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Wild and Sunwin announce self-affirmed stevia GRAS


Wild Flavors and Sunwin International have announced self-affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status for their stevia-derived OnlySweet sweeteners.


Wild Flavors partnered with Sunwin International Neutraceuticals – which produces a stevia-derived tabletop sweetener as well as stevia extracts for the neutraceutical industry – to produce natural sweetening blends for food and beverages back in February.


The alliance started working on self-affirmed GRAS soon afterwards.


CEO of GRAS Associates Robert McQuate said: “Sunwin USA and WILD Flavors have done an excellent job in preparing high quality OnlySweet stevia extracts that have attained self-GRAS status. This collaboration has been successful in consistently ensuring high purity compositions that meet the international specifications detailed by JECFA that also fulfill FDA safety requirements.”

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