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Cargill R&D chief: 'When I started, food science was cool, now it’s viewed with suspicion'

Ironically, perhaps, just as open innovation is fostering a more open and collaborative culture in the notoriously secretive world of food R&D, consumers are becoming increasingly suspicious of scientists ‘meddling’...

As sugary beverage sales decline, more consumers drink water to stave off hunger pangs

Consumers are opting to drink water or no calorie beverages when hungry instead of eating food, a recent analysis by Packaged Facts’ says.

Erythritol outperforms xylitol in plaque prevention, article concludes

A review article published in a dentistry journal makes the case that erythritol is superior to xylitol or sorbitol in preventing adhesion of harmful bacteria to teeth.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: How can manufacturers meet sodium, sugar & calorie reduction demands?

Finding solutions to reduce sodium, sugar and calories in finished products is essential as regulators and consumers demand healthier products – but the increasing desire for “clean labels” adds a...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Unique square shape, rare beans & detectable flavor notes sets award-winning Durci chocolate apart

By bucking the emerging trend toward smaller, thinner, portion-controlled snacking chocolate and embracing a distinctively large square format, Durci – a new artisanal line of chocolate from the makers of...

Aspartame-sweetened Diet Pepsi to return as 'classic' sub-brand

Old Diet Pepsi recipe to return in the fall as 'classic' sub-brand: A savvy move or is Pepsi rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic?

Aspartame, said PepsiCo in April 2015, “is the #1 reason why US consumers say they are drinking less diet cola, so we’re confident that with this change [to sucralose], consumers will come...

New sugar labeling a boon for alternative sweeteners

The added sugars portion of the newly revamped nutrition facts labels for food products will provide a significant opportunity for purveyors of alternative sweeteners, an industry expert says.

Dannon grows as it fulfills promise to improve its products’ nutrition, fund healthy eating research

As The Dannon Company nears the finish line for fulfilling its promise to improve the nutrition of its products that it made three years ago to the Partnership for a...

Limit certifications on packs to most important to maximize impact

Product packaging today often is cluttered with so many certifications that consumers’ can’t absorb everything in the brief time they look at labels in stores, and as a result the...

Heavenly Organics' shows "profits can create peace" by providing ethical jobs in conflict areas

Under cover of darkness, deep in Northern and Central India and the Himalayans, harvesters for Heavenly Organics gently brush away sleeping bees from wild hives to collect the velvety, organic...

What’s New? Brands grow as consumers eye better-for-you options

As the number of health-conscious consumers increase, so do the number of brands touting a healthier alternative to what’s out there. Here’s an update from brands in this category that...

Food Preservation

4 strategies for preservative-free food from Grain-Free JK Gourmet

Retailers and manufacturers that want to meet consumers’ growing demand for food free from preservatives need to rethink their strategies for packing, shipping and stocking products, suggest the husband and...

True Foods Inc.'s explosive success shows healthy foods can lead to healthy profits

True Foods Inc. wants to make everyday foods “healthier, more delicious and better for our world” by packing them with more vegetables and less added sugar – an ambitious mission...

Dieting is out – find out what is “in” at our Weight Management forum March 16

Normally about this time of year the airwaves and social media begin to buzz with messages about getting ready for bikini season or offers to help consumers shed the last...

Crush Cubes offer fresh flavors & convenience in frozen aisle

Fresh ingredients may be the must-have foods of the moment, but they also often require time-consuming prep and can lead to food waste when they come in amounts far exceeding...

More governments will act to restrict soda consumption, but additional progress needed, CSPI says

More than half a dozen countries hope to follow Mexico’s successful lead in reducing sugary soda consumption by severely restricting advertising and leveraging heavy excise taxes on the beverages by...

Coca-Cola Life not setting world on fire in the US, says Bernstein analyst: 'The novelty has worn off'

As reports of lackluster sales of mid-calorie soda Coca-Cola Life have surfaced in the UK, it appears that the stevia-and-cane sugar-sweetened beverage has not set the world on fire in...

From bean to bottle: RAU Chocolate starts a cold-pressed cacao revolution

A cold-pressed dairy-free beverage made from raw cacao beans, RAU looks like chocolate milk (it’s not); tastes super-indulgent (but has just 90-120 cals per 12oz bottle); and can claim the...

What are the key beverage trends - and companies - to watch in 2016?

What distinguishes the winners from the losers in the ultra-competitive beverages market?

Chobani Simply 100 ad campaign sparks legal spat with Dannon

Chobani’s provocative new ad campaign for Simply 100 – which directly attacks the ingredient choices of two rival brands – has landed it in legal hot water, with Dannon’s lawyers...

Chobani unveils media campaign to support Simply 100 Greek yogurt: ‘It’s a choice between natural and artificial’

Chobani has launched a multi-media campaign homing in on the ‘all-natural’ credentials of its Simply 100 Greek yogurt range and drawing shoppers’ attention to ‘artificial’ ingredients in rival products.

Sweet Green Fields CEO: We are finally getting close to solving the stevia taste challenge

Not so long ago, pundits were predicting that the high-purity stevia extracts market would be worth a billion dollars as manufacturers ditched artificial sweeteners and embraced ‘all-natural’ alternatives. 

Cargill continues to expand markets for erythritol with flavor applications

Cargill’s new positioning of its erythritol as a flavor opens up new avenues for the ingredient which up to now has mostly been pigeonholed as a bulk sweetener, the company...

True Drinks teams up with Niagara Bottling to make AquaBall preservative-free

True Drinks Holdings has struck a deal with Niagara Bottling under which the latter will produce a preservative-free formulation of True Drinks’ flagship sugar- and calorie-free kids’ beverage AquaBall.

Judge tosses most claims in Whole Foods evaporated cane juice lawsuit

A judge has tossed most of the claims in a class action lawsuit alleging Whole Foods is trying to disguise the use of added sugar in its 365 store brand...

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