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Food prices

Commodity prices have a knock-on effect throughout the food supply chain, from growers to the supermarket shelves. For formulators, the challenge is to reduce reliance on more expensive ingredients, but still deliver products that have the taste and texture consumers have come to expect.

How much will this summer’s drought impact food prices in 2013?

While the cost inflation situation has eased recently eased for many food manufacturers, summer drought conditions are widely expected to put renewed pressure on food prices in 2013.


Milk protein prices jump 13% in October - Part Two

In part two of his October dairy commodities breakdown, MilkPrice  blogger John Geuss gives the latest on cheese and butter demand and quick look ahead to November, December and the coming...


Milk protein prices jump 13% in October

US milk protein prices increased by 13% in October. But does the price  increase have the momentum to carry milk protein prices to the "exceptional highs" of 2008? US commodities expert and MilkPrice  blogger John Geuss gave...

Hydrocolloid prices under pressure

DuPont raises global hydrocolloids prices 10 to 15%

DuPont Nutrition & Health has said it would increase prices globally across its DuPont Danisco hydrocolloids range by an average of 10 to 15%, citing increases in raw material, energy...

News in brief

US corn yields per acre predicted to be lowest since 1995, warns USDA

US corn production is forecast at 10.7bn bushels, down slightly from the September forecast and down 13% from 2011, according to a new crop report from the US Department of...

Big Interview: Dave McLaughlin, World Wildlife Fund

WWF: Industry should buy into GreenPalm today, or it will struggle to source fully traceable sustainable palm oil tomorrow

Food manufacturers are beginning to realize that buying more GreenPalm certificates now might be the only way to stimulate enough production of sustainable palm oil to make fully traceable products...

The state of the US food retail market: Slower and negative growth… and rediscovering Walmart

Does size matter? The answer is yes, if you’re supplying the US food retail market, with new data revealing that food and beverage manufacturers turning over less than $1bn have...

How easy - and how expensive - is it to source non-GMO ingredients?

With the debate over Prop 37 heating up, a new class action lawsuit over ‘all-natural’ claims on products containing GMOs filed every week, and Monsanto in the firing line following...

ConAgra Foods: ‘We believe in frozen, we have an innovation machine’

While higher ticket prices have dented volumes of its Banquet brand, ConAgra is predicting a steady rebound in the frozen case this year as innovative new products gain traction.

US sugar prices are kept artificially high, claims the ABA

Bakers: US sugar prices are still 50-75% higher than world prices

The American Bakers Association (ABA) says it is only a matter of time before “some form of a [sugar] reform amendment passes in the House”, although sugar producers say the US...

US dairy commodities blogger, John Geuss

August milk prices show significant increases

As a result of increased and unexpected US demand for cheese and butter in recent weeks, milk prices in the country have jumped by more than a dollar per hundredweight....

Canadians favor local food – and are willing to pay a premium

Most Canadians try to buy locally produced food – and many are willing to pay a significant premium for it, according to the results of a new Bank of Montreal...

Wheat price hike likely, says analyst

Bakery and snack manufacturers can expect a higher wheat price in the coming months as the US drought has hit the maize market putting pressure on wheat supplies amid export...

Corn prices remain 'stubbornly high'

MGPI narrows loss, aims to ease corn cost impact

Corn costs continued to hit MGP Ingredients’ results in the second quarter, although it narrowed its loss from $10.3m a year ago to $850,000.

White House responds to ‘historic’ drought with $30m disaster aid

The worst drought to hit the United States in half a century is having dramatic effects on crop and livestock production, President Obama said in a White House briefing Tuesday,...

USDA predicts strong food price inflation as drought continues

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is predicting substantial food price increases in 2013, if not sooner, due to the ongoing drought now affecting more than half of all US farmland.

Judge approves Land O’ Lakes $25m settlement over alleged egg price fixing

A federal judge has given final approval to a $25m settlement from Land O’ Lakes and its subsidiaries Moark LLC and Norco Ranch over alleged egg price fixing.

Food companies are desperate to get off the guar gum rollercoaster, says hydrocolloids expert

Guar gum prices have taken a rollercoaster ride over the past couple of years - and at IFT in Las Vegas, hydrocolloid expert Dennis Seisun said all bets were on...

Global sugar prices down due to expected surplus

Worldwide sugar prices have fallen in the second quarter (Q2) of 2012 as the market is projected to record a surplus for the next two seasons, according to Rabobank International.

California raw milk producers deserve whey more from processor pricing - campaign

California-based dairy producers have called for an increase in the price paid to them for raw milk by cheese processors, in an effort to collect a greater share of the market value...

Saputo opposes raw milk price increase after ‘negatively impacted’ FY 2012 results

Dairy giant Saputo has called on authorities in California not to increase the price paid by processor for raw milk in the state, after posting results “negatively impacted” by a...

Flowers Foods CEO: 'Lepage will bring efficient bakeries with available production capacity, access to markets in the Northeast, new products and brands, and more than 550 staff... '

Flowers Foods to buy Lepage Bakeries in $370m deal

Just days after its CEO told analysts his firm was in “great shape” to do more deals , Flowers Foods has announced plans to expand its bakery empire in the Northeast...

Campbell’s fails to heat up soup sales as profit slips 5%

The Campbell Soup Company saw its profit fall 5.4% on declining soup volumes and higher costs in the third quarter, although sales in its US beverages and snacking segments were up.

Photo credit: World Cocoa Foundation

Cocoa deficit to bring prices higher, predicts Rabobank

A consecutive deficit in 2012/13 is set to move cocoa prices higher as supply struggles to meet rising demand for chocolate products in Asia, according to financial services group Rabobank.

Kale: Expensive per calorie - but great value for money?

Are healthy foods really more expensive? Not necessarily, say USDA researchers

Many Americans claim that the reason they choose less healthy foods is because it costs more to eat healthily, but a new analysis from the Department of Agriculture claims that...

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