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Latest food ingredients trends from natural sweeteners to ancient grains


Want to stay up to speed with the latest developments in sustainable palm oil, natural sweeteners, ancient grains, plant-based proteins, gluten-free ingredient trends, probiotics, prebiotics and omega-3s? Keen to stay on top of clean-label and natural trends, the challenges around replacing partially hydrogenated oils, BVO and Azodicarbonamide? Bookmark this section to see what the big names in ingredients supply are up to from Cargill and ADM to WILD, Givaudan, Bunge, PureCircle, Ingredion, GNT, DDW, Tate & Lyle and CP Kelco.

Falling sales reduce profit at IFF

International Flavors & Fragrances saw a sharp fall in first-quarter profit, blaming falling sales and the sale of a business last year in its results published today.

Splenda to sweeten Diet 7 Up

Splenda's battle with the Sugar Association over its advertising campaign seems to be doing little to dissuade food and drink manufacturers and their consumers of its merits as Diet 7...

Asian soybean rust warning system launched

Syngenta Crop Protection today launched an early warning web-based system to help growers protect their crops against Asian soybean rust, the disease which has persuaded some US farmers to reduce...

Soy prices still exposed: China reduces harvests

Pressure on soy prices likely to continue with a new report revealing China is expected to reduce its principal soybean planting area, while increasing corn and rice planting in 2005. scoops industry award's sister site has won website of the year in the 2005 Business Food and Drink Journalism awards.

Saputo completes cheese acquisition

Canadian dairy processor Saputo earlier this week completed its acquisition of Fromage Cote and Distributions Kingsley.

Senomyx heralds Nestlé agreement in results round-up

La Jolla, California based Senomyx yesterday reported its results for the first quarter of 2005, focusing attention on its FEMA GRAS certification and its recently extended contract with Nestle.

DNP to distribute 'natural' sweetener Shugr

DNP International will distribute Health Sciences Group's 'natural' sweetener Shugr that was launched by the company in February.

Soy-based egg replacer from Unilever food scientists targets US market

A soy-based egg replacer developed by food scientists at Unilever heads to the US, as Alleggra Foods, the owner of the new ingredient, signs a distribution, manufacturing and marketing agreement...

Splenda ad dispute moves a step forward

The dispute between the sugar industry and McNeil Nutritionals advanced a small step this week when a federal court in Los Angeles ruled that the Sugar Association can continue its...

OJ prices continue to rise

The effects of last year's hurricanes are still making themselves felt in the orange juice industry, where the price of juice is rising, reports Philippa Nuttall.

Corn Products' profit falls 36 percent

Corn Products had indicated earlier this month that Q1 profit would be down on last year's and yesterday the company declared a fall of 36 percent.

Nestlé continues to remove trans fats from global food products

Responding to consumer and legislative pressures, international food firms are slicing artery-clogging trans fatty acids from their formulations, spoke with Nestle to find out how the world's number one food...

Food producers 'little understanding' of non-GM process

About half of US food producers that specify the use of non-genetically modified ingredients in their products have little understanding of the process involved, according to a recent survey, writes...

Ben & Jerry's sees profit in fair trade ice-cream

Ben & Jerry's last week claimed to be the first ice-cream maker in the US to produce an ice-cream made with fair-trade coffee, suggesting that ethically traded commodities can be...

Ingredients giant Cargill posts high double digit gains in Q3

Ambitious US ingredients supplier Cargill boosts its war chest, announcing a 35 per cent rise in profit for the third quarter of 2005, on gains from commodity trading and its...

New California facility to serve growing market for Barry Callebaut

'A rapidly growing customer base' drives Swiss chocolate ingredients supplier Barry Callebaut to open a new chocolate factory in California.

ADM closes soybean plant in Brazil

Oil ingredient supplier Archer Daniels Midland said on Wednesday it will close operations at a Brazilian soybean crushing, refining and bottling plant.

Food chemists identify organic structure for maximum 'pop' in popcorn

Food chemists bring new knowledge to cut costs in the steady European popcorn market, identifying a key crystalline structure in popcorn that appears to determine its popping quality, reports Lindsey...

Cargill works with Diversa to cut costs through enzyme use

Innovative US biotech firm Diversa has linked up with the health unit of agri-giant Cargill to identify and develop novel enzymes for the 'cost- effective production of a proprietary product'.

TFF completes merger with FFG Industries

Consolidation in the flavor industry evident as US flavor house Technology Flavors & Fragrances announces its merger with fellow flavor firm FFG Industries.

Givaudan, number one flavours firm targets health and wellness

Making healthier and functional foods taste good is a major challenge faced by formulators, but one that they may now find it easier to meet thanks to Givaudan Flavours' introduction...

Soybean stocks continue to rise

Global stocks of soybeans continue to rise after a draw-down in recent years, with production to reach 52.6 million tonnes in 2004/05, 15.2 million tonnes more than in 2003/04.

New locations, new needs to drive snack market

Snacking out-of-home and day-time snacking occasions represent key growth opportunities for food and beverage makers, claims a new report from Datamonitor.

Sales slip at flavours for Givaudan

Givaudan, the world's number one fragrance and flavour player, saw sales in its flavour division slipping by 6.5 per cent for the first quarter, impacted by a loss of products...

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