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Trans Fat Focus

Restaurant trans fat ban could shape consumer habits, report

The recent ban of trans fat from some restaurant menus could be the beginning of a major shift in how restaurants might have an effect on consumer eating habits, says...

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Response and Responsibility

Bah, Humbug! It has been that kind of year in general for the food industry, and in particular for some major companies.

Chiquita hikes banana prices - again

Fruit supplier Chiquita has again raised its banana prices in North America, a move that has helped the company offset a slump in sales after the implementation of new EU...

DuPont expands corn business in China

Biotech firm DuPont has further strengthened its position in China, announcing this week the formation of a joint venture with one of the country's largest seed production companies.

Routine features first in breakfast choices, says study

Taste preference and familiarity remain the most important drivers behind peoples' breakfast choices, according to a new study by market researcher the NPD Group.

Blue California rolls out micro-encapsulated essential oils

Ingredients manufacturer Blue California has introduced micro-encapsulated essential oils in powder form for water soluble applications, particularly suited for beverages.

DuPont announces major reshuffle in nutrition and crop sectors

US agricultural firm DuPont has launched an aggressive reorganization strategy for its nutrition and crop protection businesses, which will involve closing or streamlining 10 plants and slashing 1,500 jobs globally.

Asian, Hispanic drive ethnic food sales, says AC Nielsen

Asian and Hispanic tastes remain the two biggest drivers in the US ethnic food market, with highest growth observed in the frozen entrée segment, says AC Nielsen.

National Starch launches info portal on resistant starch

National Starch Food Innovation has launched what it claims to be the most comprehensive source of information on resistant starch, designed to provide an easy reference base for nutrition experts.

Americans need more info on GM foods, reveals survey

Public opinion about genetically modified (GM) foods remains divided, but more information and more stringent regulation would ease the fears of the majority of Americans, according to a new survey.

Fast Food Nation author calls for single US food safety body

The US food industry needs to be regulated by a single food-safety agency with the authority to test widely for dangerous pathogens, demand recalls and penalize companies that knowingly sell...

Shedding light on dark chocolate

The US based Chocolate Manufacturers Association (CMA) has released a guide to cacao content labels in order to demystify confused chocolate consumers.

New Danisco stabilizer cuts fat, costs for ice cream makers

Danish ingredients group Danisco has launched a new stabilizer ingredient designed to allow ice cream manufacturers to cut the fat content of their products while still maintaining a creamy mouthfeel.

Survey taps into consumer nano fears

US consumers are willing to use specific nanotechnology products - even if there are health and safety risks - when the potential benefits are high, according to a survey.

China delays GM rice, again

China, the world's biggest rice producer and consumer, has further delayed the introduction of genetically modified rice amid growing concerns about biosafety.

Beverage firms accused of unfair profits from school vending

The majority of the revenue from US school beverage contracts goes to beverage firms and not schools, according to a new report, which claims its findings should encourage schools to...

New study examines US beverage consumption

White Americans are the most frequent consumers of carbonated soft drinks, while fruit drinks are favored by African Americans and Mexican Americans, according to a new report on the nation's...

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Taking the junk out of junk food

The relationship between child and crisp has long been a sacred one but instead of exploiting this dynamic to shovel unhealthy food into young mouths isn't it about time healthier...

New cancer-combating yeast strains developed

The manufacturer of a genetically modified yeast variety that is designed to reduce levels of the carcinogen ethyl carbamate in wine last week announced that it has transformed six new...

USDA gathers national crop production statistics

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is this month embarking on its annual Agricultural Survey, which will gather estimates from the nation's farmers on their 2006 crop production.

ADM appoints new leaders as growth plans continue

Agricultural firm Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has appointed new leaders to a number of its business units, an announcement that comes just a few weeks after the launch of a...

Cargill launches Halal pork fat replacer

Cargill has developed an ingredient to help food manufacturers replace the pork fat used in many meat products with restructured vegetable fat.

Blend palm kernel oil and palm oil to better replace cocoa butter?

Blending palm kernel oil, extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide, and palm oil leads to new cocoa butter replacers (CBR), offering cheaper alternatives with good physical and chemical properties.

Health, environment amongst key trends for 2007, says market researcher

Local sourcing of ingredients, fresh food, and health are some of the major trends expected to gain increasing importance in the food and beverage market next year, according to Datamonitor's...

Monsanto predicts market share increase next year

Biotechnology leader Monsanto has announced it expects to see a modest increase in its market share for the 2007 growing season on the back of strong demand for its triple-stack products.

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