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Soup-to-nuts podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Quinoa’s rise to superfood superstar status and the challenges it must address

Quinoa was one of the first superfoods to take America by storm more than a decade ago, and one of the few such stars to sustain its reign long enough...

Federal GMO labeling bill hailed as 'true compromise,' but critics say it's woefully inadequate

Attempts to reach a federal GMO labeling solution have failed miserably to date. However, a bipartisan deal requiring mandatory GMO labeling (via smartlabels, symbols or as yet undetermined wording) thrashed...

Post Foods targeted in latest ‘100% natural’ lawsuit over glyphosate

If your product contains even trace levels of pesticide residue, and you are calling it '100% natural', are you at risk of a false advertising lawsuit? New complaints filed against...

Finalized FDA evaporated cane juice guidance is not legally binding, says Lifeway Foods

The FDA’s finalized guidance on evaporated cane juice (ECJ) labeling “puts the final nail in the coffin,” of food manufacturers’ defense of the much-maligned term, argues the plaintiff in an...

News in brief

New VC fund will allow Kellogg to access “cutting-edge ideas” from food & tech startups

The Kellogg Company joins the growing list of large legacy food and beverage brand manufacturers launching venture capital funds as a way to access “game-changing ideas” and tap into emerging...

Whole grains consumption increases thanks to plant-forward diet, focus on new flavors

Once shunned for their distinct taste and texture, whole grains are gaining acceptance among more Americans for these same attributes thanks in part to innovative restaurateurs and chefs who are using...

Health & wellness concerns are fragmenting dairy milk, presenting more opportunity, survey shows

Traditional white dairy milk is becoming more colorful as consumers increasingly demand sustainability, functionality and flavor from a category that for years was dominated by only three choices: whole, low-fat...

Taste Test Friday

Taste Test Friday: Banza chickpea pasta with One Hop Kitchen Bolognese offers a twist on a classic

On the menu for this edition of Taste Test Friday is a blind sampling of a classic American-Italian meal: pasta with Bolognese sauce – but with a twist. 

Green packaging makes food seem healthier - but not for discerning organic shoppers

Discount shoppers believe a product tastes healthier if it comes in a 'healthy', green packaging - but organic shoppers have a more critical eye and are less affected by packaging,...

Soup To Nuts Podcast

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: How can stakeholders overcome challenges facing plant-based innovation?

Sales of plant-based alternatives to animal products may be growing fast, but the road ahead for the industry is far from smooth with several substantial hurdles threatening to hold back...

Going for ‘clean label,’ Panera removes ingredients from grocery retail line

A year after the bakery-café chain announced removing ingredients for its foodservice business, Panera is now doing the same for its retail products.

Facebook could be making kids fat: report

Food and drink brands are restricting their use of websites to promote unhealthy products to children, instead using social media giant Facebook, an Irish report has found.

One Hop Kitchen expands edible insects beyond baked goods into pasta sauce

The nascent edible insect category is growing quickly, but finished product manufacturers have mainly focused on baked goods made from insect flour – until now. 

Consumer loyalty is built on relationships, not discount and point-collecting programs, survey shows

If retailers want consumer loyalty, they need to do more than give them a plastic card that they can scan for discounts at checkout, a new survey by C Space...

Dr Pepper ‘Pick Your Pepper’ campaign creates customized label experience for consumers

Dr Pepper launched its Pick Your Pepper campaign this week, with US nationwide distribution of hundreds of new, limited edition, custom printed Dr Pepper 20-ounce bottles.

ConAgra announced removal of PHOs in all spread products, ahead of FDA deadline

Two years ahead of the FDA deadline, ConAgra announced that it will be discontinuing the use of Partially Hydrogenated Oils in all of its spreads.

Well executed Olympic-themed campaigns help brands reach beyond sports fans

Food and beverage brands are tapping into consumers’ growing excitement for the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro with diverse marketing campaigns that reach beyond sports-related content targeted at...

Love With Food gains credibility, trust with acquisition of Send Me Gluten Free, CEO says

With the acquisition of competitor Send Me Gluten Free, snack subscription company Love With Food continues to build its credibility as a service that not only “surprises and delights” consumers...

World Meat-Free Day shines light on evolving market

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Paleo diet linked to faster weight loss, but also lower intake of key micronutrients, study finds

New research supports the controversial but long-held belief that the paleo diet, which encourages the consumption of lean meats, healthy fats and no grains, is a more effective way to...

Foodservice steals market share from grocery aisles as consumer seek convenience, survey reveals

Consumer demand for convenience and increased access to technology is tilting market share towards food service and away from packaged foods in grocery aisles, according to a recent report.

OIG: FDA recall process could put consumers at risk

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has hit back at findings that it does not have an ‘efficient and effective food recall process’.

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: Strategies for growing sales of plant-based products

When many mainstream consumers think of plant-based alternatives to animal products they think of non-dairy milks – and for good reason: it is one of the fastest growing sub-categories and...

Rainbow Goldfish logo strives to spread smiles for all families during LGBT Pride month

Goldfish crackers, a long-time family favorite, likely will catch many consumers hook, line and sinker this month with the release on select packages of a new multi-colored fish logo that...

Door to Door Organics and Relay Foods extend geographic reach & resources with merger

Door to Door Organics and Relay Foods are teaming up to create a new powerhouse in online grocery retail that has sweeping geographic reach and extensive technological and operational expertise...

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