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Food finance and prices

Food finance and prices

The food industry is in constant financial motion; there’s always some company snapping up the assets of another, not to mention grappling with fluctuating costs of commodities. The latest money moves can have a big impact on ingredient supply, so it pays to keep up to date.

Vegan, paleo, grass-fed, pasture-raised, ancient grains, and allergen friendly claims are gaining

From grass-fed to Paleo: What are the hottest trends in the natural food and beverages market?

According to Chicago-based market research firm SPINS, US retail (dollar) sales of foods & beverages rose 1.7% in 2014, while unit sales declined by 0.4%. By contrast, sales of natural...

Partnership for a Healthier America Summit

Making healthy food affordable, accessible to low-income shoppers can be a win-win, execs say

The food industry may be a low margin business, but that does not mean manufacturers of high quality, nutritious food must sell their products at a premium in the natural...

Private label penetration rates have not budged since 2011

CPG industry sales trends are ‘stagnant’, with dollar sales growth being largely driven by price increases, says IRI

Dollar sales of foods and beverages edged up a modest 2.1% to $470bn in the US retail market in 2014, but unit sales (an indication of volumes) were pretty flat...

Falling gas prices offer growth opportunity for private label

Tumbling gas prices that are lining consumers’ pockets with savings may provide an unexpected opportunity for private label to steal market share from national brands, rather than the other way...

Innovation and quality help Pinnacle Foods’ Hungry-Man and Birds Eye brands in Q3

Innovation and dedication to quality, rather than aggressive promotions, are helping Pinnacle Foods gain distribution and hold sales steady in the frozen foods and bakery categories at a time when...

FAO World Food Day 2014: Family Farming

ABA chief: Farming infrastructure critically important for wheat

Farming infrastructure in the wheat sector is critically important for bakers but there are a number issues threatening it, says the president and CEO of the American Bakers Association.

Equity crowd funding will transform food industry, expert says

New crowd funding platforms will transform the food industry, said an executive of a Canadian company set to go that route to raise additional capital.

Annie’s/So Delicious deals just the beginning says corporate finance expert: CPG giants now eyeing up natural firms with revenues of $10-25m

While the jaw-dropping amount that General Mills paid for Annie’s ($820m) raised some eyebrows, it was “worth it”, says one corporate finance expert who says big CPG firms are increasingly...

Mars Chocolate North America follows Nestlé and Hershey with price hike

Mars Chocolate North America has become the latest to introduce wholesale price increases after similar moves from Nestlé and Hershey.

Nutrition, health and wellness drive Nestlé forward despite 'challenging' year

Shares in the world's biggest food company were down by around 2% this morning as Nestlé announced its slowest sales growth in four years and missed profit expectations for 2013. 

Post keeps foot on acquisition pedal with purchases of Golden Boy and Dymatize

Post Holdings continues its aggressive push into the private label and active nutrition categories with the acquisition of Gold Boy Foods Ltd. and Dymatize Enterprises.

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Tate & Lyle profits fall on lower US beverage demand

Tate & Lyle has reported lower profits in the first half of the year, citing poor demand for soft drinks in the United States.

Cargill vs. Oxfam: Valuable investment in Colombia or "divide and purchase"?

Cargill has denied any wrong doing in its practices in Colombia after an Oxfam report accused the company of evading Colombian land laws through a method of fragmented purchases. 

Canada price fixing woes: Chocolate titans settle class action but still face criminal charges

Mars and Nestlé have opted to settle a class action lawsuit over price fixing allegations in Canada but both still face criminal charges in a separate investigation from the Competition...

Summertime program boosts poor kids' food security, nutritional intake

A US government demonstration program to provide school-age children from low-income households with meals and snacks during the summer months showed a 33% decrease in the rate of very low food...

Whey concentrate prices double in two years

Chinese demand drives whey above €7/kg – but is it over priced?

Soaring whey prices are changing the face of the protein concentrate market, but hefty Asian-driven premiums won’t signal a flood to plant proteins, says an analyst.

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Bill Gates in YouTube world hunger debate

Bill Gates tackled global hunger in a live web debate on Friday (June 7), the eve of the Big IF London Hyde Park rally, part of the Enough Food For...

Why is bigger no longer better in the CPG marketplace?

Does size matter? Yes, but bigger does not necessarily mean better if you’re in the US consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, according to a new analysis from Boston Consulting Group...

Plum Organics to donate 500,000 smoothies formulated to meet needs of food-insecure kids

Plum Organics, a company founded on getting nutritious food to kids, has committed to manufacturing and distributing 500,000 pouches of food designed to meet the needs of food-insecure babies and toddlers.

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Flowers Foods obtains $300m loan to help finance acquisition of Hostess' bread business

Flowers Foods has obtained a $300m loan to help finance its acquisition of Hostess Brands' bread business.

Sustainable supply seen as emerging future risk for food companies

Food safety, quality and financial issues are considered the top three risks to business for most food companies, but sustainable supply is emerging as a growing area of concern, according...

Horizon Milling and ConAgra Mills to join forces to create Ardent Mills: ‘We will bring some hybrid vigor’ says VP

A major new player in the flour milling industry will emerge later this year following the merger of ConAgra Mills and Horizon Milling (a joint venture between Cargill and CHS)...

Eased wheat and corn prices set to stir again in Q1 2013, says Rabobank

Wheat and corn prices have eased over the fourth quarter but will spike again at the beginning of 2013 as impacts from demand rationing take hold, Rabobank says.


Coke, Pepsi face ‘massive’ future dairy sourcing challenge – Rabobank analyst

The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo and other firms riding the convergence wave marrying soft drinks to dairy face massive future commodity sourcing challenges.

DuPont raises global hydrocolloids prices 10 to 15%

DuPont Nutrition & Health has said it would increase prices globally across its DuPont Danisco hydrocolloids range by an average of 10 to 15%, citing increases in raw material, energy...