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IFT trend tour: Color and flavor innovation

By Jess Halliday , 23-Jun-2009
Last updated on 23-Jun-2009 at 18:35 GMT2009-06-23T18:35:00Z

IFT trend tour: Color and flavor innovation

At the IFT trade show in Anaheim, Jess Halliday followed the Flavor and Color Innovation trend tour, and spoke to some of the companies showing their latest developments at the show.

New colors and flavors can differentiate a product, and help meet consumer demand for exciting new attributes. In this video, Jess Halliday caught up with Donald Wilkes of Blue Pacific Flavors about berry flavors resulting from a collaboration with New Zealand’s Plant and Food Research (formerly HortResearch).

Jessica Jones Dille, industry trend manager at Wild Flavors, shows the company’s new colour range – and explains how the naturally sourced trend is here to stay.

Campbell Barnum of DD Williamson introduces a newcomer in his company’s range of natural colors – organic annatto.

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