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Canadian supplier launches omega 3-6-9 oil from ancient oilseed species

Canadian oil supplier Biodroga is hoping to make a splash in the omega oils market with the launch of an oil derived from camelina sativa that is rich in omegas 3, 6...

Special edition: Gluten-free

Four gluten-free myths debunked

Few topics can spark a more spirited debate these days than gluten, and yet, as the Whole Grains Council/Oldways points out, misconceptions abound when it comes to gluten—especially within the...

Blue Pacific secures non-GMO Project verification for most popular flavors: 'We wanted to be transparent'

Californian natural flavors firm Blue Pacific has joined a growing number of ingredients suppliers  to go through the Non-GMO Project Verified certification process.

Federal GMO labeling rules essential to avoid 'confusion and uncertainty of 50 state patchwork', says Coalition for Safe Affordable Food

First there was the leaked GMA discussion document; now the industry’s biggest players have put their cards on the table via the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food , which is seeking federal legislation...

‘Natural’ means whatever food marketers want it to mean, says new organic food campaign

What do genetically engineered soybeans, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and chickens raised with the use of antibiotics all have in common? They are all in products that come with...

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The latest developments in healthy and functional lipids: Exclusive online event

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Gruma Corp to FDA: Yes, it IS your job to determine if GMOs belong in all-natural products

Civil litigation over whether GMOs belong in ‘all-natural’ products will continue to clog up US courts owing to the FDA’s refusal to weigh in on this issue, says Mission tortilla...

Special edition: Plant-based diets

Quorn USA boss: We’re in the healthy proteins market, not the ‘lesser versions of meat’ market

Quorn is a household name in the UK and Australia, where it is the biggest player in the meat-free segment. 

Euromonitor: All eyes now on Kellogg as Gen Mills and Post Foods throw down Non-GMO gauntlet

Many big brands are “playing a waiting game” right now to see whether moves by General Mills and Post Foods to axe GMOs from iconic brands (Cheerios and Grape Nuts)...

AquaBounty: Lawsuit just another attempt to delay commercialization of GE salmon

AquaBounty Technologies - which hopes to become the first company to introduce a genetically engineered (GE) animal to the human food supply - says a legal challenge to Environment Canada’s...

Post unveils non-GMO verified Grape Nuts as Gen Mills says goodbye to GMOs in Original Cheerios

Cereals giant Post Foods has unveiled non-GMO verified Original Grape Nuts, just days after General Mills announced it had reformulated Original Cheerios to remove GMOs.

Ben & Jerry’s, Stonyfield, Amy’s, join forces to urge Obama to fulfil 2007 ‘pledge’ on GMO labeling

While federal GMO labeling bills introduced to the House of Representatives and the Senate last year are still gaining co-sponsors, Congress does not need to pass them for the FDA...

Researchers unveil 'comprehensive' test to detect genetic modification in foods

A new comprehensive test that combines two well-known genetic analysis methods into a single test could help enforce stricter regulation of genetically modified foods in the future, say researchers.


Highlights from FoodNavigator-USA’s CEO debate: From GMOs to gourmet popcorn, plant eggs & the rise and rise of gluten-free…

What keeps the CEOs of some of the most innovative US food and beverage firms awake at night? 

Ex-FDA official praises GMA call for federal GMO labeling rules, but says asking it to define ‘natural’ is a long shot

It might have enraged those in favor of mandatory GMO labeling, but a leaked document outlining the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s (GMA’s) ideas for a federally regulated 'voluntary' approach to this...

Victory for Ben & Jerry’s in three-year legal wrangle over ‘all-natural’ ice cream with alkalized cocoa

Ben & Jerry’s - which voluntarily agreed to stop using the term ‘all-natural’ on its ice cream three years ago - has scored a  legal victory in a case filed...

What are the hottest trends in food and beverage? Find out at the FoodNavigator-USA business leaders round table debate

What’s hot and what’s not in the US food and beverage market? Gluten-free? Chickpea snacks? Plant eggs? Gourmet popcorn? 

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GMO-free Cheerios: Did General Mills buckle to consumer pressure? Will the move backfire?

General Mills’ move to go GMO-free on its flagship Cheerios brand has caused quite a stir. But what motivated this reformulation? And how will it play out?

Qualisoy on transfat crackdown: Removing GRAS status from PHOs is extreme and other options should be explored

The FDA’s proposal to revoke the GRAS status of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) in a bid to oust artificial trans fats from the US diet “is extreme… and other options...

FDA 'respectfully declines' judges' plea for it to determine if GMOs belong in all-natural products

The FDA has written to three federal judges handling civil cases vs food manufacturers over natural claims to “respectfully decline” their request to come to an administrative determination of whether...

News in brief

What next for all-natural claims?

One of the most emotive - and politically-charged - claims in food labeling, ‘all-natural’ is also one of the most hotly disputed from a legal perspective.

Activists blast moves by GMA to pre-empt state-driven GMO labeling initiatives with new 'federal solution'

Anti-GMO activists have reacted with fury to leaked proposals by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) to develop federal rules governing GMO labeling that would pre-empt state-driven initiatives.

Cheerio GMOs! But can General Mills have its non-GMO cake and eat it?

Is it possible to have your non-GMO cake and eat it?

GMO labeling push will propel organic market, Organic Monitor says

The struggle over GMO labeling will push the growth of certified organic products in the US in 2014, according to market research firm Organic Monitor.  And at least one major...

Original Cheerios going GMO-free

General Mills says original Cheerios will now be made without genetically modified ingredients, citing consumers' growing preference for non-GMO food products. The change doesn’t apply to the other 11 varieties...