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Z Trim Holdings makes first sales of non-GMO corn fiber ingredient

By Hank Schultz , 07-Feb-2013
Last updated on 07-Feb-2013 at 16:08 GMT

Z Trim Holdings, Inc. announced the first sales of its non-GMO Z Trim corn fiber functional food ingredient. The company announced only in December that it was adding the non-GMO option to its line of Z Trim ingredients that help to reduce fat and calories, add fiber, provide shelf-stability, prevent oil migration, and add binding capacity.

Finding non-GMO corn for feedstock was a challenge, and the company was driven to source its non-GMO corn from outside the US because so little is available domestically.  Kyle Hannah, vice president of technology for Z Trim said he expects that to change soon, with increasing demand for non-GMO ingredients.

“It is demand driven; we know for a fact that many international markets demand non-GMO,” he said.

"Achieving this first sale so soon after announcing the offering reaffirms that there is a large market for this product line," said Z Trim CEO, Steve Cohen. "We can now begin to service the huge European, Asian and Australian markets as well as domestic specialty markets, which will only accept non-GMO corn products."

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