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Red meat linked with increased risk of mortality, suggests study

Consumption of high amounts of red meat could be linked with an increased risk of all-cause death, including death from heart disease and cancer, warn researchers.

FDA guidance urges food firm Salmonella test caution

US food safety authorities have urged food manufacturers, processors, packager and distributors to “be aware” of the potential for false results when testing for Salmonella species (Salmonella spp.).

The importance of ethics for consumer trust: ‘Can and should are not the same question’

The perception that a food company has high ethical standards may be more important to consumer trust even than its ability to demonstrate competence, according to a presentation from CEO...

Irradiation should be approved to eliminate food pathogens – Canadian researcher

A Canadian university professor believes low level irradiation should be permitted in the country to eliminate foodborne pathogens on ground meat.

‘Inhalable’ caffeine shot maker agrees to amend marketing after FDA warning

The firm behind ‘breathable’ caffeine shot AeroShot Energy has promised to amend its marketing to make it clear that it should be ingested – and not inhaled – following a...

‘Infodemiology’ on the rise to tackle foodborne illness outbreaks

Analyzing the distribution, or epidemiology, of foodborne illnesses is a standard tool in controlling outbreaks, but infodemiology – the analysis of information distributed on the internet – could help minimize...

GM a “cautionary tale” for nanotechnology

Hearts and minds need to be won in the battle to commercialise nanotechnology, if it is to avoid going the same way as GM food, according to a new study.

US state food safety ‘tweets’ will help prevent potentially lethal outbreaks - FSIS

State-specific food safety ‘tweets’ will help US consumers identify affected products and prevent potentially lethal foodborne outbreaks, the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has claimed....

Canadian food safety budget cut will see imports inspections drop – union

Canadian food safety budget cuts will see imports inspections reduced, meaning “greater food safety risks for Canadians”, the union that represents federal food safety inspectors has warned.

Confusion and food safety risks: The unintended consequences of clean label demands

The concept of naturalness may be a major purchase driver, but there is disagreement about what ‘natural’ or ‘clean label’ really means – and about how to create foods that...

Jensen Farms Listeria monocytogenes contamination: Lesson learned?

US authorities are yet to establish regulations relating to third-party food plant auditors – six months after the start of an outbreak later attributed to lacklustre third-party inspection practices.

Brazil OJ exporters accept US carbendazim defeat

The Brazilian orange juice and concentrate industry has admitted carbendazim-related defeat, after efforts to increase allowable levels of the fungicide in orange juice product shipments were shot down by US...

Brazil OJ exporters accept US carbendazim defeat

The Brazilian orange juice and concentrate industry has admitted carbendazim-related defeat, after efforts to increase allowable levels of the fungicide in orange juice product shipments were shot down by US...

News in brief

Three-quarters of carbendazim-tested OJ shipments enter the US - FDA

Almost three-quarters of all orange juice and concentrate shipments attempting to enter the US have tested negative for carbendazim, US food safety officials have confirmed.

‘Breathable’ caffeine shot just the beginning, says AeroShot Energy inventor

The inventor of 'breathable' caffeine shot AeroShot Energy says he has barely scratched the surface when it comes to potential applications for the novel delivery format.

Expanded record access will cut exposure to tainted food - FDA

US food safety authorities will be given expanded access to food firm records under a new interim ruling – a move it hopes will prevent potentially harmful food entering the...

Back to basics to tackle coming shortage of food safety auditors

There could be an impending shortage of food safety auditors in the United States, rooted in a lack of food safety emphasis in the US education system, says director of...

Infrared, hot-air almond pasteurisation combo kills Salmonella - USDA

US food safety researchers are exploring the combined use of infrared and hot air as a tool in the pasteurisation of almonds – a method to prevent potential Salmonella contamination.

FDA increases rice-related inorganic arsenic scrutiny after calls for regulatory limits

A US food safety authority has “expanded” its surveillance of inorganic arsenic levels in organic brown rice syrup (OBRS) in response to calls for regulatory limits.

Canadian E.coli O157:H7 beef contamination origin unknown - CFIA

Canadian food safety authorities are yet to establish the source of a frozen meat-related E.coli O157:H7 contamination that has sickened one person in the country to-date.

FDA launches probe on 'inhalable' caffeine shot

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is to investigate the safety of an inhalable caffeine shot called AeroShot, which only hit US shelves last month.

Celebrity role models and personalized messages for better food safety

Food safety experts need to do a better job of communicating the consumer’s role in keeping food safe, by using personalized messages and the example of kitchen role models, says...

Better collaboration could be ‘next big development’ in food safety, says WHO scientist

More data sharing and better communication between the private sector and public health organizations could be the next big development in food safety and public health, according to a World...

Food safety and consumer organizations defend FDA’s Michael Taylor

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and other consumer and food safety organizations have defended FDA deputy commissioner for foods Michael Taylor, who has been the target...

AHA GRAS attack reaction: Why self-affirmed GRAS is not ‘GRAS lite’

Experts in helping firms navigate the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) process say the American Heart Association (AHA) made some valid points in its recent attack on GRAS, but argue...