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Childhood Obesity Task Force outlines areas for action

Cutting kids’ consumption of added sugars and decreasing the portion of unhealthy foods advertised to children are among measures recommended in the long-awaited report from the President’s Task Force on...

Industry organizations welcome proposed legislation to tackle obesity

Trade organizations have applauded proposed legislation that would recognize obesity as a disease, and improve access to nutrition information and opportunities for physical activity.

Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation forms online media partnership

The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation has partnered with major media companies Discovery Education and Meredith Corporation in an effort to further its anti-obesity agenda.

Dietary Guidelines focus on sodium intake, sugary drinks, dairy alternatives

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are currently being revised, and sodium intake, sweetened drinks, and dairy alternatives are some of the topics of discussion, according to the American Society for...

Majority of Californians support soda tax, poll finds

A majority of Californians support a tax on soda to help fund childhood obesity reduction programs, according to a poll carried out on behalf of the California Center for Public...

IFT emphasizes role of food science in obesity fight

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) has said that food science has an important role to play in the federal government’s plans to reduce childhood obesity, including Michelle Obama’s Let’s...

Revenue question crucial to NY soda tax acceptance

A new poll from Quinnipiac University suggests that consumers would be more likely to support a tax on sugary beverages if the proceeds were linked to paying for health care...

Skepticism over NY proposal to ban HFCS

A bill introduced by New York State Assemblywoman Barbara Clark proposing an outright ban on the use or sale of high fructose corn syrup in the state has raised eyebrows...

MSG not linked to obesity: Chinese study

Excessive intakes of the flavour enhancer MSG are not associated with weight gain, according to new data from China that challenges previous claims.

NY legislature rejects soda tax but negotiations continue

Both the New York State Assembly and Senate have rejected a proposed tax on sugary soft drinks in their budget resolutions, but a decision will only be finalized after negotiations...

High-fat breakfasts could be healthy option, scientists claim

Typical high-carbohydrate, low-fat breakfasts, such as cereal or toast, may not be as healthy as previously thought, if results from a new mouse study are shown to apply to humans,...

Small soda taxes don’t affect childhood obesity, study finds

Small taxes on soda do not affect childhood obesity rates, but larger ones could, according to new research published online today in the journal Health Affairs.

Orange juice may protect against bad effects of high fat meals

Flavonoids from orange juice may neutralise the detrimental effects of consuming a high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal, says a new study from the US.

Food addiction: Fat may rewire brain like hard drugs

Over eating may be driven by a same neurobiological mechanism in the brain as drug addition, says a new study from the US that adds clout to the theory ‘food...

New HFCS study stirs up obesity debate

A rat study from Princeton University has claimed that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) consumption could play a major role in ballooning obesity rates – but some have challenged the...

RCA president highlights industry action on diet-related illness

At the Research Chefs Association conference in Phoenix, RCA president Harry Crane spoke to FoodNavigator-USA about industry's intensifying focus on health and wellness.

Michelle Obama urges industry to ‘move faster, go farther’

Michelle Obama has urged industry to work faster on reformulating products to make them healthier for kids, speaking at a Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) conference on Tuesday.

GMA claims industry has made strides on kids’ programming

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has claimed that more than two-thirds of TV advertising seen by children is for nutritious foods and healthy lifestyles, rejecting criticism from the CSPI.

18% soda tax would lead to five-pound annual weight loss: Study

An 18 percent tax on soda, as rejected in New York last year, would lead to average annual weight loss of about five pounds per person, according to a new...

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