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The market for gluten-free products has rocketed as celiac disease has become better diagnosed, and gluten-free diets for perceived health benefits have increased in popularity. The challenge for food manufacturers is in formulating products with flavor and sensory aspects that consumers will enjoy.

JM Smucker ‘excited’ by growth potential of Enray Inc after acquisition

It’s been a good week for JM Smucker: The company just announced the ‘small but important’ acquisition of Enray Inc., reported its ‘strongest first quarter earnings ever’, and continued to...

'Retail relationships' to underpin success for Grupo Bimbo's Goodbye Gluten line

Grupo Bimbo has developed a branded US gluten-free line that an analyst predicts big things for given the company’s strong market foothold and retail network.

Gluten-free foodservice sales could be ‘pretty spectacular’, says Boulder Brands as top coffee and donut chains bid for a slice of the action

Boulder Brands, the firm behind two of the biggest names in gluten-free, Udi’s and Glutino, is talking to one of America’s largest coffee chains, and one of its largest donut...

Slow rising loaf: After 6 years, FDA publishes final rule on gluten free labeling

After years in the draft stage, the US Food and Drug Administration has finalized its rule defining the term “gluten free” for voluntary food labeling. The final version contains no...

Univar's new formulation tool combines trends, technical info

Food ingredients distributor Univar has launched a new online formulation tool that the company says will streamline the decision making process for customers.


ADM collaborates with Nuseed Americas to develop sorghum flours

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) has developed two ‘premium’ sorghum flours through collaboration with US seed firm Nuseed Americas.

Gluten-free taste improvements spur market growth

The gluten-free foods market has continued to grow as new ingredients and technologies have significantly improved the taste of products, according to experts at the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual...

Gluten-free Twinkies: A money-making move?

A gluten-free Twinkie would plug a market gap and hold huge appeal among US gluten-free consumers looking for indulgence and taste, says an analyst.

Beans, peas, lentils: From ‘poor man’s meat’ to the hottest gluten-free ingredients?

Using ingredients from chick peas, dry peas and lentils - which are richer in fiber, protein, and micronutrients than gluten-free staples rice and tapioca flour - could significantly improve the...

Healthy Aisles scheme spreads to 5,000 stores as more shoppers seek at-a-glance health & wellness info

healthyAisles - a merchandising system enabling retailers to highlight products containing attributes from ‘low sodium’ to ‘good source of calcium’ via customized shelf tags and other tools - is now used...

No way! Its Gluten Free: GreenLite set for US gluten-free brand launch

Israeli gluten-free specialists GreenLite are set to launch its new branded bread products to the US market next month, with a European roll out on the horizon too.

Grupo Bimbo must consider the US gluten-free boom, analyst warns

Grupo Bimbo must take heed of the booming gluten-free trend as it moves to invest heavily in the US market, says an analyst.

Gluten-free takeout orders up 60% YoY, while 4% of US restaurants now offer gluten-free options, says GrubHub

Gluten-free takeout orders have grown almost 60% since April 2012, according to digital food ordering service GrubHub.

Specially bred canary seeds celiac safe, find scientists

A new variety of hairless canary seed specifically bred for human consumption qualifies as gluten-free, scientists find.

What do ‘natural’ and ‘clean label’ mean anyway?

Market researchers tell us that consumers are seeking ‘natural’ products more than ever – and ingredient suppliers have responded by providing ways to ‘clean up’ product labels – but what...

Embassy Flavors CEO: ‘We’re closing the taste gap between regular and gluten-free products’

The enormous potential of the gluten-free bakery sector will grow even more when the gap between regular and gluten-free products is closed for taste and freshness, says the CEO of...

Smart loaf? Start-up seeks partner to upscale zero carb gluten-free bread production

US start-up Smart Baking Company is looking to strike a partnership to upscale production of its patent-pending zero carbohydrate gluten-free bread.

Big interview: Steve Hughes, CEO, Boulder Brands

Boulder Brands CEO: ‘I’ve been following food trends for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like gluten-free ‘

Back in 2008/9, Boulder Brands CEO Steve Hughes had a lot of sleepless nights. The struggling Smart Balance spreads business - which represented 90% of group revenues - was running...

Let’s not search for the perfect ‘miracle’ gluten-free substitute: Real Bread Campaign

Understanding why consumers have adverse reactions to certain types of bread should be researched, instead of searching for some miracle gluten-free replacement, says The Real Bread Campaign.

US-made gluten-free pasta is ‘good opportunity’, says Harvest Innovations

A new partnership between Heartland Harvest (Illinois) and Harvest Innovations (Iowa) is set to deliver new gluten-free pasta to the food industry, tapping into a substantially growing sector.

Drug, club and foodservice: The next big growth opportunities for gluten-free?

Drug stores, club stores and the foodservice market could be the next big areas of opportunity for gluten-free, according to Boulder Brands, which owns two of the biggest names in...

Symphony Consulting: Growth rates of key label claims - organic, natural, gluten-free - are leveling off

Growth rates of several individual label claims under the health & wellness umbrella have started to level off, according to new research from Symphony Consulting.

Top US food retailers in talks to roll out merchandising scheme helping shoppers make ‘more informed choices’

A merchandising system enabling retailers to highlight products containing pre-selected health and wellness attributes from whole grains to gluten-free via customized shelf tags and other tools will be rolled out...

Sorghum: The next big gluten-free grain?

Leading scientists have hailed sorghum as a highly nutritious and cost-effective gluten-free grain, but said industry use remains nascent.

Sorghum is celiac-safe: Study

The cereal grain sorghum is a safe food for consumers with celiac disease and therefore ideal for gluten-free formulations, new research finds.

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