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Dispatches from the 6th Annual Food Technology & Innovation Forum, 2012, Chicago

Mintel: Health and quality key to next generation of on-the-go foods

Foods with ‘on-the-go’ claims represent a small - but rapidly growing - proportion of global new product launches, but firms that want to cash in need to think about health...

Coke takes ‘natural’ mid-calorie carbonate plunge in Pepsi NEXT wake with stevia-based trials

The Coca-Cola Company is poised to test its own mid-calorie sodas in the US using Sprite and Fanta using natural sweeteners including Cargill's stevia brand, hot on the heels of...

Special edition: Where next for natural sweeteners?

From stevia to monk fruit, oats, agave nectar and coconut palm sugar.  In the second of our spring special editions, we look at what’s next for natural sweeteners.  ...

GLG Life Tech receives cease trade order

Stevia supplier GLG Life Tech has stopped trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange after it received a full cease trade order from the British Columbia Securities Commission, due to delayed...

April in pictures: Pepsi NEXT, T&L back in action in Alabama, hot new flavor trends - and the pink slime fightback

While pink slime continued to garner column inches, April also saw the re-opening of Tate & Lyle’s sucralose plant in Alabama, the first hints that Pepsi’s latest attempt to corner...

News in brief

Sweet Green Fields plants first commercial stevia crops in North Carolina and Georgia

Sweet Green Fields has scored another industry first with the planting of the first commercial stevia crops in the Southeast United States.

Pepsi NEXT lures new consumers into cola category as sales exceed expectations

Sales of new mid-calorie cola Pepsi NEXT are ahead of expectations, while early feedback suggests it is attracting new consumers - as well as lapsed cola drinkers - into the...

The clean label hierarchy: Xanthan gum? No chance. Guar gum? Borderline. Sugar? Bring it on…

What’s in a name? Everything, when it comes to ‘cleaning’ up ingredients declarations, says National Starch/Corn Products International, which has launched an online hub at to collate the latest...

Interview, James Blunt, senior VP, product management and marketing, Tate & Lyle

Finding the sweet spot: Sucralose in an evolving sweeteners market

It’s not as sexy as stevia, and not as cheap as aspartame, but sucralose continues to press food formulators’ buttons, and demand is still growing – fast - says market...

News in brief

Cargill launches stevia/sugar blend for bakery under Truvia brand

Cargill has launched Truvia Baking Blend, a combination of its Truvia-branded stevia high intensity sweetener and sugar with 75% fewer calories than sugar.

‘Corn sugar’ LA hearing: Who are the defendants in HFCS lawsuit?

Attorneys for the Sugar Association and the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) went head to head at federal judge Consuelo Marshall's courtroom in Los Angeles at noon today as the dispute...

Monk fruit sweetener firm: ‘We hear daily that people are looking for alternatives to stevia’

It might not have garnered as much publicity as stevia, but monk fruit (luo han guo) “has found a niche within the all-natural market but will hit mass market sooner...

Steviol glycosides are not ‘all-natural’, says new class action lawsuit

A class action lawsuit filed in California this week argues that steviol glycosides should not be considered natural, owing to the "chemical processing" sometimes used to extract them from the...

ABA attacks study linking sugar-sweetened drinks to heart disease

The American Beverage Association (ABA) has questioned the validity of a new US study suggesting that guzzling drinks flavoured with sugar could have an adverse effect upon heart disease risk.

General Mills files motion to dismiss fruit snacks lawsuit: ‘We never said they were healthful and nutritious’

General Mills has filed a motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit accusing it of presenting products that were “little better than candy” as “healthful and nutritious”.

Start-up ‘surprised and pleased’ by reaction to novel natural sweetener from oats

Industry reaction to a novel natural sweetener from oats has been extremely encouraging, says a start-up firm dedicated to bringing it to market.

‘Natural’: The most meaningless word on your food label?

Consumers, the marketers all tell us, want foods that are ‘wholesome’, ‘authentic’, and above all ‘natural’, although few of them can articulate what this means.

Who is driving the clean label agenda, and what does clean really mean?

Attempts to link ‘all-natural’ clean-labeling policies with the healthy eating agenda have been so successful that research now shows shoppers equate ‘healthy’ with ‘natural’ or ‘minimally processed’ foods.

Fructose consumption not linked to blood pressure, finds review

Prolonged consumption of a fructose rich diet does not lead to increases in blood pressure, according to the findings of a new systematic review of the evidence.

Corn Products International to change its name to Ingredion

Corn Products International has unveiled plans to change its name to Ingredion to better reflect its role as a supplier of a broad range of ingredients.

Sugar industry claims corn refining companies are ‘running away’ from false advertising charges

Attorneys for the Sugar Association have accused individual member companies of the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) of running away from charges of false advertising, in papers filed in a federal...

Tate & Lyle: Monk fruit sweetener attracting most interest in dairy and beverages

Dairy and beverages are proving the most popular application areas for monk fruit sweetener Purefruit, says Tate & Lyle.

Industry groups slam call to regulate ‘toxic’ sugar like alcohol or tobacco

Industry groups have reiterated their position that sugar is fine in moderation, after a provocative commentary in the journal Nature this week called for regulating sugar like alcohol or cigarettes,...

Stevia buyers beware: There are some ‘awful’ extracts out there…

While traders “jumping in and out of the stevia marketplace” are disrupting prices and standards by peddling some “awful” extracts, high-quality stevia suppliers in it for the long-haul will ultimately...

HFCS and sugar: Can your body tell the difference after all?

The body may absorb more fructose from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) than it does from sucrose, according to a new study published in the journal Metabolism.

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