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ADM to go into commercial scale production of 'invisible' soy protein CLARISOY

By Elaine WATSON , 10-Mar-2014
Last updated on 10-Mar-2014 at 17:24 GMT2014-03-10T17:24:23Z

ADM to go into commercial scale production of soy protein CLARISOY

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) plans to move into full-commercial scale production of CLARISOY - the ‘invisible’ soy protein developed by plant protein pioneer Burcon.

This marks a defining step for Burcon and for this revolutionary protein,” said Johann Tergesen, Burcon’s president and chief operating officer.

"As more and more food and beverage customers look to incorporate CLARISOY into their products, we want to be ready to serve their needs,” added Bruce Bennett, vice president of ADM’s Foods & Wellness group.  

ADM and Burcon first joined forces to commercialize CLARISOY in 2010, with the first products reaching the market in June 2012.  

CLARISOY 100 is heat-stable (ideal for hot-fill), 100% soluble and transparent in acidic beverages, with no off flavors or odors and no ‘beany’ taste sometimes associated with soy, making it ideal for sports nutrition beverages, fruit and fruit-flavored juices, powdered beverage mixes and fortified waters.

ADM’s 20-year license agreement with Burcon gives ADM exclusive rights to sell CLARISOY across all markets and in all potential product applications. Under the deal, ADM pays Burcon (which has built a suite of patents around Clarisoy) a percentage of net revenues as royalties.

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