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Naturex introduces fruit- and vegetable-derived colors in the US

By Caroline Scott-Thomas , 27-Jan-2012

Naturex introduces fruit- and vegetable-derived colors in the US

Natural extracts manufacturer Naturex has introduced a new range of fruit and vegetable-derived colors in the United States, as part of its NAT color range.

The new line of colors, VegeBrite, is a range of shades made from fruit and vegetable concentrations, without preservatives, due to an asceptic packaging line, the company said. It said the ingredients are obtained without extraction or isolation and are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as beverage, confectionery, ice cream, fruit preparation and dairy products.

“In the US, there is an important and growing trend for natural colors,” said NAT color business manager Lionel Lesegretain, although he added that European consumers continue to drive growing demand for naturally colored products, particularly after the notorious 2007 Southampton study, which linked cocktails of artificial colors and a preservative with hyperactivity in children.

Lesegretain said that while NAT color was already established on the US market – it was developed by Naturex about 20 years ago – the new line offers clearer segmentation, with colors within the range now coming under one of two sub-brands, E-Color and VegeBrite.

“E-Color includes color additives exempt from batch certification,” he said. “VegeBrite is a segment of these color additives that complies with a stricter definition …these ingredients include only pure fruit and vegetable concentrates without formulation additives or preservatives.”

Naturex has two production sites in the United States, one in New Jersey, and the other in California, which Lesegretain says allows the company to remain reactive to its US customers, despite being a global player.

“Moreover, we are implementing a R&D and color application laboratory in the USA, allowing us to give a customized service to local needs,” he said.

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