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The GM debate

Genetically modified food is one of the great opinion-dividers of our time. Some argue that GM foods reap irreparable damage on the environment and human health. But others say they could be the answer to a secure food supply for the world’s growing population.

Smucker given short shrift by judge in latest twist in GMOs and ‘natural’ claims row

Who will ultimately decide whether products made with genetically engineered ingredients should be promoted as ‘natural’? The courts? Or the FDA? 

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Eco-eating goes mainstream, says new report. From tofu and sustainable seafood to insect protein

‘Eco-eating’, which encompasses everything from edible packaging trends to sustainable seafood, is moving from natural stores and fancy restaurants to the mainstream of food culture, according to a new report.

Big interview, Yves Potvin, founder and CEO, Garden Protein (Gardein)

Gardein CEO: 75% of the growth in the frozen meat alternative category last year came from us

Despite all the recent hype about plant-based protein, the frozen meat alternatives category was stuck in a bit of a rut until pretty recently, says the man behind the fastest...

Sales of organic products rose 13% in the year to July 6 in the US retail market, says SPINS

Sales of organic products rose 13% to $11.2bn in the year to July 6 in the US retail market, with the highest growth found in shelf-stable meats, poultry and seafood...

Attorney: ‘You can’t keep getting sued over label claims that don’t have a substantive bearing on the food’

Will the FDA put us all out of our misery and make a decision asap on whether GMOs belong in foods marketed as ‘natural’, as judges handling class action lawsuits...

Advocate: People get ready, there's a non GMO train a comin'

Ken Roseboro, publisher of the Organic & Non GMO Report, thinks an unstoppable tide is building in favor of mandatory GMO labeling of foods.

Purple rain: Purple corn craze moves from snacks to beer, bread, confectionery and popcorn

A Minnesota-based firm making waves with anthocyanin-packed purple-corn ingredients says it has had significant interest from the snack food market, but is also talking to microbrewers, confectioners, and firms manufacturing...

Trigger for review of GE animals should be the novelty of the introduced traits, not the process that creates them, says biotech expert

The media frenzy surrounding AquaBounty’s GE salmon and the accompanying ‘Frankenfish’ headlines obscure the fact that it is "just a fast-growing fish”, according to one animal biotechnology specialist.

Dr Chassy: ‘None of the animals and plants we eat today exist ‘in nature’, they have all been extensively genetically modified’

What precedent might it set if firms are forced to label foods made using new technologies, even if the end product does not differ in any meaningful way from foods...

Plant geneticist on GMOs: 'Food's an emotional issue, and people need to be better informed'

If you plot them both on a graph, the rise in diagnosed cases of autism correlates closely with the rise in sales of organic foods. So do organic foods cause...

BI Chief: I don’t think we’ll see government mandated GMO labeling; It’s a marketing issue.

From California to Washington, and from Connecticut to Vermont, initiatives to label the presence of ingredients derived from genetically modified foods are dominating headlines. Despite this, the CEO of BI...

Univar's new formulation tool combines trends, technical info

Food ingredients distributor Univar has launched a new online formulation tool that the company says will streamline the decision making process for customers.

New biotech industry website to allow ‘everyone’ to ask questions about GMO: “We should have been doing this all along”

The Council for Biotechnology Information launched GMO Answers today, “to do a better job answering your questions — no matter what they are — about GMOs.”

GE salmon... Is the FDA’s review process for genetically engineered animals fit for purpose?

If you are interested in how the FDA determines the safety of genetically engineered (GE) animals for human consumption, here's some light reading for you.

Special edition: Sustainable sourcing

IFT 2013: RiceBran Technologies taps into plant-based protein craze... 'There’s a huge protein gap, and we’re going to help fill it’

Plant-based proteins were a hot topic at the IFT show this year, whether from algae, pea, rice, soy or other plant-based sources. One firm making waves in this market is RiceBran...

Market-driven approach better than laws for GMO labeling, UNPA says

A market-driven approach that allows consumers to opt for foods made without genetically modified ingredients is preferable to mandatory labeling via either state or federal statutes, according to the United...

News in brief

Pressure builds on FDA to determine whether GMOs belong in ‘natural’ products as second lawsuit is stayed pending action by the FDA

A week after California judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers put a class action lawsuit (Cox vs Gruma Corp) on ice for six months to let the FDA determine whether GMOs belong...

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NPA backs GMO labeling bill, AHPA proposes 'voluntary disclosure of absence' approach

Two leading trade associations representing the natural products and dietary supplements sectors have clarified their stance on GMO labeling this week, with the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) favoring voluntary...

IFT 2013: Day three in pictures... GMOs, rice bran protein, new flavor trends, eggs, and ‘all-natural’ claims

Day three of the show began with a lively education session on genetically engineered crops - and whether to label foods containing ingredients derived from them - (standing room only),...


PepsiCo brand Naked Juice cuts ‘all natural’ claim after $9m US payout

PepsiCo brand Naked Juice will stop using ‘all natural’ to describe its products due to lack of detailed regulatory guidance around the word ‘natural’, after agreeing to settle a class...

Judge asks FDA to decide once and for all on whether GMOs belong in 'natural' products

Lawyers defending food industry clients in consumer class actions over whether GMOs belong in 'natural' products say courts should follow a California judge's lead and let the FDA determine this matter...

Healthy Aisles scheme spreads to 5,000 stores as more shoppers seek at-a-glance health & wellness info

healthyAisles - a merchandising system enabling retailers to highlight products containing attributes from ‘low sodium’ to ‘good source of calcium’ via customized shelf tags and other tools - is now used...

Big interview: Dr Roger Beachy, CEO, Global Institute for Food Security

GMO pioneer: I got into biotech because I wanted to reduce the use of chemical pesticides

One of the founding fathers of agricultural biotechnology, best-known for his pioneering research on virus-resistant plants, Dr Roger Beachy caught up with FoodNavigator-USA to give us his perspective on the...

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Missed Natural & Clean Label Trends 2013? Listen again free, on-demand

Is it a safer bet to say 'Made with natural ingredients' than 'All-natural' on pack? Are consumers in the UK and the US looking for different cues on a label...

Big interview, Gregory Jaffe, Director of Biotechnology, CSPI

CSPI: There are legitimate concerns about GMOs, but not around food safety, and labeling would be misleading

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has made a name for itself by tackling the food industry’s big guns on everything from artery-furring entrees to misleading label...

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