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Whey concentrate prices double in two years

Chinese demand drives whey above €7/kg – but is it over priced?

Soaring whey prices are changing the face of the protein concentrate market, but hefty Asian-driven premiums won’t signal a flood to plant proteins, says an analyst.

Chocolate giants granted subpoena in US price fixing suit

Hershey, Mars and Nestlé USA have been allowed to scrutinize transaction data from two of their customers that could determine which type of customers have a valid claim for damages...

Risk, rewards seen in new food importation scheme created by FSMA draft rules

New rules from FDA to implement the Food Safety Modernization Act will place significant new burdens on industry, observers say.  But the new food importation regime that will result could...

Special edition: Sustainable sourcing

SPECIAL FEATURE: In conversation with the WWF: The rocky road to sustainable palm oil

The good news: Around 15% of global palm oil produced in the past year was certified by the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The bad news: Only half...

FAO asks: Could quinoa become a worldwide staple?

Quinoa’s relatively high price compared to staple grains may restrict consumption to health-conscious consumers in high-income countries for now – but it could play an important role in food security...

Maple Leaf Foods CEO: ‘A global food strategy must meet the needs of the many, not just the affluent few’

Blanket opposition to genetically modified crops is “a morally unacceptable position to take on the basis of unsubstantiated suspicions and fears”, according to the boss of Toronto-based firm Maple Leaf...

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Bill Gates in YouTube world hunger debate

Bill Gates tackled global hunger in a live web debate on Friday (June 7), the eve of the Big IF London Hyde Park rally, part of the Enough Food For...

Plum Organics to donate 500,000 smoothies formulated to meet needs of food-insecure kids

Plum Organics, a company founded on getting nutritious food to kids, has committed to manufacturing and distributing 500,000 pouches of food designed to meet the needs of food-insecure babies and toddlers.

Dean Foods to ‘accelerate’ cost-cutting efforts in 2013 to offset private label loss

US dairy giant Dean Foods plans to “accelerate” its existing cost reduction efforts in 2013 in an attempt to minimise the impact of an anticipated decline in private label milk volumes.

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Cargill’s Q3 net earnings slump 42% as high feed costs dent margins in meat business

Cargill’s net earnings slumped 42% to $445m in the third quarter of fiscal 2013 (ended Feb 28) compared with Q3 2012, as high feed costs hit margins in its North American meat operation.

Bill Gates: Food industry innovation crucial for health and food security

Our approach to food is ripe for reinvention – and the food industry is just at the beginning of what it can achieve through innovation, according to Microsoft mogul and...

Fortified gum prospects in fastest-growing Mexican confectionery category

All confectionery categories will grow in Mexico over the next five years, but gum will grow the fastest and confectioners can capitalize with products enriched with vitamins and minerals, according...

McCormick CEO: Everybody is expecting this year's growth to be driven much more by volume than pricing

While surging commodity prices have meant that much of the industry’s growth in the past year or two has come from pricing rather than volume, things are beginning to change,...

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Glanbia Nutritionals launches whole egg replacement ingredient from WPC and flax

Glanbia Nutritionals has launched a new ingredient to replace whole eggs in bakery applications as firms seek alternatives in the face of steep price increases in the egg market.

Will vitamin C price fixing victory constrain future Chinese cartel behavior?

A longstanding vitamin C price fixing case has reached conclusion with a $162 million judgment in the case involving four Chinese companies. While its a victory for the concept of...

Confectionery not recession proof; target emerging markets, says Goldman Sachs

The confectionery industry is not immune to economic recession and must exploit opportunities in emerging economies to grow, according to an analyst from Goldman Sachs.

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Smucker cuts coffee prices by 6% as green coffee costs come down

JM Smucker is cutting the list price for most of its packaged coffee products sold in the US by an average of 6%, in response to lower green coffee costs, said...

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Happy Valentine’s says the NCA… Let’s celebrate by reforming the sugar regime…

The National Confectioners Association (NCA) celebrated Valentine's Day with a renewed push for reform of the sugar regime.

Dairy Farmers of America agrees to $156.8m milk price fixing settlement

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) has agreed to pay $158.6m to settle a 2007 lawsuit that alleged it conspired with Dean Foods and others to suppress raw milk prices across...

Food industry to Congress: We're still paying over the odds for sugar...

While US refined sugar prices have dropped since last summer and sugar producers claim the nation is “swimming in sugar”, food manufacturers say prices are still “far above historical norms...


Dairy prices down, but US market looking 'healthy' - Part two

In part two of his December 2012 US dairy commodities breakdown, MilkPrice blogger John Geuss gives the latest on whey, cheese and butter prices, as well as the "positive" impact of...


Dairy prices down, but US market looking 'healthy'

US dairy commodity prices dropped in December 2012, but low inventories and high exports have left the market still looking "healthy." US commodities expert and MilkPrice blogger John Geuss gave...

Average price per volume for energy drinks dropped 7.6% in 2012

While the price per volume of many ‘center of store’ food products rose in 2012, the average price per volume for energy drinks dropped 7.6% in 2012 vs 2011 across...

US dairy co-operatives slam Congress ‘dairy cliff’ deal

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) and Land O’Lakes have slammed Congress’ recent decision to extend the government’s current milk-buying programme.

Energy drinks, coffee and bottled water: The top performers in the center of the store

While volumes (unit sales) of all the other core ‘center of store’ categories declined in 2012, volumes of energy drinks, bottled water and coffee climbed strongly, according to Symphony IRI Group.

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