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Natural sweeteners

If Reb-A was once the only game in town, the stevia market is now becoming much more interesting, with novel blends of steviol glycosides gaining momentum and attention moving beyond zero-calorie formulations to more gradual sugar reductions.  But stevia is facing some stiff competition from monk fruit (pictured), while the science is also building around monatin and brazzein. Meanwhile, novel natural sweeteners from oats are also gaining momentum.

In this special section of FoodNavigator-USA, we keep you up to date with all the developments in the natural sweeteners market.

Redpoint Bio and IFF sign deal for Reb-C sweetness enhancer

Redpoint Bio has signed a 5 year exclusive license with IFF for the further development and commercialisation of its Reb C sweetness enhancer, which could enable the development of...

Stevia organization calls for simplified stevia terminology

The newly established Global Stevia Institute has called for industry to simplify the terminology it uses to communicate with consumers about stevia and its extracts in an effort to avoid...

Senomyx and PepsiCo negotiating sweet taste technology deal

California-based flavor firm Senomyx has signed a letter agreement with PepsiCo to negotiate a deal for the development and commercialization of new sweet taste technology, Senomyx said on Thursday.

Blue California develops fermentation process for Reb A extraction

Blue California, manufacturer of the Good & Sweet-brand Reb A stevia extract, has developed a natural fermentation process that it will be using to extract the sweetener by next March,...

Discovering the market for ‘mid-calorie’ stevia-sugar blends

Stevia suppliers have been partnering with sugar companies with the aim of blending the two sweeteners for more sucrose-like taste and lower calories – but the success of hybrid sweeteners...

GLG Life Tech anticipates FDA GRAS for stevia blends by year’s end

Stevia supplier GLG Life Tech has said it expects Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognition of its proprietary steviol glycoside blends as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the end...

Stevia tops preferences for low-cal chocolate

Beverages formulated with stevia are preferred by consumers over similar products sweetened with sugar or other common high intensity sweeteners, says new research from Croatia.

PureCircle establishes institute to promote science-based stevia information

Major stevia supplier PureCircle has established an institute with the stated aim of providing a consistent voice on the science behind the zero-calorie plant-derived sweetener.

GLG Life Tech narrows loss as revenues increase

Stevia supplier GLG Life Tech has narrowed its first quarter loss from $1.5m to $1.3m as it continued to capitalize on growing demand for the zero-calorie sweetener, the company said.

GLG Life Tech seeks stevia market development in India

Stevia supplier GLG Life Tech has announced that it is looking to develop agricultural and extraction facilities for stevia in India, as well as market its stevia extracts in the...

PureCircle looks to develop domestic US stevia supply

Stevia supplier PureCircle has entered into a deal with S&W Seed Company to trial new varieties of stevia plants that could be grown in California in the near future, the...

PureCircle invests in stevia breeding program for sweeter leaves

Stevia supplier PureCircle has signed an agreement with Michigan State University for research and breeding of new stevia plant varieties for greater concentration of sweet components.

PepsiCo explores natural sweetener from oats

Patents filed by PepsiCo and Cargill reveal they are exploring new sources of natural sweeteners from oats and monatin, a naturally-occurring substance found in a plant grown in South Africa.

Natural sweeteners could take a quarter of market share: Report

Natural sweeteners may account for up to a quarter of the global intense sweeteners market by the middle of the next decade, according to a new report from Leatherhead International.

GLG signs Australian and South American stevia deals

Stevia supplier GLG Life Tech has announced collaborative agreements in two key markets for the plant-derived sweetener: Australasia and South America.

Kraft introduces stevia-sweetened fitness drink

Kraft Foods is expanding its range of products that are naturally sweetened with stevia with the launch of a low-calorie fitness beverage.

Stevia success gives GLG Life Tech 323% revenue boost

GLG Life Tech has reported a 323 percent increase in revenue during 2009 as food and drink manufacturers continue to develop and launch new products containing its stevia-derived sweeteners.

GLG and Weider resolve stevia dispute, end partnership

GLG Life Tech and Weider Global Nutrition have agreed to drop lawsuits against each other and continue selling their stevia-derived sweeteners separately, dissolving their Sweet Naturals partnership.

New HFCS study stirs up obesity debate

A rat study from Princeton University has claimed that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) consumption could play a major role in ballooning obesity rates – but some have challenged the...

Low-cal sweeteners do not lead to over-eating: Study

Consuming low-calorie sweetened beverages may not lead to eating more as compensation for the lower calorie load, according to the results of a new human trial.

Sugar and stevia join forces to cut calories

PureCircle and Imperial Sugar have launched a joint venture to offer sugar and stevia combinations to the food and beverage industry as it looks to meet consumer demand for natural...

Zero-calorie fruit-based sweetener gets FDA GRAS

BioVittoria has received an FDA letter of no objection that its fruit-derived zero-calorie Fruit-Sweetness sweetener is GRAS (generally recognized as safe), the company said on Monday.

Sugar vs HFCS: What's in a name?

A consumer group has accused the Sugar Association of playing “confusing word games” in pursuit of a narrow commercial agenda.

Heartland vows to defend natural sweetener claims

Heartland Sweeteners has promised to fight an advertising watchdog ruling recommending the removal of natural claims from its Ideal sweetener.

Merisant exits bankruptcy

Sweetener company Merisant has completed its financial restructuring and emerged from bankruptcy after one year, having slashed its debt and interest expense.

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