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Dark chocolate innovations at Chicago

This month's All Candy Expo in Chicago saw an impressive range of dark chocolate launches, suggesting that innovation is still possible in this well-established segment.

Chr Hansen sells off US sweetener business

Chr. Hansen has sold its speciality sweetener division to American Sugar Refining as part of its US refocusing strategy.

General Mills plans for tough year ahead

US cereal giant General Mills has indicated year-end earnings will be higher than previously expected, but admits next year's outlook may be gloomy as rising commodity costs and interest repayments...

US doctors take a stand against salt

The American Medical Association (AMA) has added its voice to the clamor against salt, voting this week to urge the government to revoke the substance's GRAS status.

Organic Focus

Stonyfield takes steps to overcome supply shortage

With the US organic market on a sharp uphill path, and the nation's organic farmers unable to keep up with demand, the CEO of leading dairy firm Stonyfield Farm tells...

International joint venture to boost Fibersol-2 sales

Archer Daniels Midland and Matsutani Chemical have solidified a joint venture to enhance worldwide sales and marketing of soluble fiber Fibersol-2 as interest in this type of ingredient is predicted...

Weekly comment

Healthy food and the World Cup of missed opportunity

Beer, bakery, confectionery, sweet drinks, pizzas, snacks galore, and even dog food. The list of products with World Cup tie-ins is dominated by junk food, while healthy food makers seem...

McCormick expands Asian business with new acquisition

Leading spice firm McCormick continues in its strategy to expand its business into areas of strong growth potential, announcing last week that it is to acquire an Asian food company.

US confectionery sector shows strong innovation

The US confectionery industry has big expectations for the coming year, as the recent 2006 All Candy Expo demonstrated.

Pre-launch interest booms as natural sweetener gets GRAS

The recent regulatory approval for a fruit-derived natural sweetener could open new doors to food and beverage manufacturers looking to clean up their product labels.

Kids want fun in foods, not just health, says study

Over half of the nation's children say they wish they could have more fun when eating their meals and snacks, according to a new study.

Martek ruling paves way for more DHA in Canadian food

Martek DHA, approved for use in infant formula in Canada since 2002, has obtained federal consent for use at higher doses in a variety of foods, paving the way for...

South Korea delays resumption of US beef imports

South Korea said yesterday that it will delay resumption of US beef imports, after finding problems at US meat processing facilities, reported Yonhap news.

Whole gains, functional breads revitalize market, says report

The popularity of whole grains and a growing trend to fortify baked goods with functional ingredients has added a new dynamic to an otherwise mature US bread market, says a...

Cargill to build new soybean processing plant

Leading agribusiness firm Cargill last week announced that it is to construct a new soybean processing plant in Kansas City.

Kraft customers to invent new products

US food firm Kraft has launched a customer-led research and development programme, in a bid to re-engage with consumers and tap growing health and wellness trends.

USDA could pour funds into organic research

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) could more than double funding for its organic research program next year, a move that highlights the growing importance of the organic industry.

Scented food packaging could improve product appeal

A major cereal brand is set to be re-launched in the US with new scented fruity packaging that the manufacturer hopes will increase the appeal of its product.

Daily cleaning not required, as long as safety is maintained

Meat and poultry processors can chose not to have daily cleanups of equipment and plant as long as sanitary standards are maintained, according to a notice from the federal Food...

New Splenda product could reinforce brand image

A new version of the popular sweetener product Splenda is to hit the retail market, a move that suggests its marketers are stepping up efforts to cement the brand in...

Monsanto raises outlook on strong corn seed performance

Biotech giant Monsanto has increased its outlook for fiscal 2006 earnings on the back of a strong performance from its corn seed and traits business.

Consumers eat trans fats despite concerns, says study

American consumers continue to eat certain foods containing trans fats despite being aware of the health dangers associated with these, says a new report.

Weekly Comment

Food industry must face its faults

The food industry must be honest if it is to convince consumers - and audiences - that it is not the corporate monster portrayed in the media.

Tate & Lyle expands US wet mill capabilities

Tate & Lyle is to invest $260 million in the construction of the first phase of a new corn wet mill in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

US group invests in Vietnamese dairy sector

US food producer Gannon Group is investing US$10 million to set up a dairy processing company in Vietnam.

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