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DSM launches new 'reliable' cheese ripening enzyme

DSM Food Specialties has introduced a new cheese ripening enzyme that it claims accelerates flavor development while also eliminating the bitter off-taste often formed during cheese maturation.

China, US to cooperate on food safety

China and the US will work more closely on issues of food safety and animal and plant health, the two countries said in a statement on Tuesday.

Kerry acquisitions fuel expansion in health and wellness

Irish firm Kerry this week further confirmed its growth plans in the US ingredients market with the acquisition of two North American businesses- Custom Industries and Nuvex Ingredients.

Dow to double production of trans fat free cooking oils

Dow AgroSciences yesterday announced that it is to increase production of its trans fat free canola and sunflower oils on the back of an increased demand as food manufacturers strive...

Increased rice bran demand prompts further NutraCea expansion

On the back of increased demand for its stabilized rice bran product, California-based NutraCea has announced it is to double capacity at its Dillon, Montana plant, revising its previously announced...

iCone adds new twist to carton packaging

The 'iCone' is the big new idea in carton packaging from Elopak, intended to fend off competition from plastics and provide a new vehicle for premium soft drinks.

Consumer survey reveals support for 'fat tax'

The majority of American consumers would support a 'fat tax,' or a tax placed on unhealthy processed foods, if the revenues were used to make healthier food less expensive, according...

Scientists explore pathogen killing methods without heat

Scientists are studying the effectiveness of new methods -- such as ozone and electrolyzed oxidizing water -- to kill pathogens in the plant without using thermal processes.

Demand grows for CoffeeBerry concentrate

Increasing industry awareness of VDF Futureceuticals' CoffeeBerry concentrate is growing, as producers are advised to up production to cope with expected demand.

New FDA rule brings health claim to sucralose

Consuming products containing sucralose, such as gum and soft drinks, can reduce the risk of dental caries, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has approved the...

Study finds obesity lifestyle links

The evening meal is when the majority of overweight consumers receive those extra calories too many, according to recent research by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Benzene levels in soft drinks are safe, says FDA

Levels of benzene found in soft drinks so far are not a safety risk for consumers, says the US food safety watchdog, attempting to calm public concern.

Z-Trim Plus claims double-edged health benefits

A new line of functional fat substitutes claims to be able to cut up to half the fat content of products while fortifying them with health promoting ingredients.

Codex committee debates dairy standards

A Codex committee meets this week to hammer out international standards for the dairy industry, including contentious issues such as who can label their cheese as "parmesan".

Weekly Comment

Salt debate leaves bitter taste

The current debate about the levels at which the UK's food regulator has set its salt reduction targets misses the point about how healthier eating habits can be achieved.

Senomyx strengthens position in global flavor market

Flavor firm Senomyx has strengthened its ties with two major food companies in order to tap new markets and consolidate established relationships.

SupplyExpo makes connections in Anaheim

New friends, industry trends, innovations and Elvis impersonators. The 25th annual Natural Products Expo West and SupplyExpo drew to a close yesterday afternoon, after three days of intense industry activity...

Americans more aware of foodborne illness, says study

American consumers are eating safer, according to new findings that reveal the number of 'risky foods' consumed has declined significantly in recent years.

Organic dairy-rating report sparks fierce debate

A new report rating the nation's organic dairy brands according to ethical farming practices has sparked fierce debate in the industry as it accuses a number of market leaders of...

Chiquita raises banana prices in response to higher tariffs

Leading banana supplier Chiquita has increased its prices in Europe and the US, in a move designed to offset the negative impact of higher tariffs.

Rising costs impair profit for General Mills

Like many other food producers General Mills is suffering from rising costs, which are holding back profits, despite increasing sales, according to the latest financial report.

Can Arla beat the boycott?

As Arla Foods begins on the long road to recovery in its Middle East dairy markets, delves into the nature of consumer boycotts and the effects they may have....

US firm boasts next generation sweetener

Six months after its launch, a new sweetener that claims to be all-natural, low calorie, low glycemic, nutritionally fortified and fully functional has attracted "staggering" interest. FoodNavigator-USA talks to manufacturer...

Avoid palm oil to protect your heart and orangutans, says pressure group

A full-page ad in the New York Times encourages consumers to steer clear of palm oil, claiming increased demand for the ingredient is driving the orangutan towards extinction.

US gears up for possible bird flu outbreak

The Bush administration today published plans to prevent an outbreak of avian influenza in the US, a day after the agriculture secretary forecast that the disease would show up in...

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