat in particular,...

Novel fermentation process will unlock rice bran protein potential, says Nutraceutical Innovations

A new player is poised to enter the burgeoning plant protein market with new protein and fiber ingredients produced via a novel fermentation process from heat stabilized defatted rice bran.

News in brief

Mintel: Chia blazing ahead, prickly pear on the cusp of greatness?

Chia is going from strength to strength while prickly pear cactus is a dark horse that could be a big hit down the road, says Mintel.

FoodNavigator-USA exclusive

Groundbreaking 'Green CoffeeTea' could change the market for green coffee extract, CEO says

Following on the success of ReishiSmooth , a trademarked all-natural fermentation process that uses mushrooms to remove the bitterness from chocolate and coffee, food technology firm MycoTechnology is betting on the...

What is cocoa child labor? ICI sorts the acceptable from the unacceptable

Chocolate companies must know what truly constitutes cocoa child labor to be able to tackle the issue, according to the International Cocoa Initiative, which has unveiled a new strategy to...


Don't get emotional, enter strategic alliances: Dairy Farmers of America

Strategic alliances have enabled Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) to overcome the “emotion” that comes with attempting to enter emerging markets such as China.

Special edition: Oils & Fats

Progress on PHOs and why saturated fat is still bad: Bunge

The packaged food industry has removed roughly three-quarters of the 8 billion pounds of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) that abounded in the marketplace at the heyday of trans fats in...

Stevia First CEO: Game-changing enzymatic enhancement process could transform economics of stevia production

A novel ‘enzymatic enhancement’ process that can convert low grade stevia extracts into high purity Reb A could transform the economics of stevia production and help California-based Stevia First stand...

News in brief

Can’t get the staff?? Tell us what recruitment issues you have at your company

Can’t find suitably qualified staff in technical, engineering or R&D roles? Struggling to secure the budget to take on the talented people you need? Or is everything smelling of roses...

Chinese xanthan gum prices hit all time low

Xanthan prices continue to be very competitive, guar prices remain steady and cassia prices have escalated owing to a reduced crop in India, according to a hydrocolloids analyst.

Vitamin E: Do you know your tocopherols from your tocotrienols? And are you getting enough?

While tocopherols have historically grabbed the limelight, the other members of the antioxidant-packed vitamin E family - tocotrienols - offer exciting benefits for cardiovascular and cellular health, says the firm...

News in brief

OmniActive self-affirms GRAS status of its paprika-derived zeaxanthin

OmniActive Health Technologies has self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) status for its OmniXan RR-zeaxanthin from natural paprika for use in functional foods and beverages, the company has announced.

EPA, DHA for the masses? Cargill unveils cost-effective ‘drop-in’ solution for F&B omega-3 fortification

Cargill has unveiled IngreVita, a proprietary blend of high oleic canola oil, antioxidants and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) from fish oil that it claims will take omega-3...

Insights ahead of IFT 2014

Innovative hydration and sugar reduction to propel healthy beverage, DSM says

Ahead of the 2014 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo in the Big Easy next week, representatives from DSM Nutritional Products, which will be among the...

Tony's Fine Foods acquisition solidifies UNFI against increasing competition, CEO says

United Natural Foods Inc. the dominant force in organic and natural food distribution in North America, says its acquisiton of Tony’s Fine Foods will help it stave off competition in...

Microwave technology core of deal to bring to market lower-cost food, beverage ingredients

Botanical ingredient supplier Gencor has teamed with Canadian company Radient Technologies to bring to market a new array of natural compounds suitable for use as functional food, beverage and dietary...

Norovirus top source of reported foodborne outbreaks, says CDC

Noroviruses are the leading cause of reported foodborne disease outbreaks, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

PLT to debut whole food vitamin D mushroom powder at IFT

PLT Health Solutions will debut a new vegetarian source of vitamin D with a whole food mushroom powder at the Institute of Food Technologists trade show later in June in...

The $4.5bn US soyfood market: Soymilk in a funk; tofu a ‘dark horse’, explosive growth in bars, cereals, snacks

The US soymilk category remains in a funk according to a new report, which shows retail sales  - which topped $1bn five years ago - slumped 8.5% to $638m in...

Evaporated cane juice blues for Blue Diamond as judge surprises legal experts by allowing lawsuit to proceed

Several food manufacturers have been let off the legal hook recently as lawsuits filed against them for using ‘evaporated cane juice’ (ECJ) on labels have been dismissed or stayed following...

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