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Ditch the marketing madness

Marketing strategies - two words that incorporate everything from pseudo scientific research to shock value advertising campaigns. But shouldn't honesty be the best policy?

Tate & Lyle completes sale of Canadian sugar business

British ingredient giant Tate & Lyle yesterday completed the sale of its Canadian sugar refining business, as the firm makes another step away from the commodity end of the market.

Processors feel the pain from ethanol

Meat processors have petitioned legislators to take action over the rising input costs on meat and poultry packers and processors due to rising ethanol production.

Danisco turns to China for enzyme expansion

Danisco is to step up production of its enzyme products in the Asia Pacific region with the opening of a new production facility today in Wuxi, China.

Organic dairy farmers join battle against GM alfalfa

Organic dairy and livestock farmers in the US have added their backing to a fight against the sale of Monsanto's biotech alfalfa, claiming that a GM alfalfa drift would severely...

Exclusive interview

Inside Nestle's R&D brain centre

In the first of a new series of exclusive interviews, Professor Peter van Bladeren, Nestlé's director of science and research, tells Stephen Daniells how collaboration is key to innovation at...

ADM develops low-carb, high-protein snack process

Ingredients firm Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has developed a new method of manufacturing soy-based crisps - opening up further possibilities to the carb-free snack market.

Kraft profit dips but hopes remain high

Snack giant Kraft has posted a further drop in its first quarter profit, but has maintained its full-year outlook, confident that its restructuring plan will drive the company forward.

Danisco highlights multifunctions of polydextrose, sweetener

Sugar replacement , calorie reduction and glycemic benefits were amongst the functions most cited by respondents to a Danisco survey on the use of its Litesse polydextrose and Laccitol sweetener.

Salmonella and E. coli illnesses up last year, says report

Increases in foodborne illnesses from salmonella and escherichia coli during 2006 could be due to outbreaks in previously unaffected food such as peanut butter and spinach, according to the findings...

ADM to produce NutraCea stabilized rice bran

NutraCea has entered into an agreement with Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) for the production of its stabilized rice bran - a significant accomplishment for the young company as it brings...

Cargill patents new cocoa processing method

US based cocoa producer Cargill has developed a new method of processing cocoa which allows for reduced fat content and greater dispersibility in cocoa powder.

Cargill reports increased Q3 earnings

Cargill has reported its sixth year of sales growth during the first nine months, announcing close to a 50 percent increase in net earnings for its third quarter.

Cadbury Schweppes invests in Hispanics

The US Hispanic population forms a core consumer base for drinks giant Cadbury Schweppes, which is confident this segment will drive growth amidst a general environment of declining soft drinks...

Weekly comment

Food contamination: time for action

At a time when so many resources are being pumped into improving consumer health through food, it is pitifully ironic that more and more people are getting sick or dying...

Palm oil industry wary of uncertain futures

Malaysian palm oil futures hit an eight year high last week, as rampant demand by food and biofuels continues to deplete global stocks.

Cott eyes move for Cadbury drinks

Rumours were again swirling around Cadbury Schweppes this weekend, after the world's largest private label soft drinks maker said it was eyeing a move for the group's US drinks arm.

Sodas lose fizz in 2007 forecast

Carbonated soft drinks maintain their hold over the US beverage market, but the category experienced a steady decline last year, and this is expected to accelerate in 2007, according to...

AHA fat campaign warns consumers to be wary of trans free

The American Heart Association (AHA) has launched a new educational campaign to help consumers limit the amounts of trans fats in their diets, while not defaulting to more saturated fats.

Consumers believe one thing but eat another, says report

Most Americans are trying - but failing - to achieve a more healthful and balanced diet, according to a new Mintel report, which suggests a discrepancy between what people believe...

DuPont funds plant breeding research

DuPont has entered into a partnership with a US university, where it will fund research for the genetic improvement of crops and plant nutrition, the firm announced yesterday.

Nestle Nutrition acquisitions continue with Gerber

Swiss food giant Nestlé has acquired iconic US baby food brand Gerber as the group's transition to a nutrition, health and wellness company continues.

Asian growth drives CHS grain profits

CHS this week announced a record profit of $218m in its latest six months results, following strong growth in its grain and food processing segments.

Maple flakes marketed for sweetness, texture in processed foods

A Canadian maple syrup manufacturer is introducing a new line of maple flakes, designed to add flavor, sweetness and texture to products such as baked goods and cereal.

Weekly comment

You cannot judge a juice by its cover

Have you heard this one before? There are two blackcurrants, one has a high vitamin content and the other - well it doesn't.

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