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Health, environment amongst key trends for 2007, says market researcher

Local sourcing of ingredients, fresh food, and health are some of the major trends expected to gain increasing importance in the food and beverage market next year, according to Datamonitor's...

Monsanto predicts market share increase next year

Biotechnology leader Monsanto has announced it expects to see a modest increase in its market share for the 2007 growing season on the back of strong demand for its triple-stack products.

Pharmachem's Phase 2 holds new FDA health claim

Pharmachem has announced that the Food and Drug Administration has been notified of structure function claims for weight control and starch reduction for the company's Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer ingredient.

DuPont on track to launch new biotech soybean

US agricultural firm DuPont has said it is on track to launch a new biotech soybean variety, which is expected to be the first major product to compete with Monsanto's...

Differing organic standards impede international trade, report

Selling organic products in different markets is becoming a mounting challenge for organic producers, as global demand continues to soar but different national standards impede international trade, according to a...

'Record' year for cocoa crops

The International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) has revised its gloomy cocoa estimate of a 5,000 tonne deficit to predict a global surplus of 80,000 tonnes of cocoa in the coming year,...

Monsanto launches new soybean breeding site

Biotech giant Monsanto has invested in a new soybean breeding facility designed to develop and test new varieties of the bean, the firm announced this week.

ADM expands oilseed crushing business

Leading agri-business Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has announced it will boost its North American oilseed crushing operations on the back of an increased global demand for food and biodiesel.

Trans-free formulas spread further through foodservice

Leading Mexican style fast food firm Taco Bell is the latest foodservice chain to announce a transition to trans fat free cooking oils, marking another step in the nationwide campaign...

DSM Savory Ingredients launches US technical support center

Ingredients group DSM has set up a North American center of technical support for its Savory Ingredients business, designed to bolster its technical strength within the region, the firm announced...

Energy drinks market continues to sparkle

West Europe's energy drink sales accelerated by 15 per cent to a volume of 383 million litres and a value of over €3 billion in 2005, according to drinks consultancy Zenith International.

TIC Gums targets dairy firms with new carrageenan

A new cold-water soluble carrageenan system claims to allow manufacturers of dairy goods to achieve a creamy texture and smooth mouthfeel in applications that cannot be heated.

Bunge reorganizes to promote growth plans

Oilseed processor Bunge has appointed new leaders to a number of its business units as part of a general reorganization strategy designed to support the company's growth plans.

Wine flour promises taste, health benefits to bakers

A new wine flour manufactured from grape skins claims to allow manufacturers of baked goods, pasta and snacks to naturally fortify their products with healthy fatty acids and fiber.

Coca-Cola launches brewed beverages in Singapore

Coca-Cola is entering the hot beverage market in Singapore, where it says the opportunities are double those of its traditional fizzy drinks business.

Sweetener distributor combines low costs and quality control

A new sweetener supplier in the US claims to allow food and beverage firms to access ingredient supplies from low-cost manufacturing countries while maintaining Western standards of quality and service.

FDA launches tools to explain nutrition labels

The Food and Drug Administration has introduced two consumer tools designed to help people understand nutrition facts panels so that they are able to better control their food choices.

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Self-entitlement and food: the globally irresponsible spiral

Until consumers lose the attitude that they deserve and have a right to goods from all over the world, our food systems and the environment are at peril.

Mintel identifies key trends for 2007

Sustainability and age-specific products are key trends that will shape the consumer packaged goods industry in the year to come, according to Mintel.

ADM reveals growth strategy for food and fuel

Ingredients giant Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has announced a global growth strategy designed to boost its position in agricultural processing, including expansion in its cocoa processing business.

Secrecy surrounds source of Hershey's salmonella outbreak

Four days after announcing the recall of twenty-five chocolate products due to salmonella contamination, Hershey's and the Canadian food inspection agency (CFIA) still refuse to reveal the exact source and...

DSM PeptoPro stars in a Rad new drink

DSM Food Specialties' protein ingredient PeptoPro is featuring in a new sports drink being launched in the United States, a formulation for sports beverages that was applauded earlier this year...

Global organic sales soar but supply is strained

Soaring global organic food and drink sales are driving demand, but undersupply of organic ingredients is undermining the long-term stability of the sector, says a new report from Organic Monitor.

Flat pickle market could see boost from health

The US market for pickles, olives and relishes is struggling to maintain momentum, but there remains a window of opportunity for manufacturers to promote their products as nutritious and fun,...

Meat preservatives work as antibacterial agents, scientist claims

Solutions used by meat processors to improve shelf life and taste can also help to reducepathogens, including E. coli 0157:H7, according to a recent study.

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