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Ultra-fast- acting novel prebiotic will turn market on its head, predicts Deerland Enzymes

Deerland Enzymes has launched a novel prebiotic that unlike fiber or carbohydrate-based rivals, is highly effective in small doses, starts working within hours rather than days, and does not cause...

Leading global food manufacturer seeks novel anti-obesity agent

A leading global food manufacturer is looking for potential partners to pitch novel food ingredients with an anti-obesity effect, in order to create supplements or food additives that enable weight...

Healthy indulgence: What’s possible in chocolate reformulation?

Consumers have high expectations of chocolate in terms of taste and mouthfeel – so how easy is it to tinker with chocolate formulations to create an indulgent product that also...

NBTY acquires Balance Bar Company

NBTY Inc. has announced the acquisition of Balance Bar Company from Brynwood Partners, its private equity owner. Details of the deal were not announced.

Could a corn by-product provide industry with new ‘stealth health’ ingredient?

Dried distillers grain, produced during ethanol processing has until now only found use in animal feed. But that could soon change after US researchers developed a way to turn this...

Do organic beat conventional vegetables for immune system support?

Organically grown carrots may stimulate the immune system, with ‘more’ organic carrots have more of an effect, says a new study that adds to the debate on the health benefits...

Delicious and nutritious: Resistant starch may boost fiber content & taste of cookies

Replacing wheat flour with resistant starches may improve the nutritional profile of cookies that are also tastier than ‘conventional’ cookies, says new research.

Scientists report 'guidelines' for tagatose use in food and beverages

Using tagatose to sweeten food and drink products has taken a step forward as Korean scientists report the ‘first quantitative data on the relationship between the sweetness of tagatose and...

Whole Foods Market trials color-coded labels to guide healthier choices (but animal products are off the menu)

Whole Foods Market is trialing a new color-based front-of-pack labeling system designed to alert shoppers to healthier choices in its stores.

Dispatches from the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) 2012

DNA diets: 'They're just not ready for prime time', warn experts

Commercial interest in the role genes play in our risk of developing chronic diseases - and whether we can modify that risk through diet - has never been higher. But...

New ingredient targets satiety at lining of gut

A new line of financing will help Elcelyx Therapeutics further develop its satiety ingredient Lovidia, the company announced recently.  Lovidia, a proprietary blend of GRAS ingredients, is aimed at the...

Aurora Algae: ‘There is a lot more recognition of the standalone EPA story now’

There is a “unique opportunity for high purity EPA as a standalone ingredient” as the omega-3 market becomes more sophisticated, says algal omega-3 specialist Aurora Algae as it prepares to...

Could quinoa have stomach health benefits?

The potential benefits of quinoa may extend to gut health, suggests the first study to report that polysaccharide fractions from the seeds may have anti-ulcer activity.

‘Promising’ research backs new anti-hunger ingredient

A new form of a classic texturising ingredient could help people to feel full for longer, according to a new proof of concept trial for the proposed ‘anti hunger’ ingredient.

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