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Food labeling and marketing

Manufacturers use numerous tools for positioning their products on the market, including on-pack symbols and claims, innovative advertising campaigns, and social media. The focus of food marketers may be firmly on the bottom line - but they are under increasing pressure to keep an eye on ethics too.

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What nutrition information are restaurant goers looking for?

While four out of 10 consumers say they are trying to avoid or reduce intakes of certain fats and oils, cholesterol, sodium and sugar, only one in 10 actually looks...

Referring ‘natural’ claims issue to FDA would be 'futile’ says judge in suit vs General Mills

In an order that will be read carefully by those following ‘natural’ labeling lawsuits, a California judge has rejected an argument routinely made by defendants - that the FDA has...

Major European retailers urge support of Brazilian non-GM soy

Major retailers from five European countries have urged greater support of non-GM soy production in Brazil, as increased demand for genetically modified (GM) soy from China risks diminishing non-GM supply.

R&D in action: Highlights from the 2013 Food Technology & Innovation Forum

How can you get more bang for your R&D buck? How does Unilever gain deeper consumer insights online? Why don’t manufacturers share more information with key suppliers? ...

Monster Energy accuses SF City Attorney of publicity-seeking: ‘The media got copies of his lawsuit before we did’

Just days after Monster Beverage Co pre-emptively sued him, San Francisco city attorney Dennis Herrera has slapped the energy drinks giant with a lawsuit of his own accusing it of...

Drug, club and foodservice: The next big growth opportunities for gluten-free?

Drug stores, club stores and the foodservice market could be the next big areas of opportunity for gluten-free, according to Boulder Brands, which owns two of the biggest names in...

Hain Celestial: ‘We are much further down the road on non-GMO than any other company out there…’

The price differential between Hain Celestial’s brands and mainstream grocery brands will close over time as the big guns in consumer packaged goods come under increasing pressure to source non-GMO...

Symphony Consulting: Growth rates of key label claims - organic, natural, gluten-free - are leveling off

Growth rates of several individual label claims under the health & wellness umbrella have started to level off, according to new research from Symphony Consulting.

Abbott Laboratories shareholders reject proposal to remove GMOs from infant formula

An Abbott Laboratories shareholder proposal to remove genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) from its natural products - including its Similac infant formula range - has been rejected, the company has revealed.

News in brief

Health Canada permits fiber labeling of polydextrose

Health Canada has officially recognized polydextrose as a source of dietary fiber in food and beverages.

Are all-natural claims losing their luster?

The phrase 'all-natural' is still emblazoned on scores of new food and beverage launches, but not quite as many as it used to be, according to Mintel research.

Top US food retailers in talks to roll out merchandising scheme helping shoppers make ‘more informed choices’

A merchandising system enabling retailers to highlight products containing pre-selected health and wellness attributes from whole grains to gluten-free via customized shelf tags and other tools will be rolled out...

PepsiCo: We’ll reinvent the North American cola category

PepsiCo says it is investing heavily in R&D to ‘reinvent’ the flagging cola category in North America.

Facts up Front labels now on 90% of foods in some categories, says GMA as it launches new educational website

‘Facts Up Front’ icons now appear on 9 out of 10 products in some categories, with penetration highest in cereals, beverages and dry goods, said the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA)...

Stealth sodium reduction? Consumers are attracted to low sodium claims on foods, says new analysis

Advertising sodium reduction claims on food labels may increase a consumer’s purchasing intentions, says a new study from Canada that contradicts the industry strategy of ‘stealth’ sodium reduction.

California officially adds BPA to its dangerous chemicals list

The state of California has placed bisphenol-A (BPA) on its ranking of dangerous chemicals that should not be used in products consumers are exposed to.

CSPI attorney on ‘natural’ lawsuits: ‘All that matters is what consumers think natural means. And consumers are entitled to be incorrect’

We have heard from attorneys representing food and beverage manufacturers about what Judge Richard Seeborg’s decision to throw out a lawsuit vs AriZona Iced Tea could mean for other ‘all-natural’...

Class action targets Clover-Stornetta Farms’ yogurt for ‘evaporated cane juice’ labeling

Clover-Stornetta Farms has joined the ranks of firms targeted with class action lawsuits that allege added sugar is being concealed by listing it on pack as ‘evaporated cane juice’.

Lawmakers' report on energy drink labeling mirrors existing recommendations, CRN says

A report on labeling and marketing of energy drinks by three members of Congress matches much of what industry is already working toward, according the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

Why all food manufacturers - not just those in organics - should read new NOP draft guidance outlining what ‘natural’ means

In the absence of a clear legal definition of ‘natural’, food marketers seeking to avoid legal challenges over it refer to a variety of sources for guidance.

New foundation fosters public-private partnerships in food, agriculture research

A new foundation has come together to help transfer technology from federal scientists into new food products and strategies that could help combat obesity and find sustainable ways to feed...

Is Dr Pepper trying to ‘hide behind the law of federal preemption’? Lawyers in 7UP antioxidant case hit back

Lawyers for David Green - a California man who has accused Dr Pepper Snapple Group of making false and misleading claims about 7UP's (now defunct) ‘antioxidant’ drinks - argue it...


It’s all Greek to me… How fair was the High Court ruling against Chobani?

New York-based Chobani was handed an injunction last month prohibiting its use of the term ‘Greek yogurt’ in the UK following a court battle with rival, Fage, which claims that...

DSM and Monsanto to commercialize soybean oil rich in omega-3 SDA. But will anti-GMO sentiment hinder its progress?

Monsanto has joined forces with DSM to commercialize a genetically engineered soybean oil rich in the omega-3 fatty acid SDA (stearidonic acid) that can offer a more cost-effective means of...

Does the AriZona Iced Tea ruling set an important precedent in all-natural lawsuits?

Just how much comfort can manufacturers facing legal challenges over their use of 'all-natural' claims take from Judge Richard Seeborg’s March 28 decision to throw out a case about AriZona...

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