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Expo West highlights: ‘Unless you've literally pulled it out of the ground yourself and stuck it in a box, don't call it all-natural’

If it’s in the natural channel today, it could be in food, drug and mass merchandise stores tomorrow, so food and beverage trend-spotters were out in force at the Natural...

Senomyx rapped over knuckles by FDA over wording of GRAS press release on sweet taste modifier

Flavor expert Senomyx - which is collaborating with PepsiCo over sweet taste modifier Sweetmyx (S617) - has been rapped over the knuckles by the FDA for implying that the agency...

The FoodNavigator Forum

How does sugar affect health? Find out at FoodNavigator’s Sugar Debate: Separating Fact from Fiction

Sugar – at least in excess – has been blamed for everything from heart disease to obesity and cancers in recent months. But is it as bad as all that?

Groundbreaking stevia launch opens up completely new territory for formulators with sugar reductions of “50, 60, 75 and in some cases 100%”, says Cargill

The word ‘game-changer’ is used so liberally these days that Cargill has not given in to the temptation to employ it here. But ViaTech - its new range of stevia-based...

Chobani (finally) prevails in evaporated cane juice lawsuit, but other firms still being targeted

A high-profile class action lawsuit accusing Chobani of deceiving consumers with the term ‘evaporated cane juice’ on labels has finally been dismissed with prejudice (ie. the plaintiff can’t re-file and...

Veri Soda aims for sweet spot in US soda market with low-calorie organic carbonated soft drinks

Launching a new brand in the ultra-competitive US carbonated soft drinks market - which is facing well-documented problems right now - is notoriously tough, but the Dutch entrepreneur behind new...

News in brief

Stevia-sweetened Coca-Cola Life to enter new markets this year - but Coke won't say which ones

Coca-Cola Life - a stevia-sweetened cola with 50% less sugar than regular Coke - will be introduced into other markets this year following a successful debut in Argentina and Chile.

GLG Life Tech moves into monk fruit (luo han guo) market as more firms combine it with stevia

Vancouver-based stevia supplier GLG Life Tech is moving into the monk fruit (luo han guo) sweeteners market and expects to have commercial quantities of high-purity extracts available later this year.

PepsiCo: New non-cola beverages with stevia and sugar launching in US this year; colas in other markets

New non-cola products sweetened with stevia and sugar will hit the US market this year, while cola products combining stevia and sugar will be tested in other markets, says PepsiCo.

Soda fizz or fizzle out? Stevia-sweetened Dr Pepper a US ‘litmus test’

Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS) will trial stevia sweetened versions of flag sodas Dr Pepper, 7-UP and Canada Dry in the US this year in a bold move one analyst says...

Brazzein entrepreneur seeks partner to take next-generation natural sweetener to market

Brazzein - a protein from the berry of the West African plant Oubli claimed to be 2,500+ times sweeter than sucrose - could play a key role in the natural...

Judge says GLG Life Tech did not mislead shareholders over ‘doomed’ relationship with Cargill

A judge has dismissed a shareholder lawsuit filed in 2011 against stevia firm GLG Life Tech Corporation for alleged failures to disclose the decline of its relationship with Cargill, then...

FDA to update nutrition labels; RDs, GMA say ‘calories from fat’ should go away

The US Food and Drug Administration has unofficially announced that it will revise the nutrition facts label for the first time in 20 years. Unsurprisingly, the nutritional community and food...

Chobani plugs its natural credentials in Superbowl ad featuring ‘discerning bear’

Chobani’s inaugural Super Bowl ad  is designed to set it apart from rivals by homing in on its ‘natural’ credentials.

10 food and beverage entrepreneurs to watch in 2014: From savory yogurt to seaweed chips

From savory yogurt and seaweed chips to healthy vending and protein-packed frozen yogurt, here's FoodNavigator-USA's pick of 10 entrepreneurs and CEOs to watch in food and beverage in 2014.

Beware cheap imitations! Sweet Green Fields launches ‘fully compliant’ organic stevia extracts: ‘It was a Herculean task’

It was a “Herculean task”, but the years spent developing the technology and protocols to comply with USDA organic regulations and produce commercially viable organic stevia crops have paid off,...

Sugar concerns spark market gains for sweeteners

The market for high intensity sweeteners is growing rapidly, with plant-derived stevia providing the fastest growth, according to a new report from Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research.

Diet soda in a funk? Not ours, says Zevia boss as he adds monk fruit to his zero-cal menu: Zevia could be a $1bn brand

As Coke and Pepsi watch their diet soda sales stagnate, the arrows on the sales growth chart on Zevia CEO Paddy Spence’s wall are going in the opposite direction, with...

Action on Sugar: New global campaign takes aim at high level of sugar in foods and drinks

A new global campaign will bring together experts and policy makers to tackle the current global epidemic of obesity and diabetes by reducing 'unnecessarily high' levels of sugar in food...

PureCircle and Coke get OK from FDA for Reb M stevia

PureCircle has received a GRAS (generally regarded as safe) letter from the US Food and Drug Administration for its high-purity Rebaudioside M sweetener (also known as Reb M or Reb...

A look at regulation in 2014 PART ONE: Farm bill, sugar labels and biotech

What will 2014 bring on the regulatory front for the food and beverage industry? From the stagnant farm bill to the ongoing debate on biotech to consumer confusion on the...

Euromonitor beverage industry outlook: Declines in carbonates, the promise of 'natural' and the war on caffeine

From declining interest in soft drinks to the ongoing war on caffeine and the explosion of raw juices and functional beverages, 2013 has certainly been an eventful one for the...

Sugar limits should be halved to protect teeth: Study

World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations for added sugar intake should be halved to protect teeth from dental caries, suggests a review published in the Journal of Dental Research.

Analyst tips Coke to ride out shocking US diet soda slump

US analyst Bonnie Herzog predicts that diet soda sales declines could fuel a 15-20% drop in overall US carbonated soft drink sales by 2020 but believes Coke is best-positioned to...

60-second interview: Matt Fifer, co-founder, 8th & Walton Group

Getting on the shelf… and staying there: Most new suppliers don’t realize how much it’s going to cost, says ex Walmart exec

Want to get on the shelf at Walmart? Prepare to put in some serious work, says Matt Fifer, who spent nearly 13 years in senior roles in store & club...

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