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IBIE teaser: You’re never too old, or big, to learn…

IBIE 2013 has a fantastic educational program lined up from tips for gluten-free and whole grain use, to insight on food safety regulations and labeling laws. BakeryandSnacks takes a look...

Stevia innovation: PepsiCo tackles Reb-D solubility challenge

A patent application filed by PepsiCo describes methods of enhancing the solubility of steviol glycoside Reb-D such that it can be used in higher amounts in beverages and beverage concentrates,...

Special Edition: Sweeteners

ADM: Dry honey, molasses easier to use than liquid counterparts

Honey, molasses and malt extract have long been incorporated into food products for many other reasons besides their natural sweetening abilities—among them color, aroma, browning, texture, better moisture retention and...

From bitterness extraction to synergistic ingredients: Stevia suppliers tout USPs as use grows in Europe

The European Union now accounts for 40% of all new stevia-containing foods and drink around the world, according to Mintel data, and companies are ramping up efforts to appeal to...

Stevia: PureCircle expands presence in Latin America with new facility in Mexico City

Stevia specialist PureCircle has expanded its presence in Latin America with the opening of a new facility in Mexico City.

Infographic: The facts behind low calorie sweetener consumption

Sweeteners are widely used to replace sugar in diet and low calorie products within the food and beverage industry. However, many consumers are still worried about these ingredients. So, what...

Special Edition: Sweeteners

Tate & Lyle: Monk fruit extract makes gains in sugar substitutes and beverage, has potential in yogurt

Purefruit is making its way into the mainstream sweetener market, as more manufacturers and consumers have become familiar with this zero-calorie, monk fruit-derived sweetener. 

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Cargill to settle deceptive marketing lawsuit alleging Truvia stevia-based sweetener is not ‘natural’

Cargill has agreed to settle a proposed class action lawsuit alleging it is misleading shoppers by marketing its Truvia consumer products (which contain stevia extract Reb-A and erythritol) as ‘natural’.

Food labeling bill proposes radical changes to 'natural' claims, wholegrain labels, added sugars; but chances of success are slim, say lawyers

A bill proposing sweeping changes to food labeling laws covering everything from ‘natural’ claims to whole grain statements has been welcomed by consumer groups, but stands little chance of success,...

Special edition: Sweeteners

Natural sweetener from oats a 'great fit' for ice cream, candy, bars, cereals; oat protein byproduct shows promise

About a year on from OatSweet’s initial push into the U.S. sweetener marketplace, Oat Tech CEO and founder, Dr. Paul Whalen, caught up with FoodNavigator-USA on the growth areas—both expected...

PureCircle: Next generation Reb D and Reb X stevia sweeteners ready for commercialization in 2014

Leading stevia supplier PureCircle says “investments and assets are in place from agriculture to manufacturing” to be ready to commercialize two next generation stevia products - Reb D and Reb...

Cargill-Evolva on fermentation-based steviol glycosides: 'Pace of progress continues to exceed our expectations’

The pace of progress on the joint development program of Cargill and Evolva to produce fermentation-based steviol glycosides is ‘exceeding expectations’ with the resulting ingredients potentially hitting the market earlier...

Special Edition: Sweeteners

Stevia First bets on US-based production, technical innovation

Stevia First, an early stage company based in Yuba City, CA, has built its business model on bringing stevia production onshore in the US.  Supply chain transparency and technical innovation...

New Flavor trends

If spiciness is king, texture might be queen, and strawberry rules its own realm

Consumers’ palates are becoming increasingly eclectic, flavor experts agree, and that makes it a challenging environment for flavor houses, but one that is full of opportunity, too.

Genetics may play a role in sweetener perception

Genetically influenced responses to sweeteners may mean that food and beverage companies require a range of artificial sweeteners to accommodate different consumer tastes.

Tea innovation promises to cut the bitter back-end off stevia

Flavour and fragrance ingredient supplier Treatt has created a new tea formula adapted to the specific flavour of stevia in response to a growing market trend for natural sweeteners.

Big interview: Jay Klein, founder & CEO, Action Candy Company (PÜR Gum)

Kicking aspartame? The rise and rise of PÜR Gum

You don’t launch a new brand in the gum category by calling the buyer at Walmart and asking nicely for some shelf-space at the checkout between Juicy Fruit and Trident,...

GLG Lifetech works with China’s largest food company to tackle obesity, diabetes epidemic with stevia

Stevia supplier GLG Lifetech is working with China’s largest food company - state-owned COFCO (China National Cereals, Oils, and Foodstuffs Corporation) - on three major healthy food and beverage formulation projects....

Say hello to the MOG: Could a groundbreaking new taste evaluation system streamline the flavor discovery process?

Scientists at Philadelphia-based start-up Opertech Bio have developed a groundbreaking new approach to high-throughput taste evaluation using highly trained rats that can analyze the taste quality and palatability of scores...

WhiteWave Foods: 'Evaporated cane juice was not controversial until this recent tsunami of lawsuits was filed '

WhiteWave Foods has filed a motion to dismiss the latest in a “tsunami of lawsuits” alleging consumers are being misled by the use of the term ‘evaporated cane juice’ (ECJ) to...

Purple rain: Purple corn craze moves from snacks to beer, bread, confectionery and popcorn

A Minnesota-based firm making waves with anthocyanin-packed purple-corn ingredients says it has had significant interest from the snack food market, but is also talking to microbrewers, confectioners, and firms manufacturing...

Stevia without plants? We won’t rule it out – but it’s not what consumers want right now, says PureCircle

Stevia sweeteners can now be developed through fermentation – rather than extraction from stevia plants – but it is the plant-based message that is most important to consumers, according to...

From leaf to shelf: ISC aims to unite stevia supply chain

Stevia trade association the International Stevia Council (ISC) has called for more end users to become involved in its activities, to spur sustainability and more uniform standards in the sector.


Dr Pepper ‘very concerned’ by US diet soft drinks sales decline

Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS) CEO Larry Young says the firm is very concerned by US sales declines in diet sodas and the company’s below average performance in that category.

What's a bored, hypoglycemic lawyer to do? Start a natural label, low sugar ice cream company, of course!

For Justin Woolverton, founder and CEO of premium ice cream brand Halo Top Creamery, life had become too sweet and too sour at the same time.  A dissatisfaction with his...