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Monk Fruit In The Raw takes on Nectresse in tabletop sweetener battle

1 commentBy Elaine WATSON , 02-Oct-2012
Last updated on 02-Oct-2012 at 16:29 GMT2012-10-02T16:29:26Z

Cumberland Packing Corp is going head to head with McNeil Nutritionals’ new Nectresse tabletop sweetener with the launch of zero-calorie natural sweetener Monk Fruit In The Raw.

McNeil Nutritionals' Nectresse monk-fruit-based sweetener was launched in the summer

While Nectresse - which contains Tate & Lyle’s Purefruit monk fruit sweetener - is bulked up with erythritol, Monk Fruit In The Raw is bulked up with dextrose.

As each packet contains fewer than 3 calories per serving, it is also permitted to be marketed as a zero calorie table top sweetener.

Monk Fruit In The Raw will begin a national distribution roll-out in stores this month with a suggested retail price of $3.49 per 40 count box, although consumers can also buy it online at .

The intensity of the sweetness in monk fruit (luo han guo) extracts is directly proportional to levels of a compound called Mogroside V in the flesh of the fruit.

Click here to read more about monk fruit.

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It tastes great, just tryied it and love it already. Going to reserch it more..

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Posted by Sharon Dougherty
02 October 2012 | 21h062012-10-02T21:06:59Z

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