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Citrus production falls further in latest USDA forecasts

Citrus fruit production in the US is on a general low, largely as a result of hurricane damage in Florida, according to the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) December crop...

Fiber market set to surge, but products must stress health benefits

Demand for fiber in the US is forecast to more than double in the next six years, with food manufacturers set to "tap into regions with very few competitors but...

Industry turns to DNA testing to ensure Angus quality beef

DNA testing is to be used to ensure the quality of Angus branded beef, after generations of cross breeding has resulted in reduced Angus breed percentages in many of the...

Branded ingredients - do consumers care?

A change in attitudes towards branded ingredients amongst manufacturers means that companies are devoting resources to communicating directly with consumers. But do consumers really have the stomach for ingredient brands,...

New Monsanto bean promises long lasting low trans fat soyoil

Biotech giant Monsanto is to develop new versions of its reduced trans-fat Vistive soybean with the aim of improving shelf life and flavor of soy oil, lowering saturated fat content...

USDA agrees to extra sugar imports to stem shortage

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced it will allow extra sugar imports into the country in an effort to prevent market shortages after hurricane damage to sugarcane crops,...

Functional and health foods dominate 2006 predictions

Omega-3, superfruits, wholegrains and chocolate - four of the trends in packaged goods tipped by ProductScan Online to take the market by storm in 2006.

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The reach of lobbying

The oft-said adage that there are two things people don't want to see being made - sausage and legislation - falls apart at the doors of the EU's parliament.

School soft drink sales down, no obesity threat, claims ABA

Sales of full-calorie soft drinks in schools have fallen in recent years, said the American Beverage Asociation (ABA) in a new study, published as soda companies face a possible threat...

Organic market set to enjoy steady growth over next 20 years

The organic industry is set to enjoy good growth over the next twenty years, according to a new study by the nation's Organic Trade Association (OTA), which forecasts that by...

German discounter denies Wal-Mart takeover

Discounter Norma has denied claims that they have been in negotiations with Wal-Mart.

Listeria concerns result in ConAgra product recall

ConAgra Foods has recalled nearly 47,000 children's lunch kits that may be contaminated with listeria, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced yesterday.

Storm damage could lead to banana shortage, says Chiquita

Banana producer Chiquita has said that it expects fruit shortages in the US after large areas of its banana farms were destroyed last month by Tropical Storm Gamma. seeks reporters

Exciting, award-winning, and rapidly expanding online publisher, DecisionNews Media - the publisher of - seeks young reporters for its New York newsroom, to initiate breaking news on the food...

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Death by food support

If the EU keeps hiding its agriculture sector behind huge pay cheques instead of devoting more time to food research funding, the bloc's whimpering and wailing will only get worse.

EU extends inquiry into Cargill's Degussa acquisition

The European Commission has extended it inquiry into US ingredients firm Cargill's acquisition of the food ingredients unit of German chemical giant Degussa, it emerged today.

Osmosis cuts Fonterra's milk transport costs

A reverse osmosis machine capable of extracting excess water from milk is expected to significantly cut transport costs for New Zealand dairy co-operative Fonterra.

Consumers are wary of functional foods, finds report

Functional foods are failing to win the trust of consumers on both sides of the Atlantic, according to a new report from market analyst Datamonitor, as the food industry is...

Sugar: supplies down, prices up, imports called for

Manufacturers of food and beverage products that contain sugar are calling on the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to allow for more sugar imports in order to top up the...

Tesco to take on America?

UK retail giant Tesco is today playing down rumours of a multi-billion pound deal to acquire 49 per cent of leading American grocery chain Meijer, amid growing concern that the...

Citrus production threatened, prices due to rise

The Florida citrus industry is struggling to recover from a string of disease and natural disaster, but with production forecasts down and likely to fall further, and with no carry-over...

Campbell increases profits despite falling sales

Campbell's net earnings for the first quarter ended 30 October have been helped by strong soup prices and a favorable tax settlement, canceling out a decline in soup sales.

Researchers find animal antibiotics in vegetables

Antibiotics given to livestock can end up in vegetables and pose a health threat to consumers, according to a study looking at the use of animal manure as a fertilizer.

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Time for Japan to act on agriculture

Strong rhetoric at last weekend's Apec summit on the abolition of agricultural subsidies could not drown out the scraping sound of Japanese heels.

Comfort food consumption varies with gender emotions, says study

Gender, age and culture are decisive factors when it comes to the consumption of comfort foods, according to a new study.