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Food prices

Commodity prices have a knock-on effect throughout the food supply chain, from growers to the supermarket shelves. For formulators, the challenge is to reduce reliance on more expensive ingredients, but still deliver products that have the taste and texture consumers have come to expect.

Food companies to be hit by higher grain prices

Food companies are likely to struggle with high grain prices well into next year, according to the USDA’s first crop projection report of 2009.

Developing solutions to fight food fraud

Adulteration of food proteins - as seen in the recent melamine scandal - is becoming a greater threat to industry as the food supply has become more globalized and...

US soybean prices rise on tight supply

US soybean prices have risen on fears of tightening supply and look set to rise further as South America has suffered severe drought and US planting has been delayed...

Private label purchase trend runs deeper than recession

Almost every household in America buys private label foods but their success is not as tied to the current economic crisis as many might think, according to new research...

Recession raises direct-to-vat cottage cheese culture sales

Chr. Hansen has said that sales of its direct-to-vat cottage cheese cultures have been boosted by the global recession, as manufacturers seek ways to raise productivity.

Frozen foods renaissance could continue after recession

As consumers tighten their belts, many are stocking up on cheaper, longer-lasting frozen foods, rather than buying fresh foods that could end up being wasted – and market researchers...

Whole grain sales set to rise on ‘sound nutritional science’

Whole grain sales have risen as consumers have become more aware of their nutritional benefits, a trend that looks set to continue for at least the next five years,...

Donated milk powder to provide boost for US dairy

US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has announced that over 200m pounds of milk powder will be transferred to federal nutrition programs in an effort to stock food banks...

Cost-cutting consumers turn to cutting coupons

Consumers are increasingly cutting coupons to save money in the struggling economy, with redemption up ten percent in the last quarter of 2008 compared to the previous year, according...

Recession and melamine scandal hit US dairy exports

US dairy exports have been hit by lower global demand on the back of worldwide recession and the Chinese melamine scandal, according to a report from the Babcock Institute.

Bumper rice harvest will ease prices, says FAO

The rice shortages of last year look to be at an end, as farmers upped production this year to ease the tight supply situation, according to the latest market data...

Peanuts at the ready for replacing recalled products

A glut of peanuts on the back of a bumper crop could come as a blessing for food manufacturers, providing a supply of peanuts for those who eventually wish...

Recession requires rethink as spending power shifts

Opportunities are emerging for food manufacturers to target the increasing number of lower income shoppers as the economy slows, according to a report from Information Resources Incorporated (IRI).

Recession is rebalancing organic supply-demand

The price of organic food ingredients is expected to fall in 2009, as the recession reduces demand for organics back in line with available supply, according to predictions from...

Symrise introduces ‘market stable’ synthetic mint flavor range

Symrise has introduced a new line of synthetic mint flavors that it says offer a cost effective and market stable alternative to more expensive mint oils.

Obama and financial crisis drive new consumer values, says report

Food manufacturers need to better understand consumer tactics for dealing with the economic crisis and employ palatable strategies to answer to a fresh set of values, according to a...

High quality tops consumer shopping list, say researchers

The market research organization The Hartman Group has released a report on emerging trends for the year ahead, with perception of high quality topping its predictions, despite economic uncertainty.

Counting on roasted chicory's local appeal

US-grown roasted chicory is not expected to rise in price when trade tariffs are lifted in March, says its sole US supplier, because the pull of locally-produced food remains strong.

Recession bites into Barry Callebaut chocolate sales

There is further evidence that the market for chocolate is not as recession proof as traditionally thought as Barry Callebaut sales in Europe saw a marked drop over Q1.

The depression diet

Experts predict that consumers will put on recession pounds by eating more unhealthy food to save money. But Dr Adam Drewnowski, director of the Center for Public Health Nutrition at...

Food prices a sticking point this year

Retail food prices are expected to remain ‘sticky’ in 2009, according to a new study, adding weight to claims that food manufacturers may struggle to pass on cost pressures to consumers.

Sodium phosphate substitute launched as prices soar

Advanced Food Systems (AFS) has developed its Actobind range to include a clean-label ingredient system for either completely or partially replacing sodium phosphate in meat products.

Renovating products could boost growth

Renovation as well as innovation could help food and beverage manufacturers who are looking for growth in a downturn economy, according to an outlook report on the year ahead by...

Soybean oil prices tumble on petroleum fall

Falling petroleum prices and an abundance of other vegetable oils has brought soybean oil prices a new low – but other oils are eating away at market share.

Obama nominates next US secretary of agriculture

President-Elect Barack Obama has nominated the former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack to be the 30th Secretary of Agriculture.

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