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Organic market has not yet reached peak

Organics are bigger now than ever before but the trend is set to get bigger still, according to experts, as institutions such as universities, schools, corporate campuses and even hospitals...

Tate & Lyle targets US ice cream market

Tate & Lyle has launched a new ingredient solution for low- fat, no-sugar- added ice cream for the US market and vowed to continue its ambitious expansion plans.

Kraft extends Senomyx flavour programme

Kraft Foods Global has extended its collaborative research programme with Senomyx on novel flavour modifiers for a further two years, underlining the flavour technology firm's success in working with the...

Flourishing Balchem seeks more acquisitions

More acquisitions may be on the cards for Balchem, the company that last month bought Loders Croklaan's encapsulation and agglomeration business, reports Jess Halliday.

It's fat content that matters, claims study

American consumers rate themselves as the world's most savvy shoppers when it comes to understanding nutrition labels on the foods they buy, but it's fat content and calories, not additives...

Energy drinks rescue Russia's FAB Boom

Energising ingredients and more spending on research and development has turned around the fortunes of flavoured alcoholic beverages in Russia, bringing better opportunities and growth forecasts, writes Chris Mercer.

Soft drinks industry mulls voluntary school ban

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and the rest of the soft drinks industry are considering a voluntary ban on carbonated soft drinks in elementary and middle schools following heavy lobbying from health campaigners.

Acatris cuts deal with ADM on isoflavone marketing rights

Soy isoflavone producer Acatris has reached a deal with ADM allowing it to use substantial intellectual property covering isoflavones and women's health, reports Dominique Patton.

Cognis ties nutritional demand with functional need

Growing consumer demand for nutritional foods will always be tempered by demands for taste, said ingredients firm Cognis at last week's IFT exhibition.

Soy industry overview

Although soybean production was below market expectations last month, the spread of Asian rust disease has receded.

Cargill cuts jobs at sweetener operations on market pressures

Job losses at the sweetener operations of ambitious ingredients firm Cargill are imminent as the largest private firm in the US appears to feel the squeeze of "market conditions". ...

Brand awareness vital to business success

If food manufacturers can achieve a better understanding of how consumers interact with brands, then product development could be less of a hit-and-miss affair, writes Anthony Fletcher in New Orleans.

Science must target ageing population

Measures to slow age-related disease and improve the quality of the elderly must be investigated by government, said a UK report yesterday, underlining the need for attention to growing numbers...

DD Williamson expands natural colours line as food makers up demand

The world's number one caramel colour supplier DD Williamson drives further into the profitable natural colours market, acquiring the natural colours business of Artemis International.

Senomyx brains to boost Cadbury gum formulations

Cadbury Schweppes unit will recruit the brains of flavour technologists at Senomyx through a new agreement to develop cutting edge flavour ingredients to beat the competition in gum confectionery, reports...

Weekly Comment

A strategy for beating China

As Chinese producers move in on western markets, the first response by many established players is to protect and defend their previous market positions. It's a doomed strategy.

Cargill's Life Stage business approach unveiled at IFT

Cargill's pioneering Life Stage approach to developing and marketing ingredients shows how the industry can better tune into consumer demand, writes Anthony Fletcher from New Orleans.

FiberGel Technologies launches oat and soy-based fat replacer

FiberGel Technologies launched its new oat Z-Trim and soy Z-Trim fat replacer at the IFT show that opened this weekend in New Orleans.

US bakeries launch wholegrain white

Two major US bakeries are today adding white wholegrain bread to their product ranges, targeting consumers who want the taste they like while receiving the nutrition they need, reports Lorraine...

Hop extract inhibits weight gain in rodents

Isomerized hop extract, a natural product used in the brewing process, prevented weight gain in mice when they were fed a high-fat diet, reported Japanese researchers this month.

Recent deals boost bottom line for Northland Cranberries

Cranberry supplier Northland Cranberries gains from agreement with rival Ocean Spray plus sale of branded juice business, reporting a lift in income for the third quarter this year.

A first, pectin ingredient enters Cargill's portfolio

Acquisitive US ingredients firm Cargill leapfrogs into a leading pectin position as the Citrico acquisition clears allowing pectin products to fall into Cargill's portfolio, reports Lindsey Partos.

Vegetable juice firms target booming Chinese market

Grasping the booming opportunities in the Chinese food and beverage market, Japanese food conglomerate Kagome has linked up with Chinese firm to bring vegetable and fruit juices to the market.

Study backs operating efficiency of organic sector

Organic production produces the same corn and soybean yields as conventional farming, but consumes 30 percent less energy and uses no pesticides, according to a revealing new study.

Demand for wood-sourced vanillin soars on price pressures for vanilla

Food makers turn to wood-sourced vanillin as high oil prices continue to put pressure on the price of petrochemical-based vanilla alternatives, and natural vanilla stocks remain vulnerable,writes Lindsey Partos.

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