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TIC develops alternative to costly emulsifier PGA

By Laura Crowley , 05-Feb-2008

Hydrocolloid supplier TIC Gums has launched an emulsifier that offers a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive propylene glycol alginate (PGA).

The cold water soluble Saladizer Max has been developed as a low cost, functional stabilizer for regular and low-fat salad dressing, marinades and gravies production. "Today's customers are really looking for solutions, not just in making the most successful formulations, but in sourcing ingredients that are cost-effective and readily available," said TIC Gums scientist Maureen Akins. "We are really trying to take gum technology to the next level to help manufacturers achieve their multiple operational and production goals." PGA, the emulsifier TIC is offering to replace, is used as a thickener and stabilizer. Alginates are derived from alginic acid obtained from seaweed (kelp), which has seen prices shooting up over recent years. According to TIC marketing manager Frances Bowman, PGA is the only emulsifier on the market for manufacturers of dressings, and therefore there was a demand to be met. "Saladizer Max means more options for food manufacturers," she told She said the cost saving would be dependent on the quantity of purchase. The company spent two years developing the product using its patented modified gum acacia technology. TIC said that dressings made with the product exhibit a smooth texture and creamy mouthfeel because of Saladizer's emulsification characteristics. Akins added: "Beyond its effectiveness, availability, and cost, Saladizer Max allows for easy dispersion and rapid hydration, because it has been agglomerated using our Pre-Hydrated process." It should be applied early in the process and does not need to be used in conjunction with any other specific ingredients so manufacturers do not have to adapt their production process. However, TIC has developed other ingredients to optimize product quality, such as Ticaxan Xanthan Rapid-3, which is supposed to eliminate extra processing steps that require in-oil methods. This article has been amended from the original published on 5 February, which contained inaccurate product specifications. We apologies for any inconvenience.

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