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Virginia Dare offers floral flavors for water

By staff reporter , 03-Mar-2009

Virginia Dare’s creative team has developed a new range of floral flavors, which the company is launching for use in waters, natural beverages and teas.

The flavor specialist, which is especially well known for its vanilla offering, says the new floral aromas in the new range are especially well suited for use in combination with fruit flavors, for a subtle, aromatic effect.

Its creative team – which also conducts consumer and market research – put together prototypes products using the flavors. The inventions it came up with, and which could be used in finished products, include raspberry and hibiscus, pomegranate and orange blossom, lemon and lavender, and nectarine and rose.

It expects them to prove a good way to “impart new and unique notes and aroma to ready-to-drink beverages”.

Floral trend

Brooklyn-based Virginia Dare is not the only firm to be seeking inspiration for new flavors from the garden.

Other floral-fruity pairings have been rolled out by GSB Flavor Creators, which last year coupled lingonberry and lavender, and launched a blend of passionfruit, vanilla and Honeybell orange flavors.

Flavor firms in Europe are also tapping the potential from flowers. For instance, German flavor firm Wild announced the extension of its range of blossom and flavor blends last July, working with more companies to use the likes of lavender, rose and elderberry in fruit combinations.

A spokesperson from Wild's technical team told at the time: "We see that blossoms are very good combined with fruit. While the blossom gives a pleasant aroma, the fruit gives a good background."

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