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Treatt introduces new FTNF coffee flavors


Flavor ingredient company Treatt has expanded its range of from the named food (FTNF) flavors with new 100% natural coffee flavors intended to emulate authentic roasted beans, the company has said.

The coffee flavors – Full Roast 9780 and Coffee Treattarome Mellow 9781 – are part of the company’s Treattarome range, and are distilled from Arabica coffee. Treatt says the resulting flavors are particularly effective when incorporated as a top note in ready-to-drink coffee beverages, ice cream and desserts.

“Coffee Treattarome Full Roast 9780 and Coffee Treattarome Mellow 9781 have been developed to deliver an authentic roasted bean flavor in a wide variety of applications at a cost-effective price,” the company said.

The flavors can produce an intense coffee character at 0.1% concentration, or “delicate coffee notes with chocolate nuances” at 0.05% or less.

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