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Whole grains

Whole grains

With continuing pressure to comply with the 2010 dietary guidelines (make at least half your grains whole grains), manufacturers are continuing to add whole grains to new products and reformulate existing ones to include whole grains.

Keep up to date with the latest developments on whole grains (which contain 100% of the original kernel, ie. all of the bran, germ, and endosperm) in this new section of FoodNavigator-USA.  

Quinn Snacks removes more than gluten from pretzels, shows consumers its supply line

Historically consumers who wanted a gluten-free alternative to a wheat-based product had to sacrifice nutrition, taste or accept the presence of other common allergens in the ingredient list. 

Meal kit provider Purple Carrot teams with Whole Foods to build brand awareness, offer added convenience

Brick and mortar grocery stores and ecommerce-based subscription meal kit delivery services may directly compete at many levels, but a new partnership between plant-based meal kit provider Purple Carrot and...

Living Intentions’ new packaging communicates values, moves away from “raw” & expands into popcorn

Breakfast and snack food maker Living Intentions is overhauling its packaging and streamlining its portfolio to help products better “pop” from the shelf and more effectively communicate its “roots” in...

Pea protein specialist branches out into whole pulse powders

World Food Processing is branching out from pea protein to offering a line of whole pulse ingredients aimed at helping food manufacturers achieve fortification targets.

Hungryroot wants to ‘uproot how Americans eat’ by swapping veggies for less healthy ingredients

An infusion of $6 million last April from venture capital investors is helping plant-based startup Hungryroot “uproot how America eats” by enabling it to double the variety of vegetable-based ready-to-eat...

AccelFoods expands portfolio to focus on snacks, international flavors & small-batch production

Food- and beverage-focused venture fund AccelFoods’ latest cohort of six startups underscore the ongoing heavy influence on industry and market potential of healthy snacking, international flavors and small-batch production.

Three whole grain trends in 2016, based on Whole Grain Stamp applications

Now more than a decade old, 12,000 products worldwide boast a Whole Grain stamp. The Whole Grains Council shares some emerging trends.

Purple and puffed: Looking into the crystal ball from the Whole Grains Council conference

Puffed whole grains are adding crunch to creamy snacks, and ‘quinoa is the next quinoa,’ say trend forecasters at the Whole Grain Council’s Whole Grains Away from Home Conference.

Annual viral outbreaks & fluctuations in vitamin D could explain seasonal association of celiac disease

Epidemics of seasonal viral infections, such as the flu, or seasonal fluctuations in mothers’ vitamin D levels, could explain why celiac disease is strongly associated with children’s season of birth...

IFT in review

Gluten-free products are evolving to be more nutritious, flavorful, Firebird Artisan Mills says

The gluten free market in the US remains hot, but as the category becomes more crowded, manufacturers must offer products with added appeal to stay competitive – such as a...

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts podcast: What is old is new again

Trends may come and go, but they often don't stay gone forever -- rather most eventually cycle back in vogue, as is the case with the current focus on “ancient wisdom,” and time-tested,...

$3.7M investment helps NurturMe refine its position in baby food category for long-term growth

After carving out a niche in the competitive baby- and toddler food categories with its quinoa-based products, NurturMe is ready to expand its portfolio and reach with new ingredients, products...

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Five trends spotted at Summer Fancy Food Show

With thousands of startups, innovators and established brands packed into one convention center, the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City is a hotbed for spotting emerging and maturing...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Manufacturers use quinoa for added nutrition, texture, color and function

Manufacturers have long-embraced quinoa for its many nutritional benefits, but at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City in late June it became apparent that increasingly they also...

Soup-to-nuts podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Quinoa’s rise to superfood superstar status and the challenges it must address

Quinoa was one of the first superfoods to take America by storm more than a decade ago, and one of the few such stars to sustain its reign long enough...

Whole grains consumption increases thanks to plant-forward diet, focus on new flavors

Once shunned for their distinct taste and texture, whole grains are gaining acceptance among more Americans for these same attributes thanks in part to innovative restaurateurs and chefs who are using...

Eating more whole grains could reduce risk of chronic diseases, study finds

New research that demonstrates a clear association between eating whole grains and the reduced risk of chronic diseases supports the 2015 dietary guideline’s recommendation that Americans “shift” their diet by...

Paleo diet linked to faster weight loss, but also lower intake of key micronutrients, study finds

New research supports the controversial but long-held belief that the paleo diet, which encourages the consumption of lean meats, healthy fats and no grains, is a more effective way to...

Mars Food teams with Partnership for a Healthier America to improve nutrition, transparency in 5 years

To help fight the good fight against the ongoing obesity epidemic in America, Mars Food is teaming with the Partnership for a Healthier America to offer more nutritious foods and...

Kellogg slams 'meritless' whole grain lawsuit, but CSPI says shoppers are being misled

Most reasonable consumers would expect that crackers marketed as 'whole grain' would predominantly use whole grain flour, whereas in fact the #1 ingredient in Cheez-It Whole Grain Crackers is enriched...


From croplands to chicken coops, organic manufacturers get their hands dirty to anticipate looming shortage

Companies from Chipotle to Costco are creatively coming up with ways to keep their organic supplies steady, but mid-sized, natural category veterans are concerned about the big fish jumping into...

Many toddlers eat as much sodium, added sugar as recommended limit for adults, research shows

Parents’ lack of knowledge about how much and what to feed children as they transition from baby food to more solid foods means most toddlers in America eat too much...

Research could help bread shake its bad rap of contributing to weight gain

New research could help debunk the commonly held belief that bread or other grain-based foods contribute to obesity or are too low in nutrients to justify the calories.

Expo West 2016

Granola and healthy children’s products are bright spots in cereal category, Barbara’s says

It is no secret that the cereal aisle is struggling with Euromonitor estimating a 19% drop in sales in 2015 compared to 10 years earlier and a projection to lose...

Expo West 2016

College undergrads successfully launch New Grounds Food by not being afraid to ask for help

While most college freshmen are asking probing philosophical questions about the universe or each other out on dates, the ambitious co-founders of New Grounds Food were asking for help and...

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