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Mineral maker hunting for acquisition

Israeli minerals maker Gadot Biochemicals is seeking an acquisition in Europe or the US to expand its health ingredients business.

Demand for exotic fruits set to increase in 2006, report

Exotic fruits, white tea and small plates and bites are set to become more popular with consumers this year, as more people opt for "healthy," "fashionable" and "adventurous" foods, says...

Japan bans US beef following illegal shipment

Japan has slapped a ban on all beef imports from the US after discovering prohibited material in a recent shipment.

USDA sugar forecasts fall further, industry calls for imports

With the nation's sugar supplies still low, manufacturers of products that use sugar have again appealed to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to allow for extra imports in order...

Cargill sales up, acquisitions, expansion high

As Cargill continues to expand its global supply chain, the company yesterday reported a 19 percent rise in its second quarter net earnings.

McCormick to shut two plants in restructuring

Leading spice company McCormick is to close two manufacturing facilities this year as part of the company's restructuring plans to improve margins.

Dietetic chocolate takes American hit

A dramatic decline in US sales of dietetic chocolate signals the product's popularity is fading.

Weekly comment

Some news is good news

I am beginning to feel like a freak among journalists. Good or bad, my reporting is the product of hours of questions, fact-hunting and often-times editorial debate. Yet, despite this...

Coca-Cola facing storm on human rights

Coca-Cola faces a challenging 2006 as the firm experiences rising levels of bad publicity on alleged human rights abuse and, of course, obesity. In the first of two parts,

ADM teams up with Monsanto for low trans fat soy oil

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) is to expand its range of low trans fat oils for the food industry by teaming up with biotech giant Monsanto to process some of the...

Make fresh easier: key to success, says expert

Harry Balzer, who has been studying the eating patterns of Americans for the past 25 years, told where the nation's consumers are heading, and what food manufacturers need to...

RFID advances help food traceability

Advances in RFID make the technology more useful to food processors in tracing and tracking their products.

Sucralose breakthrough could smash Tate & Lyle monopoly

An India-based company claims it has developed a sucralose that will break Tate & Lyle's lucrative monopoly in the sweetener.

Bunge to expand oilseed capacity in Canada

The world's biggest oilseed processor Bunge this week announced that it is to expand the oilseed crusher and oil refinery capacity at one of its plants in Canada.

Atkins advertises new look range

Atkins Nutritionals, the company that created the low-carb diet craze, said today that it has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with a slimmer range of products for a broader...

USDA lifts regulation on Monsanto GM corn

A line of genetically engineered corn from Monsanto is no longer considered a plant pest, meaning that the company now has the right to market it to farmers, but the...

Understand GDP to improve business, says study

Food manufacturers and retailers will be able to tell if a particular marketing campaign or the introduction of a new product is likely to be successful by studying the state...

DHL launches a 'virtual warehouse' for importers

As part of a new international shipping and distribution service, DHL plans to offer companies customized transit reports on all their imports.

Monsanto reports "record" first quarter sales

Agricultural products giant Monsanto today reported strong first quarter sales, on the back of a good performance from its seeds and genomics segment.

The rise of vitamin D

A growing body of research is driving strong growth in supplements and foods fortified with vitamin D, inversely linked in several studies to lower risk of certain cancers and osteoporosis.

Plastic packaging additive cuts out taste and odors

A new plastics additive removes taste and odor molecules as they pass through food packaging, its developer claims.

Measuring meter reader fits tight spaces

Small electromagnetic shakers are designed specifically for tight fitting processing and packaging distribution lines that require precise metering and low maintenance drives, the system's manufacturer claims.

Ahold reshuffle brings extra Q4 charges and job cuts

Dutch retailing giant Ahold will axe 700 jobs from its US operations as restructuring costs see more than $50 million in charges added to fourth quarter results.

Christmas feature

Spicing up Christmas

Christmas cake, mulled wine, mince pies and Christmas pudding - all these festive specialities taste of Christmas. But why is it that the smell of spices such as cinnamon, allspice,...

Consumers know what's healthy but won't compromise, study

A new study reveals that most Americans know what they should be eating but find it difficult to stick to a healthy diet because of the product options readily available...