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Quaker Oats targeted in ‘100% natural’ lawsuit over glyphosate; but case ‘is a stretch’ for plaintiff’s bar, say attorneys

If your product contains even trace levels of pesticide residue, and you are calling it '100% natural', are you at risk of a false advertising lawsuit? Complaints filed vs Quaker...

Monsanto slams EU attempt to block GM crops in Africa as 'neo-colonialism'

The European Parliament’s Committee on Development has urged G8 member states “not to support GMO [genetically modified] crops in Africa” as part of its critical resolution on the New Alliance for...

Dannon to transition to non-GMO feed for milk in flagship brands over three years

Dannon says it will begin to use non-GMO ingredients in some of its products within three 3 flagship brands - Dannon, Oikos and Danimals - beginning summer 2016 (when Vermont's...

What would a reasonable consumer define as 'non-GMO'?

Non-GMO claims on foods containing dairy or meat are fertile ground for false ad lawsuits, warn attorneys

An order from a Florida judge in a lawsuit vs Chipotle should serve a warning to all food marketers that they could be sued if they make non-GMO claims about...

Vegan meal replacement makers want to reach underserved populations by using hip hop tie-in

VeganSmart, a plant-based line of meal replacements, is penetrating areas plagued with malnutrition via a unique marketing vehicle—the power of hip hop.

11th hour reprieve from the courts or from Congress increasingly unlikely

Bounty hunters could come after you from day one if you are not compliant with Vermont GMO labeling law, warns attorney

Private litigants, or so-called ‘bounty hunters’, may start targeting food manufacturers over alleged violations of Vermont’s new GMO labeling law from day one (July 1), lawyers at Hogan Lovells have...

'We want to be clear what we stand for and ‘all-natural’ is not clear'

Good Food Made Simple to transition to organic: 'We want to be clear what we stand for, and ‘all-natural’ is not clear'

Good Food Made Simple – one of a new wave of companies on a mission to revitalize the frozen food aisle - is transitioning its burritos and wraps to a...

'Our enforcement priorities will focus on willful violations of the labeling law'

Vermont AG offers 6-month safe harbor on GMO labeling enforcement

In a memorandum on the new GMO labeling law coming into force in Vermont in July, attorney general William H. Sorrell says enforcement action will “focus on willful violations of...

News in brief

ConAgra latest to unveil nationwide GMO labeling initiative

First was Campbell Soup, then General Mills, Mars and Kellogg... and now ConAgra Foods has become the latest major food company to roll out GMO labeling nationwide in order to...

News in brief

Kellogg unveils nationwide GMO labeling plan: 'A special label for Vermont would be costly for us and our consumers'

Kellogg has joined CPG giants Mars, General Mills, and Campbell Soup in opting to roll out GMO labeling nationwide in order to comply with a GMO labeling law that comes...

CFSAF: 'Gen Mills was forced to make decision because of Senate’s failure to act'

General Mills and Mars to roll out GMO labeling nationwide as Vermont deadline looms: 'We can’t label our products for only one state'

It was prompted by pragmatism, rather than an ideological shift, but General Mills and Mars have resolved to roll out GMO labeling nationwide as Congress has proved unable to hammer...

Breaking news

Back to square one on federal GMO labeling, as Pat Roberts' bill is defeated in the Senate

Sen. Pat Roberts’ GMO labeling bill (S. 2609) has been defeated in the Senate (48:49), as lawmakers proved unable to hammer out a compromise that all stakeholders could get behind...

News in brief

Vote expected this week on revised version of Sen Pat Roberts' GMO labeling bill

A vote in the Senate is expected Wednesday on a revised version of Sen. Pat Roberts’ GMO labeling bill (S. 2609), which would preempt state GMO labeling laws.

EXPO WEST 2016: 'Unstoppable' growth in natural, organic and healthy?

From the apparently 'unstoppable' growth in the natural and organic products industry to the FDA's 'natural' probe, check out our gallery of highlights from the education sessions at Expo West.

Study out of Purdue estimates environmental toll of eliminating GMOs

Calculations by researchers at Purdue estimate 102,000 hectares of US forest and pasture would have to be converted to cropland if GMOs were eliminated, but anti-GMO organizations argued that the...

Bill requires mandatory GMO labeling but would not require front of pack ‘warning’ statements

Sen. Merkley introduces new GMO labeling bill backed by Campbell Soup, Amy's Kitchen, but critics say it “can’t pass”

Two days after Senator Pat Roberts’ voluntary GMO labeling bill got the green light from the Senate agriculture committee, Senator Jeff Merkley* (D-OR) has introduced a ‘common-sense’ alternative he claims...

Sen. Pat Roberts' GMO labeling bill passes ag ctte: 'What we’re facing is not a safety or health issue, it's a market issue'

A bill that would pre-empt state laws that mandate GMO labeling (such as Act 120 in Vermont) and set up a federal voluntary labeling system instead, has passed in the Senate...

California judge tosses Chipotle GMO labeling lawsuit

What does non-GMO mean? It depends on the consumer, says judge in Chipotle lawsuit

A California federal court has dismissed a high-profile lawsuit alleging Chipotle falsely advertised its food as non-GMO. And while it has given the plaintiff leave to amend her suit, it...

Sen. Pat Roberts proposes GMO labeling bill, as July 1 deadline to label products in Vermont looms

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-Kan) has unveiled proposed legislation that would pre-empt state laws that mandate GMO labeling (such as Act 120 in Vermont) and set up a federal voluntary...

What’s on FoodNavigator-USA’s editorial calendar in 2016-17?

From the GMO labeling debate and plant-based beverage trends to the infinite potential of algae, FoodNavigator-USA’s 2016/17 editorial calendar of special editions, online forums/events and face-to-face events have the key...

Thrive Market: 'We are capturing a new consumer, not the Whole Foods shopper, but middle-class, middle America’

Whole Foods products at wholesale prices, delivered to your door? It sounds almost too good to be true, and at the beginning, that’s certainly how many potential investors viewed Thrive...

Vermont AG office announces authorized companies to verify GMO-free claims

There will be two companies authorized to verify GMO-free claims in Vermont. Some experts worry about application backlog to meet the July 1 deadline, while others say it’s a step...

Can “green” claims turn the GMO debate around in 2016, analysts ask

Growing consumer concern about food waste and the environmental impact of food production could be a “conversation starter” for food manufacturers to shift consumers’ focus on genetically modified organisms away...

GMO Labeling: After Campbell’s announcement, will others follow suit?

On this touchy subject, most companies declined to comment, and those that did emphasized the need for congress to act quickly.

Campbell Soup declares support for mandatory GMO labeling, but has it struck a ‘Devil’s bargain’?

Campbell Soup has broken ranks with the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) on the GMO labeling front and declared its support for the enactment of “federal legislation to establish a single...

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