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Food prices

Food prices

Commodity prices have a knock-on effect throughout the food supply chain, from growers to the supermarket shelves. For formulators, the challenge is to reduce reliance on more expensive ingredients, but still deliver products that have the taste and texture consumers have come to expect.

Cocoa price spike may favor Kraft over Cadbury

World cocoa prices have just hit record highs sparking suggestions that the resulting cost changes could aid the Kraft bid for Cadbury.

Health and natural keep US market resilient

Health and natural ingredients are driving growth in the US food and drink market, which remains dynamic despite the recession.

Private label: battle of the brands

Private label is continuing to steal market share despite a more stable economy, but brands are fighting back on the battleground of health and convenience.

Commodity price cuts push up ConAgra's profits

Lower ingredient prices and a more profitable product mix helped ConAgra Foods achieve a big profit increase in its quarterly results, while overall turnover slipped.

New report makes the case for nationwide soda tax

The idea of taxing sugary beverages to reduce obesity and bring public health benefits has been raised again in a new report published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

GM seeds threaten food supply, claim researchers

Modern seed companies are reducing crop diversity – and this could have serious consequences for food supply as the climate heats up, researchers claimed at the World Seed Conference in...

Climate change could devastate US crop yields: Study

Climate change could result in severe shortages of two of America’s most important grains, according to the authors of a new study published online in the Proceedings of the National...

Illinois raises taxes on candy and soft drinks

Illinois consumers will start paying higher taxes on some soft drinks and candy today under new rules from the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Food sector should prepare now for cap-and-trade, says report

Cap-and-trade carbon pricing could be particularly damaging to the food industry unless manufacturers start developing more efficient supply chains now, according to new analysis.

Private label sector continues to grow, says Nielsen

Sales of private label products are still growing, having “significantly increased” over the past year, according to new research from The Nielsen Company.

Private label growth driven by innovation, says Mintel

Private label product innovation has reached unprecedented highs and market share has rocketed as a result, according to market research organization Mintel.

Ocean Spray hails online auction as success

Ocean Spray has held its first online auction for its cranberry concentrate and claims it attracted “very strong participation”, with 34 buyers taking part out of the 37 who had registered.

Egg production prices to rise following new regulations

Egg prices may rise as producers are hit by new costs as a result of food safety measures.

Both GM and organic farming could help feed the world: Report

With the global population expected to reach nine billion by 2050, investment in both GM crops and organic farming could help to ensure a reliable food supply, says a...

Senate probe finds excessive wheat market speculation

Excessive speculation on the futures market fuelled last year’s wheat price surge that led to higher prices for industry and consumers, according to the results of a year-long Senate...

Search for value signals 100-calorie snack pack demise

Portion-controlled packs are falling out of favor with consumers as they increasingly seek value ahead of convenience, according to market research organization Mintel.

Food companies to be hit by higher grain prices

Food companies are likely to struggle with high grain prices well into next year, according to the USDA’s first crop projection report of 2009.

Developing solutions to fight food fraud

Adulteration of food proteins - as seen in the recent melamine scandal - is becoming a greater threat to industry as the food supply has become more globalized and...

US soybean prices rise on tight supply

US soybean prices have risen on fears of tightening supply and look set to rise further as South America has suffered severe drought and US planting has been delayed...

Private label purchase trend runs deeper than recession

Almost every household in America buys private label foods but their success is not as tied to the current economic crisis as many might think, according to new research...

Recession raises direct-to-vat cottage cheese culture sales

Chr. Hansen has said that sales of its direct-to-vat cottage cheese cultures have been boosted by the global recession, as manufacturers seek ways to raise productivity.

Frozen foods renaissance could continue after recession

As consumers tighten their belts, many are stocking up on cheaper, longer-lasting frozen foods, rather than buying fresh foods that could end up being wasted – and market researchers...

Whole grain sales set to rise on ‘sound nutritional science’

Whole grain sales have risen as consumers have become more aware of their nutritional benefits, a trend that looks set to continue for at least the next five years,...

Donated milk powder to provide boost for US dairy

US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has announced that over 200m pounds of milk powder will be transferred to federal nutrition programs in an effort to stock food banks...

Cost-cutting consumers turn to cutting coupons

Consumers are increasingly cutting coupons to save money in the struggling economy, with redemption up ten percent in the last quarter of 2008 compared to the previous year, according...

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