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Canola protein maker BioExx seeks new boss after ceo exits

By Elaine Watson , 09-Aug-2011
Last updated on 09-Aug-2011 at 14:28 GMT2011-08-09T14:28:35Z

There has been a sharp rise of interest in canola protein

There has been a sharp rise of interest in canola protein

The Canadian firm behind an innovative new range of vegetable proteins is seeking a new boss following the sudden departure of its chairman and chief executive Chris Carl.

BioExx, which recently struck a deal with Hormel Foods to develop a new range of sports nutrition products based on canola protein, said Carl had resigned and been temporarily replaced by chief financial officer Chris Schnarr while the board sought a permanent replacement.

It said: “The board and Mr Carl have agreed that a change in leadership would be healthy for the company at this time.”

Canola has clear advantages over rival protein sources

BioExx, which operates one commercial scale facility in Saskatoon and is building a second plant in North Dakota, claims its canola proteins have clear advantages over many soy and whey proteins from a price, technical and nutritional perspective.

Its proprietary extraction system allows for the elimination of the traditional toasting/de-solventizing stage in canola processing, ensuring low temperatures are maintained throughout the extraction of both the oils and proteins.

This means it can avoid the denaturing process that usually kicks in when proteins are exposed to high temperatures, which makes it harder to separate them from the meal and can reduce their solubility and functionality, claims the firm.

BioExx says it has also been able to improve the flavor and odor profile of canola proteins and decrease the ‘anti-nutrients’ that had historically hindered its use as a food grade material by up to 90 percent.

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