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Coca-Cola: Middle classes ‘somewhat confused and fragile’

While the middle classes in developed markets had emerged from the economic downturn “feeling somewhat confused and fragile”, Coca-Cola still generated robust volume growth in North America as well as...


The uncomfortable truth about Campbell's salt u-turn

It’s enraged dieticians and delighted the Salt Institute. But Campbell Soup’s high-profile u-turn on sodium raises some difficult questions about reformulation for all stakeholders.

General Mills taps into ‘frugality fatigue’ as Americans tuck in to affordable treats

As the economy remains in the doldrums, Americans are showing signs of “frugality fatigue” while food is increasingly “playing an important role in helping consumers cope”, according to trend watchers...

Dairy reform Bill would damage exports, warn processors

Draft legislation designed to create more stability in the US dairy industry would damage exports and threaten jobs, dairy processors have claimed.

US and Mexico resolve trucking dispute

US and Mexican governments have signed an agreement to end a 17-year trucking dispute that has seen Mexico impose tariffs on a long list of US exports, including many food...

New study finds link between kids’ BMI and food prices

There is a clear correlation between children’s body-mass-index (BMI) and the price of food and drink, according to new government-backed research.

Is healthy food more expensive than junk food?

New research into food prices shows that unhealthy options are not always more affordable, although the relative cheapness of soft drinks, refined grains and starchy veg vs healthier alternatives means...

Dispatches from IFT

Professor: Stop lecturing the public and reformulate foods Americans actually want to eat

If more energy was expended on improving the nutritional profile of the foods Americans actually want to eat instead of doggedly trying to persuade them to change their eating habits,...

FAO says food prices stuck at “stubbornly high levels”

Crop production may be rising but not enough to bring down high and volatile agricultural commodity prices this year, according to the latest analysis from the FAO.

ADM cocoa powder cuts bakers’ costs with “less is more” approach

A new dark cocoa powder aims to deliver an indulgent rich taste for bakery goods, but also cut costs by reducing the product’s overall cocoa content, claims ADM.

Bakers launch final bid to stop index funds sending commodity markets into a spin

Next month’s meeting of the agricultural advisory committee of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) will give the food industry one last chance to make the case for imposing limits...

USDA increases sugar import quota

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said Monday that it will increase sugar imports by 325,000 short tons in fiscal 2011 – a move that has been welcomed by sweetener users.

Sugar policy reform bills attract industry support

Sugar policy reform is back on the US legislative agenda, as two new bills that aim to end the sugar price support program have attracted broad food industry support.

Consumers’ cost cutting continues as food prices rise

Rising food prices are likely to cause consumers to hold on to cost-cutting recessionary shopping behaviors, according to a new report from market research organization The NPD Group.

Chocolate price hikes won't put off consumers, predict analysts

Confectioners will probably get away with increasing prices on chocolate bars without significantly denting demand because they are generally low ticket items bought as treats in an area with high...

IDFA outlines surge in US dairy exports

The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) has reported a “dramatic surge” in US dairy exports over the past three months.

Too early to tell impact of high wheat prices on flour products

It’s too early to predict the impact of huge rises in wheat prices on European flour products such as bread and biscuits, according to the National Association of British &...

Coupon comeback could continue, says Nielsen

Coupons have made a comeback – and their use is likely to continue over the next several years despite a recovering economy, according to market research organization the Nielsen Company.

Majority of Californians support soda tax, poll finds

A majority of Californians support a tax on soda to help fund childhood obesity reduction programs, according to a poll carried out on behalf of the California Center for Public...

Dean Foods antitrust case to proceed, despite ‘structural issues’

A federal judge in Milwaukee has denied Dean Foods’ motion to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit that was filed against it by the United States Department of Justice in January.

Fonterra sticks by improved milk price forecast in trading update

Fonterra has claimed that ingredients prices are recovering and market confidence is returning as a group of US senators accuse the New Zealand-based co-op of holding a virtual monopoly of...

Sugar Policy Alliance renews call for increased imports

The Sugar Policy Alliance has renewed its call for Congress to revise sugar policy as strict import quotas have reduced the availability of refined sugar, thereby inflating prices, the organization...

New Mexico food tax passes state Senate

The state Senate of New Mexico has voted to implement a food tax that applies to nearly 40 percent of foods sold in the state in order to help balance...

Subsidized healthy foods cheaper option to improve nutrition: Study

Subsidizing fruit, vegetables and milk for Food Stamp Program participants would be more cost effective to increase consumption than raising the overall level of food stamp benefit, according to a...

Report outlines climate change effects on US food production

Climate change is already affecting American food production, according to a report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), released to coincide with the Copenhagen climate change summit.

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