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Healthy snacking

Healthy snacking

Snacking has evolved past a between-meals indulgence into a full-on lifestyle for many time-strapped US consumers. And the trend doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon, as Hartman Group estimates that nearly half of all eating occasions are now snacks or mini meals. But as the lines continue to blur between meals and snacks, marketers will have to answer with offerings that pack a flavor and nutrition punch in a convenient, portable pack.

Frito-Lay files patent for shelf-stable probiotic yogurt chips

Frito-Lay has developed a method to make chips containing high amounts of yogurt and live probiotics that can be sold in the shelf-stable snacks aisle.

Brooklyn-based Green Mustache thinks up fun ways to snack on greens

Brooklyn-based VanTrang Manges founded Green Mustache as a way to introduce more greens to her daughter.

Biena raises $3.75m to fuel chickpea snacks empire; unveils plan to 'reinvent what a chocolate snack can be'

Boston-based Biena has raised $3.75m to expand its chickpea-fueled snacking empire from a series of high profile investors as it prepares to roll out its first major line extension: chocolate...

News in brief

Functional food bar launches with Niagen nicotinamide riboside

Barology’s Live Younger bar is the first launch of Niagen nicotinamide riboside (NR) into the functional food space, and offers consumers a new way to help boost cellular metabolism and...

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Evolving views on breakfast create challenges, opportunities for CPGs

Breakfast has long been known as the most important meal of the day, but when people are eating it and what they are reaching for is quickly evolving and as...

‘Unprecedented traction’ of Hippeas attracts Leonardo DiCaprio, Strand Equity Partners

Leonardo DiCaprio – who has already shown quite an interest in the food and beverage sector via investments in guayusa-fueled tea brand RUNA and seafood company Love the Wild –...

New US index will evaluate publicly how companies address malnutrition’s ‘double burden’

To stimulate public debate about the “double burden” of malnutrition in the United States and spur food and beverage companies in the nation to improve the nutritional profile of and...

Sweets & Snacks Expo 2017

Thanasi Foods launches new jerky and seeds snacks after ConAgra acquisition

Thanasi Foods will unveil Duke's Cajun-style andouille smoked shorty sausages and Bigs king-size seeds at the Sweets & Snacks Expo this week in Chicago.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: What snacks are hot and where consumers are buying them is evolving

US consumers are snacking more than ever, according to IRI data, but an analyst for the market research firm warns that CPG companies shouldn’t take this upward trend for granted...

US consumers ‘sorely lack’ nutritional literacy, according to IFIC survey

A majority of consumers, 78%, said that they encounter a lot of conflicting information about what to eat and avoid, according to a new survey by the International Food Information...

Leading candy companies make historic commitment to reduce pack-sizes, increase label transparency

Leading chocolate and confectionery companies are taking an offensive position in the ongoing war on sugar by together committing to reduce calories in single serve products and increase transparency with...

Bugs could hold the key to fighting childhood obesity, suggests former President Clinton

According to former President Bill Clinton bugs could hold the answer to fighting the childhood obesity epidemic and to stemming the rising tide of Americans developing type 2 diabetes and...

Peeled Snacks and Redd Bar raise capital to expand their healthy snacks empires

Organic fruit and veggie snack maker Peeled Snacks has closed a private placement investment from Seurat Capital, while ‘superfood’ energy bar maker Redd Bar has raised early stage capital from...

NACS, Cumberland Farms commit to expanding access to healthy options

Corner stores, bodegas and gas stations have a bad reputation when it comes to the healthfulness of the foods and beverages they offer, but the National Association of Convenience Stores...

Relationships forged through incubators, accelerators give start-ups an advantage for growth

Incubators provide startups with more than access to heavy-duty machinery and production space at a reduced price, they also plug entrepreneurs into an active network of professionals, suppliers and potential...

Is single-serve packaging also a health-halo?

Serving sizes of packaged food can affect a consumer’s health perception and intended consumption, according to a new study in the Journal of Business Research.

What will make consumers today splurge? IRI’s survey says nutrition, eco-friendliness

Consumers today are relatively more frugal, according to the latest Consumer Connect survey by retail analytics company IRI. 

Trendspotting at SIAL Canada reveals quinoa, meat snacks and premium chocolate

Quinoa-based foods, bean-to-bar chocolate, innovative meat-snacks and plant-based convenience foods continue to emerge as on-trend products that consumers want as illustrated by exhibitors showcasing new packaged foods at SIAL Canada...

Taste Test Friday: The Little Kernel has consumers wanting more

The founders of The Little Kernel argue that smaller is better when it comes to ready-to-eat popcorn because they say it is sweeter, crunchier and easier to eat than regular...

PepsiCo seeks novel protein sources with 'easy to pronounce' names and 'a good sustainability story'

PepsiCo is seeking “new and novel protein sources for snacks and beverages," while Mondelēz International is looking for new technologies to improve the freshness and texture of fruits and veggies in Philadelphia cream...

Clean label: What works, what doesn’t, where is it headed, and what are the legal vulnerabilities?

The clean label movement may have started as industry’s response to consumers who wanted foods and beverages made without artificial or “chemical” sounding ingredients, but overtime as brands continued to...

Ingredion clinical trial shows blood sugar lowering potential of Versafibe ingredient

Researchers baked cookies using Versafibe 1490, a branded resistant starch by Ingredion, and another batch without it. Then they had 28 healthy participants eat either one cookie to compare Versafibe’s...

Muuna hits 4,000 stores, urges US consumers to rethink cottage cheese

Cottage cheese brand Muuna has rolled out to 4,000 retail locations nine months after its US launch, and is supporting its rapid growth with a multimedia marketing campaign and influencer...

GALLERY: Trendspotting at CHFA West, from barley couscous to seaweed pesto

From turmeric paste, barley couscous and konjac rice to cashew nut spreads, coffee leaf tea and adaptogen-laced juice drinks, CHFA West - Western Canada’s largest natural health and organics trade event...

C-store sales hit record high, partial credit goes to healthier food and beverage options

It was a record-breaking year for in-store convenience store sales, which hit $233bn in calendar year 2016, data from the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) 2016 indicated. Among the...

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