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Tate & Lyle on monk fruit: 'Consumers intuitively understand that sweetness that comes from fruit is natural'

While stevia has attracted more publicity, monk fruit has just as much potential in the natural sweeteners market, argues Tate & Lyle.

GLG Life Tech: We are still ‘very much’ in business

Loss-making stevia supplier GLG Life Tech has reassured investors that it is still “very much” in business in a Q&A document designed to answer questions about its financial affairs....

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Stevia-expert Sweet Green Fields expands its presence in Mexican and Eastern US markets

Stevia specialist Sweet Green Fields has struck distribution deals with FX Morales y Asociados S.A. de C.V. - a leading distributor of food ingredients to food processors in Mexico; and...

October 2012 in pictures: GMO labeling, FNCE, Pepsi’s protein play… and ‘evaporated cane juice’ (aka sugar)

The ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns for Californian GMO labeling initiative Prop 37 kicked into overdrive this month ahead of the Nov 6 vote; Pepsi hinted at a big protein-based product...

Sugar and corn refiners accuse each other of hypocrisy as HFCS lawsuit gets ugly

Both sides have accused the other of hypocrisy as the increasingly bitter legal dispute between corn and sugar refiners moved into a new phase this week.

Special edition: Natural sweeteners

Novel oat-based sweetener rides crest of non-GMO wave

The first wave of products containing a new natural sweetener from oats called OatSweet have hit shelves in the US, and the firm behind it is now in talks with...

Special edition: Natural sweeteners

Formulating with natural sweeteners: 'There is significant interaction between steviol glycosides and flavors'

While the latest blends of steviol glycosides do not have the same bitter, licorice and lingering off-notes associated with some earlier stevia extracts on the market, some still contain “noticeable...

Special edition: Natural sweeteners

Beyond stevia: Will brazzein make the natural sweeteners premier league?

The entrepreneur behind Cweet - a natural high-intensity sweetener from a protein called brazzein- says he expects to secure regulatory approval to sell it in the US in one to...

Special edition: Natural sweeteners

Forget diet soda, stevia 3.0 is all about ‘re-inventing the regular’, says PureCircle

Food manufacturers are increasingly seeing stevia as a way to “reinvent the regular” by helping them deliver incremental calorie reductions in everyday foods, rather than simply serving as a replacement...

Special edition: Natural sweeteners

Quality of stevia products ‘assured’, says new analysis

The addition of steviol glycosides to a variety of food does not alter the quality or shelf-life of the products, says a new study.

Evaporated cane juice lawsuit latest: Chobani’s ‘no sugar added’ assurances violate federal law, says complaint

Californian plaintiff Katie Kane has filed her second amended complaint against Greek yogurt giant Chobani accusing it of violating federal law by claiming its yogurts have “no sugar added” despite...

Unilever outlines new open innovation ‘challenges and wants’

Unilever has added new ‘challenges and wants’ to its open innovation platform, this time seeking help with a stable natural red colour for fruit and dairy, and technologies to reduce...

What's the next stevia? Senomyx evaluates novel natural sweeteners

San-Diego-based flavor innovator Senomyx is screening a series of novel plant-based high-potency natural sweetening compounds in a bid to find the next stevia, monk-fruit or monatin.

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Monk Fruit In The Raw takes on Nectresse in tabletop sweetener battle

Cumberland Packing Corp is going head to head with McNeil Nutritionals’ new Nectresse tabletop sweetener with the launch of zero-calorie natural sweetener Monk Fruit In The Raw.

Stevia set to be a ‘mass volume, mainstream ingredient’, says PureCircle after striking deal with Coca-Cola

PureCircle says it is one step closer to establishing its high-purity stevia as a “mass volume, mainstream ingredient” after signing a joint development and supply agreement with soft drinks giant...

Tate & Lyle: Expect a significant uptick in monk fruit launches in six months

There will be a “significant uptick” in US product launches containing Purefruit in the next six months, while the monk fruit-based sweetener is also moving towards price parity with stevia...

Stevia in transition: Reb A accounted for 40% of PureCircle revenues in 2012 v 90% in 2009

Further evidence that steviol glycoside Reb A is no longer the only game in town when it comes to delivering high intensity natural sweetness has emerged in PureCircle’s full-year results,...

Tate & Lyle says new stevia sweetener ‘won’t turn off bitter-sensitive consumers’

Tate & Lyle has developed a new stevia sweetener, which it claims does not have the bitter flavour associated with many stevia sweeteners on the market.

Sugar and corn giants trade insults as high fructose corn syrup row heats up

Leading corn refiners have accused sugar producers of conducting a “systematic campaign” to vilify high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in a counter claim filed in California yesterday as part of...

Cargill builds science for new high-intensity Monatin sweetener

Extracts from the South African plant Sclerochiton ilicifolius are amongst the ‘most potently sweet naturally occurring substances known’, report scientists from ingredients giant Cargill.

Jamba Juice all-natural lawsuit moves into new phase

A California judge has granted in part a motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit filed against Jamba Juice over ‘all-natural’ claims, but has given the plaintiff the right to...

Sunwin Stevia International and Wild Flavors GmbH enter global distribution deal

Sunwin USA has ended its distribution deal with Wild Flavors, Inc. to facilitate a global partnership between parent companies Sunwin Stevia International, Inc. and Germany-based Wild Flavors GmbH.

Could Pepsi NEXT success lift stevia from zero to (mid-calorie) hero?

With an industry consensus forming that stevia can only offer a 50% calorie reduction in soft drinks, the US success of mid-calorie cola Pepsi NEXT could silence some of the...

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PureCircle: stevia 3.0 intensifies war on obesity

PureCircle’s next generation of stevia extracts, nicknamed stevia 3.0, will help the company step up its assault on the global obesity problem, according to Jason Hecker, vice president for global...

Tate & Lyle on open innovation: ‘Being coy doesn’t benefit anyone’

What makes a good open innovation brief, and just how open do you need to be?

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