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What nutrition information are restaurant goers looking for?

While four out of 10 consumers say they are trying to avoid or reduce intakes of certain fats and oils, cholesterol, sodium and sugar, only one in 10 actually looks...

We should get down to 2,300mg sodium/day, but data does not support 1,500mg target, says IOM

New research supports significant reductions in sodium from where most Americans are today, but does not justify population-wide reductions below 2,300 mg per day, according to a new report from...

New data proves once again that voluntary approaches to sodium reduction are not working, says CSPI

A new analysis of sodium levels in 480 packaged and restaurant foods over the period 2005-2011 provides further evidence that voluntary approaches to sodium reduction have not delivered the across-the-board...

Patent granted for Tate & Lyle’s SODA-LO sodium reduction product and manufacturing process

A US patent covering Tate & Lyle’s Soda-Lo salt microspheres and the process to make them has been granted.

R&D in action: Highlights from the 2013 Food Technology & Innovation Forum

How can you get more bang for your R&D buck? How does Unilever gain deeper consumer insights online? Why don’t manufacturers share more information with key suppliers? ...

Looking for the perfect low sodium snack? Try salted peanuts…

While health-conscious consumers are increasingly sprinkling almonds, walnuts and other more ‘upmarket’ (and expensive) nuts on their oatmeal or Greek yogurt for a nutritional boost; peanuts - especially the salted,...

Cargill launches new initiative to help manufacturers meet customers’ kids nutrition guidelines

Cargill has launched a new initiative designed to help manufacturers improve the nutritional profile of foods marketed to children and meet a swathe of new guidelines from retailers, the government...

Frozen foods don’t deserve such a bad rap, say manufacturers preparing image overhaul

Leading food manufacturers and retailers have joined forces to launch a consumer education campaign designed to change the way consumers think about frozen foods. 

Cain Foods partners with Nu-Tek to slash sodium in bakery

The US bakery sector can now reduce salt levels by up to 50% with access to Nu-Tek technology, says Cain Foods Ingredients.

Food Technology & Innovation Forum 2013: Nestlé on GMOs, the added sugar debate and McDonald's oatmeal slam dunk ... DAY TWO

On day two of the 2013 Food Technology & Innovation Forum in Chicago, R&D bosses from the world's biggest food and beverage companies learned how Unilever gains consumer insights online, what...

Sodium reduction - The road ahead

Is sodium reduction really necessary?

The stealthy approach to sodium reduction in foods—cutting levels bit by bit so that consumers don’t notice—has evolved to the point that some observers question whether it is necessary at...

Special edition: Sodium reduction - The road ahead

Sodium reduction: ‘Savory products across the board are struggling with sodium reduction’

Cost and the lack of a ‘silver bullet’ are still cited as an issue for reduced-sodium food, with savory products in general struggling with the challenge, but plenty of application-specific...

Is population-wide salt reduction necessary?

Despite decades of research and debate, there are still questions about the suitability of population-wide salt reduction. Can some people safely consume more salt than others?

WASH: Stealthy reduction still best – but all food needs clearer salt labelling

Salt content in foods should be clearly labelled to help consumers to choose low-salt options – but food makers should continue to embrace a ‘stealth health’ approach, according to international...

Special edition: Sodium reduction - The road ahead

Food manufacturers might have cut out 'hundreds of tons' of salt, but US sodium intakes have continued to rise steadily, reveals new study

Food manufacturers have spent a small fortune reformulating everything from bread to soup to reduce sodium in recent years, but new data suggests that US intakes have nevertheless continued to...

Special edition: Sodium reduction - The road ahead

Should the FDA mandate sodium reduction targets, or are voluntary approaches working?

If consumers are not demanding lower-sodium products (at least not en masse), and the government does not mandate them, what incentive is there for manufacturers to make the kind of...

What’s next for salt reduction policy?

European salt reduction initiatives have come a long way over the past few years – but what’s working, and what are the next steps?

Facts up Front labels now on 90% of foods in some categories, says GMA as it launches new educational website

‘Facts Up Front’ icons now appear on 9 out of 10 products in some categories, with penetration highest in cereals, beverages and dry goods, said the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA)...

Stealth sodium reduction? Consumers are attracted to low sodium claims on foods, says new analysis

Advertising sodium reduction claims on food labels may increase a consumer’s purchasing intentions, says a new study from Canada that contradicts the industry strategy of ‘stealth’ sodium reduction.

WHO outlines variety of salt reduction strategies across Europe

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released a new report outlining European salt reduction strategies – and while most countries are following EU guidelines, there are still big differences between policies.

Sodium reductions detailed at meeting of stakeholders called both significant and insufficient

A meeting yesterday in Washington DC, among three major stakeholders in the food industry and in food policy gave a snapshot of what progress has been made in the years-long...

Almost no progress made in improving nutrition of kids' menus, report finds

Restaurant chains in the US have made little progress in recent years in improving the nutritional profile of their children’s menus according to a new report by the Center for...

Special edition: New trends in heart healthy foods

US sales of heart-friendly foods and beverages have grown 22% since 2007, says Euromonitor International

US sales of foods and beverages marketed on a cardiovascular health platform grew by 22% in the period 2007-2012 to top $3.1bn in 2012, according to Euromonitor International. 

Sensient: New yeast extracts can help cut sodium by 50%

A new range of yeast extracts can deliver up to a 50% sodium reduction without compromising the taste or functional integrity of the finished product, according to Sensient Bio-Ingredients.

Sweden’s Salinity brings all-natural mineral to US salt reduction market

A ‘unique’ mineral salt containing sodium chloride and potassium chloride is being launched in the US, offering to lower the sodium impact of any food product without sacrificing flavor or...

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