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Fructose consumption not linked to blood pressure, finds review

Prolonged consumption of a fructose rich diet does not lead to increases in blood pressure, according to the findings of a new systematic review of the evidence.

Corn Products International to change its name to Ingredion

Corn Products International has unveiled plans to change its name to Ingredion to better reflect its role as a supplier of a broad range of ingredients.

Sugar industry claims corn refining companies are ‘running away’ from false advertising charges

Attorneys for the Sugar Association have accused individual member companies of the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) of running away from charges of false advertising, in papers filed in a federal...

Tate & Lyle: Monk fruit sweetener attracting most interest in dairy and beverages

Dairy and beverages are proving the most popular application areas for monk fruit sweetener Purefruit, says Tate & Lyle.

Industry groups slam call to regulate ‘toxic’ sugar like alcohol or tobacco

Industry groups have reiterated their position that sugar is fine in moderation, after a provocative commentary in the journal Nature this week called for regulating sugar like alcohol or cigarettes,...

Stevia buyers beware: There are some ‘awful’ extracts out there…

While traders “jumping in and out of the stevia marketplace” are disrupting prices and standards by peddling some “awful” extracts, high-quality stevia suppliers in it for the long-haul will ultimately...

HFCS and sugar: Can your body tell the difference after all?

The body may absorb more fructose from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) than it does from sucrose, according to a new study published in the journal Metabolism.

Butter, portion control, tart cherries and stevia. Welcome to 2012

Forget goji berries and noni juice. Tart cherries, blueberries and other more familiar fruits are likely to trump their exotic cousins in 2012 as shoppers tire of Orac-tastic superfruits, according...

Better knowledge of natural sugars could lead to ‘designer sweeteners’, say researchers

Better defining the relationship between chemical structure and digestibility of under-used natural sugars could help industry to produce a new generation of “designer” sweeteners, say researchers.

Tax food makers' caloric sweetener use to reduce consumption, study suggests

Taxing food manufacturers on caloric sweeteners added to foods would be more effective for reducing their consumption than taxing finished sugary foods and drinks, according to new research published in...

Is dairy ready to steal some of the stevia limelight from beverage?

Cargill is looking beyond beverage to dairy as it flags up pending product launches for Truvia in both table-top and as an ingredient on the EU market next year.

GLG Life Tech signs Reb C supply agreement with IFF

GLG Life Tech has signed an exclusive five-year supply agreement with International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) for its rebaudioside C (Reb C) stevia extract, the company has said.

GLG denies allegations, shares fall to new low

Stevia supplier GLG Life Tech has denied that it failed to disclose certain information required under federal securities laws, after a New York-based national law firm announced it was investigating...

Sugar industry amends complaint against HFCS industry

Sugar growers have amended a lawsuit against the Corn Refiners Association (CRA), claiming that some members of the association have conspired to engage in false advertising – an accusation the...

Special Edition: Stevia

Getting a handle on flavour, bulking and bitter blocker systems key to stevia formulation

In-depth understanding of how stevia works with different flavour systems, bulking agents, and other ingredients is required to optimise NPD or reformulation of existing food and drinks using the natural...

Stevia aftertaste problems contribute to plummeting GLG sales

Stevia supplier GLG Life Tech saw sales plummet 92% in the third quarter, after end customers complained about aftertaste problems when formulating with the sweetener, the company said.

Cargill launches pan-European roll-out of Truvia as EC gives stevia the green light

Cargill has embarked on a pan-European roll-out of its stevia-based sweetener Truvia after the European Commission finally issued the green light for the sale of steviol glycosides in Europe from...

Brenner pharma/food: Stevia market is turning into the ‘wild wild West’

The stevia market is “turning quickly into the wild wild West” as more firms enter the fray in a bid to cash in on growing demand for the all-natural sweetener,...

POLL results: We need a clearer definition of natural... and the FDA should come up with it

We need a formal definition of ‘natural’ to ensure it is used more consistently in food labeling and marketing– and the FDA should provide it - according to the results...

Poll: Do we need a clearer definition of ‘natural’?

In the world of food marketing, perception is everything. Consumers want foods that sound wholesome, friendly, and above all “natural” – although they are rarely able to articulate what this means.

Consumer group calls HFCS corn sugar campaign ‘food identity theft’

Non-profit consumer group Citizens for Health is the latest organization to oppose the Corn Refiners Association’s petition to allow ‘corn sugar’ as an alternative label declaration for high fructose corn...

Industry should develop working definition of ‘natural’ if FDA won’t, expert

A co-ordinated industry-led effort to produce a working definition of the term ‘natural’ on food packaging would help firms navigate one of the most contentious areas of food marketing, according...

Study shows stevia-derived rebiana has greater potency when cold

Stevia plant derived Rebiana is significantly more potent in cold water, finds a US based team who flag up their findings as critical for developers of low-calorie products to get...

‘Corn sugar’ lawsuit attempts to shut down free speech, claims CRA

A lawsuit that claims it is misleading to market high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as ‘corn sugar’ and ‘natural’ has been allowed to go ahead – but the Corn Refiners...

Pepsi mulls broader rollout for Pepsi NEXT in Q1 2012

PepsiCo is gearing up for a possible roll-out of its new mid-calorie cola Pepsi NEXT in the first quarter of next year.

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