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New Nickelodeon deal promotes healthy kids' diet

Leading kids' entertainment brand Nickelodeon has made another move towards promoting fresh produce to children, announcing this month that its popular cartoon characters will feature on kid-friendly packs of fruit.

Fruit products demand continues to dip, says report

The stagnant US market for fruit products is expected to continue to decline marginally, despite industry efforts to spice up the category through ingredient and packaging innovation, according to a...

New fat replacer targets dairy goods

A new fat replacer from hydrocolloid firm Gum Technology has been designed specifically to interact with the milk proteins present in dairy goods, and claims to cut fat by up...

Cargill signs renewable energy agreement

Agribusiness giant Cargill has teamed up with a developer of biofuels in an initiative the firm claims will benefit its customers through helping them to manage their waste and their...

Maltodextrin, whey protein complexes: cheap alternative to gum arabic?

Maltodextrin and whey protein isolates can form complexes with "exceptional emulsification properties", and could offer industry an alternative to gum arabic, particularly for soft drink applications.

Kids' views on food count, says NPD expert

More foodmakers should do research with children before developing new products, says a sensory research expert.

Probiotics and health to drive US yogurt market

A mature US yogurt market does not mean there is no room for growth, according to a new report, which identifies huge expansion possibilities particularly in the area of probiotic...

Fluoride water gets tooth decay claim

A bottled water containing fluoride in the US can now state it helps to prevent tooth decay, the country's food safety regulator has said, opening up both opportunities and debate.

AHA heart health mark grows on whole grain claims

A heart healthy food stamp from the American Heart Association (AHA) is being increasingly relied on by consumers, according to the AHA, which says that growing participation rates are a...

IFF splits business into flavors, fragrances units

International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) is to separate its business into two different units in a bid to better reflect its flavor and fragrance operations, the company announced yesterday.

New cost-effective hydrocolloid gum production method reported

Researchers from India, in collaboration with Kraft Foods, have proposed a simple, cost-effective method of galactomannan esters derivatives that are "useful as functional food ingredients."

Hershey enters organic chocolate market

US confectionery company Hershey has extended its foothold in the premium chocolate sector with the purchase of Dagoba organic chocolate company.

Cereal bar growth to be driven by children, Hispanics, says Mintel

After the recent boom of cereal and granola bars in the US, sales of these products are expected to slow over the next few years, according to a new report....

Japan's elderly create market for special foods

Foodmakers offering products designed specifically for the elderly should look at exporting to Japan, a market with one of the fastest growing elderly populations, says the Australian export agency Austrade.

US clamps down on lemon juice imports

The US government has initiated antidumping duty investigations on imports of lemon juice from Argentina and Mexico, in response to an industry petition that claims these imports are harmful to...

Splenda receives new push in US

Leading sweetener brand Splenda is set to reinforce its presence in US consumer consciousness through a number of new marketing initiatives, including the launch of an official brand cookbook and...

Trans fats survey reveals consumer confusion

Trans fats remain a vague health risk for most American consumers, who will often not choose to avoid these at the expense of convenience, price and taste, according to new...

Cocoa strike disrupts supply

Cote d'Ivoire cocoa growers have downed tools over pay disagreements, beginning a strike which could dramatically cut supplies to chocolate manufacturers.

Wheat, corn, soy: higher prices and implications

Next year could see US agriculture focusing more on wheat and corn at the expense of other crops, according to a marketing expert, who examined the implications of higher crop...

Danisco launches 'novel flavour' salt replacer

Danisco has launched a novel flavour that it claims can reduce the salt in processed foods by 25 to 35 per cent, while retaining the original taste.

Disney implements nutrition guidelines for licensed kids' foods

The Walt Disney Company is preparing for a major turnaround in the types of foods it promotes to children, announcing yesterday the introduction of new nutritional guidelines for its licensed...

Americans do not act on nutrition understanding, study

Food manufacturers need to continue making nutrition easier for consumers, according to a new study, which reveals that most Americans know how to manage weight gain but do not make...

World Food Day

Film gives coffee firms a roasting on sustainability

Buying practices of the world's biggest coffee companies have come under renewed public scrutiny from a new film which explores the journey of coffee beans from plantation to cup.

World Food Day

What the food industry can do

In a world of famine, the food industry has a lot to give.

Organics to see "aggressive increases", says Mintel

The US organic market remains on track for strong growth over the next five years, according to a new report by Mintel, which claims that the increased availability of organic...

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