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Cargill hit with deceptive marketing lawsuit alleging Truvia stevia-based sweetener is not ‘natural’

A lawsuit filed in Hawaii alleges that Cargill is misleading shoppers by marketing its Truvia retail products as ‘natural’ as the Reb-A steviol glycosides they contain are "highly chemical processed"...

Cargill hit with deceptive marketing lawsuit alleging Truvia stevia-based sweetener is not ‘natural’

A lawsuit filed in Hawaii alleges that Cargill is misleading shoppers by marketing its Truvia retail products as ‘natural’ as the Reb-A steviol glycosides they contain are "highly chemical processed"...

IFT 2013: Day one in pictures... Open innovation, algae in action, stevia lessons and 4-MEI: How low can you go?

FoodNavigator-USA's intrepid editorial team headed to the windy city to chew the fat (or maybe replace it with algae) with the great and the good of the global food industry,...

PureCircle Reb D stevia can push soda sucrose cuts ‘well beyond’ 30%

PureCircle insists it newly GRAS-approved stevia-based sweetener Rebaudioside D can deliver ‘great tasting products’ well beyond a 30% threshold typically associated with Rebaudioside A alone.


'Relight my (Cola) Fire?' FDA approves PureCircle Reb D stevia

The US FDA has issued a ‘No Objection’ GRAS letter allowing beverage manufacturers to use Pure Circle’s high-purity Reb D stevia to sweeten US products, a move that could reignite...

Big interview: Brian Meadows, president, GLG Life Tech

GLG Life Tech shares back on the TSX: ‘The stevia market is growing, and we're positioned to take full advantage’

Stevia supplier GLG Life Tech has resumed trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and reassured investors that “the stevia market is growing worldwide, and we are positioned to take...

Coke and PureCircle seek GRAS status for new 'Rebaudioside X' stevia

The Coca-Cola Company and JV partner PureCircle have discovered and made progress in developing a new stevia-based food ingredient Rebaudioside X and are seeking GRAS approval for it in the...

Coca-Cola ups the ante in mid-calorie cola stakes with stevia-sweetened Coca-Cola Life

While the zero-calorie natural sweetener stevia is now used in scores of high-profile brands from Sprite Select to Vitamin Water Zero, the only top-tier cola brand to try it to...

Natural & Clean Label Trends 2013

Where do your products sit in the clean label hierarchy?

If it sounds like a ‘chemical’, or isn’t in the kitchen cupboard, shoppers may regard it with suspicion. But which ingredients are 'acceptable' to today's consumers, which are to be...

Natural & Clean Label Trends 2013: How clean is your label? And can GMOs ever belong in 'natural' products?

Recent data from Symphony Consulting (click here ), shows that while US retail sales of products making ‘natural’ claims still grew in 2012, the pace of that growth slowed noticeably compared...

Referring ‘natural’ claims issue to FDA would be 'futile’ says judge in suit vs General Mills

In an order that will be read carefully by those following ‘natural’ labeling lawsuits, a California judge has rejected an argument routinely made by defendants - that the FDA has...

Coca-Cola to offer low/no-calorie options in every market as it commits to 'being part of the solution' to obesity epidemic

Coca-Cola has pledged to offer low- or no- calorie beverage options in every market following criticism that it is still aggressively promoting full-sugar products in emerging markets while offering healthier options...

Symphony Consulting: Growth rates of key label claims - organic, natural, gluten-free - are leveling off

Growth rates of several individual label claims under the health & wellness umbrella have started to level off, according to new research from Symphony Consulting.

Sugar-reduced cookies: Inulin shows potential, erythritol maybe not, says study

Formulators seeking reduced-sugar cookies that are also acceptable to consumers may consider inulin to replace some of the sucrose, but erythritol isn’t a valid option, suggests new research from Spain....

PepsiCo’s ‘unexpected’ discoveries about Reb-D… and why it’s the perfect natural sweetener for diet colas

A patent application filed by PepsiCo reveals some of the more “surprising” properties of Rebaudioside D (Reb-D) - the steviol glycoside claimed to have one of the best sweetness profiles of them all....

News in brief

Global food co seeks novel approach to enhance sweetness, naturally

A leading food manufacturer is looking for partners to help it identify natural ways to enhance sweetness, perhaps by utilizing ‘waste’ materials from food processes such as fruit peel.

Natural fat enhancer targets fat taste receptors for tastier low fat foods

Natural Taste Consulting (NTC) has developed a new natural fat enhancer that works by stimulating fat taste receptors, replicating the taste and aroma of fat.

Dispatches from the RCA annual conference & culinology expo

Dr Mehmood Khan: ‘When I first joined PepsiCo, a lot of people asked me what the hell are you doing?’

Why can athletes that smell peppermint before they hit the gym exercise for longer ? And why do we have sweet taste receptors in our gut?

Stevia extracts – without agriculture? Evolva and Cargill join forces on fermentation-derived extracts

Swiss firm Evolva Holding has partnered with Cargill to develop and commercialise stevia extracts derived from a fermentation process, rather than through traditional extraction from the stevia plant.

First there was Reb-A; Now there’s Reb-D... PureCircle prepares to commercialize natural sweetener with ‘one of the best sweetness profiles of any steviol glycoside’

The first products containing the steviol glycoside Reb D - which has “one of the best sweetness profiles of any steviol glycoside from the stevia leaf” - will be introduced in...

Special edition: New trends in weight management

Datamonitor: ‘Marketers are avoiding the word ‘diet’ like the plague’

While obesity in America has reached epidemic proportions, manufacturers seeking to help us battle the bulge are avoiding the word ‘diet’ like the plague; cutting sugar, fat and salt by...

PepsiCo CEO promises ‘disruptive’ innovation: Novel natural sweeteners, flavorings, could ‘alter the trajectory of our cola business’

PepsiCo says it is exploring novel natural sweeteners and flavorings that will bring “disruptive innovation” to the cola market.

Campaign pushes Hershey's, Mars to either label GMOs or drop them

GMO Inside, a national coalition of companies and organizations, has marshaled a public Valentine’s Day campaign to pressure Hershey and Mars to drop GMO ingredients or to label them in...

Acquisitions insulate Ingredion from HFCS price swings

Acquisitions have helped Ingredion insulate itself from price swings on high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), according to a company official during the company’s fourth quarter earnings call.

Big Interview: Brad Kloss, founder and CEO, FitPro

FitPro: Is there room for a new player in the RTD protein shake market?

Launching a new product into the ultra-competitive ready-to-drink (RTD) protein shake market is not for the faint-hearted. But being a minnow in a pool of sharks doesn’t faze the founder...

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