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Defects caught by pattern, texture

New inspection technology can identify subtle defects in packaging and products based on pattern and texture, its designers claim.

ADM year profits up on good corn, oilseed results

Agri-giant ADM has reported strong earnings for the year, boosted by increased demand and higher prices for its sweetener and starch products.

Large portion sizes result in more consumption, confirms study

Part of the reason why the French weigh less than Americans is that their culture dictates smaller portion sizes as the appropriate food unit, discouraging them from consuming more, according...

Lifeway swallows organic kefir competitor

Lifeway Foods is acquiring Helios Nutrition, its main competitor in cultured dairy beverages in a bid to increase its organic presence and reinforce its position at the top of the...

US and Mexico announce sweetener free trade deal

The US and Mexico have concluded an agreement under which access will be granted for US high fructose corn syrup exports to Mexico, a move that begins to address the...

David Michael, SPI join forces to promote ice cream sugar replacement

Flavor firm David Michael and SPI Polyols have entered into a partnership to promote a maltitol syrup designed for use in reduced sugar ice creams.

Bunge profits hit by Brazilian disruptions

Leading oilseed processor Bunge has reported a sharp fall in second quarter profit after farmer protests in Brazil caused a significant disruption in the company's business.

Frozen foods need upscaling to drive market growth, says report

Frozen food manufacturers should focus on higher-quality, better-for-you options in order to boost the performance of the slow-growing category, which is increasingly threatened by fresh foods, says a new report.

Orange pulp ingredient targets fat reduction, moisture management

An ingredient made from orange pulp claims to allow food manufacturers to slash up to half of the fat in their products, while also acting as a moisture management tool...

Corn Products posts strong results for second quarter

Corn Products International has reported good second quarter results, with a strong performance from the company's North American operations offsetting a decline in its South American business.

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Vanity fayre: cosmetic foods are not nutraceuticals

Functional foods are generally defined as products imbued with additional nutrients with health-promoting properties. But the industry needs to be wary of foods that present no actual health benefit from...

Nickelodeon characters prepare to entice kids to fruit and veg

Leading kids' entertainment brand Nickelodeon is to team up with a number of US food firms to roll out new children-friendly fruit and vegetable products featuring some of its popular...

Family meals remain top priority, reveals survey

Family meals remain a top priority for Americans, despite today's hectic lifestyles, according to a new survey.

Antimicrobial market boosted by processing trends

The introduction of novel and value-added products and additive free foods is boosting the use of antimicrobials in almost all food processing segments, according to a new report.

FDA publishes consumer article on sweetener safety

Artificial sweeteners have received a strong endorsement this month from the US government, which has published a fact sheet on sugar substitutes that reconfirms its position on their safety.

Consumer trend focus

Consumers want 'familiar' new products, says market researcher

Whatever consumers say they are doing when it comes to making food choices, their actual eating habits reveal something very different, according to industry expert Harry Balzer.

Food companies target children online

Eight out of the world's top 10 food brands now target children through online marketing, prompting a discussion into current self-regulatory guidelines.

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NMI pinpoints consumer segments driving healthy food sales

The market for healthy foods is being driven by two highly active consumer segments, suggesting that consumers increasingly make choices based on brand value as well as nutrition content, according...

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Sex, pills and bad information

The Internet is offering a wealth of information to more and more people, but also an avenue for irresponsible businesses to exploit consumer health concerns.

Wild Oats launches nationwide initiative to promote local produce

Natural and organic food chain Wild Oats has set up a program that will promote locally grown organic products in all its stores throughout North America.

Cargill launches low fat, high protein soy flour

Cargill Texturising Solutions has launched Prolia, a defatted soy flour designed to provide cost and functional advantages to manufacturers.

US patents target costly cereal disease

The US government has patented varieties of yeast and bacteria found naturally on wheat heads, as a way to control a costly disease of cereal crops worldwide.

Organic meat market growth sparks supply shortage

With demand for organic foods continuing to strengthenacross the globe, organic meat supply shortages and price hikes are expected to continue, according to a new report.

Healthy snacks grow at expense of less healthy options, report

The general trend towards healthier eating has resulted in American consumers turning away from carefree snacks, and opting instead for healthier products, according to Snack Food Trends in the US,...

Childhood obesity is major problem, say most Americans

A growing number of US adults consider childhood obesity to be a major problem, but most do not believe that the food industry is to blame through its marketing and...

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