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Celanese targets beverages and dairy with new Qorus sweetener system

By Stephen DANIELLS , 05-Jul-2013
Last updated on 05-Jul-2013 at 15:46 GMT2013-07-05T15:46:45Z

The first products in the Qorus portfolio will target beverages, flavored milk and yogurt
The first products in the Qorus portfolio will target beverages, flavored milk and yogurt

Beverage and dairy formulations have a new sweetener system option that offers ‘authentic taste’, says Celanese Food Ingredients Business.

The new Qorus sweetener system will be showcased at the upcoming IFT Expo in Chicago, with the first products in the Qorus portfolio targeting the beverage industry as well as the flavored milk and yogurt sector of the dairy industry.

Holly Seese, global marketing communications Manager, told FoodNavigator-USA that Qorus is a “platform of sweetener systems containing high intensity sweeteners and other proprietary ingredients that delight and surprise consumers with authentic taste in low/no calorie food & beverages. 

“On the label it would be listed as acesulfame potassium, sucralose and natural ingredients.”

The sweetener system is ‘artificial’, she added.

The issue

According to Celanese, brands looking to develop low- or no-calorie applications have always accepted that taste maskers may be needed in order to hit the authentic taste profiles they desire.

Qorus aims to solve this problem by delivering great tasting reduced calorie labels and authentic taste, said the company. The sweetener system is said to balance sweetness and flavor for a robust taste experience.

“Qorus offers perfect harmony in formulation, taste, and experience,” said Diana Peninger, VP and GM of Celanese food ingredients business.

The sweetener system is versatile and robust and can function in a large variety of formulation and processing conditions, added the company.

“We know our partners expect more from a sweetener, so we’re excited to see the applications they bring to life. We’re confident they will be impressed by how completely Qorus allows developers to hit desired taste targets; but more than that, we know they will be impressed by the way Qorus allows consumers to taste their brands, not our sweetener,” said Peninger.

“In other words, we’re bringing authentic taste to our partners and helping them see the real possibilities of our sweetener.”

Seese confirmed that Qorus is being tested by a number of consumer goods companies, but Celanese could not comment on any of their introduction plans.

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