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Wrigley lets US consumers design gum packs


Leading chewing gum maker, Wrigley, is letting consumers in the US design their own packaging.

The website was launched, said the company, to allow consumers to choose from a range of templates, themes, patterns, colours and fonts for a packet of Wrigley Extra gum.

The company said that consumers begin the ordering process by choosing a specific theme and template and can then personalise the pack by adding a message and photo of their choice.

In other chewing gum packaging innovation, last May saw the Benson Group add a paper dispenser on a pack it designed for the Peppersmith brand to aid, it said, more responsible disposal of the product.

The develop said the carton board shell and slide packaging has a fifth side with a booklet of small papers attached to the pack to enable consumers on the go to wrap the used gum and keep on their person for disposal at a more convenient time.

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