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IFT Preview

HorizonScan helps spot food safety risks before they affect consumers, Global ID exec says

Food safety incidents, including contamination of food-borne illnesses, mold and adulteration, increased double-digits in several major food categories in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the prior year, according...

FOOD VISION USA: Are CPG’s biggest guns flogging dead donkeys or can their brands be salvaged?

While big ‘legacy’ food and beverage brands are laser focused on price, promotion and placement, no amount of financial or merchandising wizardry can mask the fact that smaller, sexier, more...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Lotito Foods’ Folios could revolutionize how consumers use cheese

Consumers walking down the dairy aisle at a typical grocery store see a wide variety of cheese formats – from blocks to bricks to strings to shakers – but now...

PepsiCo on life in a fragmented beverage market: ‘We have to learn how to handle complexity'

PepsiCo is increasingly “recognizing consumers’ interest in craft, niche and premium products,” in a CPG landscape that is becoming more fragmented, CEO Indra Nooyi told analysts Thursday.

Michael Conway: Senate GMO bill is 'riddled with ambiguity'

All eyes on the House as Senate passes GMO labeling bill: 'Within a few years, every GMO food will carry an on-package disclosure'

Industry groups are lobbying leaders in the House of Representatives to allow a vote on a GMO labeling bill next week before they break for the party conventions, after the proposed legislation...

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Five trends spotted at Summer Fancy Food Show

With thousands of startups, innovators and established brands packed into one convention center, the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City is a hotbed for spotting emerging and maturing...

USDA addresses concerns about the narrow definition of 'bioengineered'

Federal GMO labeling bill a step closer after 65-32 cloture vote in Senate

The US Senate has voted to proceed to final debate on a federal GMO labeling bill in a cloture vote of 65-32, with the Senate set to vote on final...

Vermont GMO-labeling law went into effect, what comes next?

When Vermont’s GMO-labeling law became effective last Friday on July 1, some companies were prepared, while others weren’t.

Consumer survey suggests Vermont GMO labels ‘strongly mislead consumers,’ claims CRA

An industry-backed survey of 1,665 online primary shoppers suggests that Vermont’s mandatory GMO labels “strongly mislead consumers,” claims the Corn Refiners Association (CRA).

Should firms be allowed to label potassium chloride as 'potassium salt'? NuTek petitions the FDA

Allowing companies to label potassium chloride as ‘potassium salt’ on food labels would ‘demystify’ the ingredient for consumers and help the industry achieve the dual goals of lowering sodium and...

The Summer Fancy Food Show

Pumpkin moves beyond spice to become key ingredient featured in products all year

A walk across the Summer Fancy Food Show floor in late July in New York City reveals that America’s love affair with pumpkin spice is continuing but also evolving to...

What makes food brands ‘authentic’? Survey asks Millennials to weigh in

Both consumers and marketers often use the buzzword 'authentic,' but what exactly does it mean? A new consumer report zoomed in on today’s favorite demographic—millennials—to find out what a brand...

Hain: 'We are in full compliance with the law’

Hain Celestial urges court to toss organic infant formula lawsuit: ‘Plaintiff wants jury to second-guess USDA's definition of organic'

A lawsuit alleging that Earth’s Best organic infant formula contains a “spectacular array” of ingredients prohibited in organic foods, reflects the plaintiff’s ignorance of USDA regulations, brand owner Hain Celestial...

Soup-to-nuts podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Quinoa’s rise to superfood superstar status and the challenges it must address

Quinoa was one of the first superfoods to take America by storm more than a decade ago, and one of the few such stars to sustain its reign long enough...

Federal GMO labeling bill hailed as 'true compromise,' but critics say it's woefully inadequate

Attempts to reach a federal GMO labeling solution have failed miserably to date. However, a bipartisan deal requiring mandatory GMO labeling (via smartlabels, symbols or as yet undetermined wording) thrashed...

Post Foods targeted in latest ‘100% natural’ lawsuit over glyphosate

If your product contains even trace levels of pesticide residue, and you are calling it '100% natural', are you at risk of a false advertising lawsuit? New complaints filed against...

Finalized FDA evaporated cane juice guidance is not legally binding, says Lifeway Foods

The FDA’s finalized guidance on evaporated cane juice (ECJ) labeling “puts the final nail in the coffin,” of food manufacturers’ defense of the much-maligned term, argues the plaintiff in an...

News in brief

New VC fund will allow Kellogg to access “cutting-edge ideas” from food & tech startups

The Kellogg Company joins the growing list of large legacy food and beverage brand manufacturers launching venture capital funds as a way to access “game-changing ideas” and tap into emerging...

Whole grains consumption increases thanks to plant-forward diet, focus on new flavors

Once shunned for their distinct taste and texture, whole grains are gaining acceptance among more Americans for these same attributes thanks in part to innovative restaurateurs and chefs who are using...

Health & wellness concerns are fragmenting dairy milk, presenting more opportunity, survey shows

Traditional white dairy milk is becoming more colorful as consumers increasingly demand sustainability, functionality and flavor from a category that for years was dominated by only three choices: whole, low-fat...

Taste Test Friday

Taste Test Friday: Banza chickpea pasta with One Hop Kitchen Bolognese offers a twist on a classic

On the menu for this edition of Taste Test Friday is a blind sampling of a classic American-Italian meal: pasta with Bolognese sauce – but with a twist. 

Green packaging makes food seem healthier - but not for discerning organic shoppers

Discount shoppers believe a product tastes healthier if it comes in a 'healthy', green packaging - but organic shoppers have a more critical eye and are less affected by packaging,...

Soup To Nuts Podcast

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: How can stakeholders overcome challenges facing plant-based innovation?

Sales of plant-based alternatives to animal products may be growing fast, but the road ahead for the industry is far from smooth with several substantial hurdles threatening to hold back...

Going for ‘clean label,’ Panera removes ingredients from grocery retail line

A year after the bakery-café chain announced removing ingredients for its foodservice business, Panera is now doing the same for its retail products.

Facebook could be making kids fat: report

Food and drink brands are restricting their use of websites to promote unhealthy products to children, instead using social media giant Facebook, an Irish report has found.

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