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Whole grains

Whole grains

With continuing pressure to comply with the 2010 dietary guidelines (make at least half your grains whole grains), manufacturers are continuing to add whole grains to new products and reformulate existing ones to include whole grains.

Keep up to date with the latest developments on whole grains (which contain 100% of the original kernel, ie. all of the bran, germ, and endosperm) in this new section of FoodNavigator-USA.  

School nutrition standards under fire again, threshold for free, reduced meals increased

Congressional pressure on federal agencies to back down from nutrition policies created under the Obama Administration continues to mount with the standards for school meals now in the cross-hairs. 

Scientists have developed a wheat that could aid the world’s malnourished millions

Test results found the wheat increases the digestibility of phosphorus, calcium and other minerals in poultry.

Whole Grain Stamp collection grows with consumer, manufacturer interest in whole & ancient grains

A new Whole Grain Stamp from Oldways Whole Grains Council gives manufacturers another tool to standout on store shelves and tap into consumers’ rising interest in products made with whole...

The Soulfull Project seeks to ease food insecurity and equalize access to nutrients

Chicken soup may be good for the soul, but hot cereal can fill it, and those who are food insecure, at least if it comes from The Soulfull Project –...

Natural Products Expo West

Nature’s Bakery overhauls branding, launches new SKUs to become the ‘Little Debbie of the natural snack industry’

With a goal to become “the Little Debbie of the natural snacks industry,” Nature’s Bakery is expanding its portfolio beyond its flagship Fig Bar line, and overhauling its branding to...

Natural Products Expo West

KIND Snacks wants to ‘change the script’ in the fruit snacks segment with new Fruit Bites

KIND Snacks expands into the children’s food segment for the first time with a riff on fruit snacks that directly tackles many parents’ complaints about the category. 

Taste test Friday: Consumers embrace New Pop’s nostalgia but are unsure of high sugar content

New Pop seeks to set itself apart in the highly popular but also crowded ready-to-eat popcorn category by offering a “skinless” option that is sweet and free from the snack’s...

Union Kitchen spotlights global flavors, functional beverages & upscale classics

Food and beverage entrepreneurs make global flavors approachable for hesitant Americans, offer functional beverages and put modern, unique twists on classic favorites at the Washington, DC-based incubator Union Kitchen’s Meet...

One farmer adds balance to the public discussion about GMOs by sharing their sustainability benefits

Contrary to what some may believe, farmers who grow genetically modified crops are “not the devil with horns,” and do have the planet’s and consumers’ health and best interests in...

Atkins’s new campaign breathes life into low-carb diet by linking it to current sugar demonization

Atkins Nutritionals Inc. might be best known for making low-carb foods and beverages for weight management, but a new marketing campaign that explains how carbs can lead to weight gain...

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts podcast: How doing good can also be good for business

In today’s highly competitive landscape, many food and beverage manufacturers try to set their brands apart by tapping into consumers’ desire for products that not only are better for them...

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: How to select and best use food influencers to market products

While Americans are becoming more adventurous in what they eat, they often still need a lot of convincing to try something new – especially if they haven’t heard of it...

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Global cuisine will rise in 2017 along with complex nutrition claims

Despite a rising nationalism in the US born out of the contentious presidential election cycle, Americans remain open to global cuisine and as such, in 2017, international flavors and cultures...

Certified transitional organic is ‘awesome’ option for farmers & consumers, McKaskle Family Farm owner says

Offering products made from crops transitioning to organic at a premium above conventional but not as high as certified organic “helps the farmer, helps the consumer and helps the planet,”...

Chef’d teams with Quaker Oats to explore breakfast potential of meal kits

Home delivery meal kit provider Chef’d breaks away from the dinner focused competition by partnering with the Quaker Oats Company to become one of the first services in the crowded...

Startup The Little Kernel shows when it comes to RTE popcorn smaller can be better

Based in part on the idea that good things come in small packages, the founders of The Little Kernel earlier this year launched a line of tiny pre-popped popcorn, which...

New Pop sets itself apart in crowded RTE popcorn category by offering first ‘skinless’ option

Already recognized by many as the epitome of a convenient and better-for-you snack, ready-to-eat popcorn is about to become even healthier and easier to enjoy, claim the founders of New...

Americans' desire for international food remains strong despite rising nationalism

A renewed nationalism by a vocal portion of the US population, fueled by Trump’s presidential campaign and victory, likely will not dampen consumers’ desire for international flavors and dishes, according...

Quinn Snacks removes more than gluten from pretzels, shows consumers its supply line

Historically consumers who wanted a gluten-free alternative to a wheat-based product had to sacrifice nutrition, taste or accept the presence of other common allergens in the ingredient list. 

Meal kit provider Purple Carrot teams with Whole Foods to build brand awareness, offer added convenience

Brick and mortar grocery stores and ecommerce-based subscription meal kit delivery services may directly compete at many levels, but a new partnership between plant-based meal kit provider Purple Carrot and...

Living Intentions’ new packaging communicates values, moves away from “raw” & expands into popcorn

Breakfast and snack food maker Living Intentions is overhauling its packaging and streamlining its portfolio to help products better “pop” from the shelf and more effectively communicate its “roots” in...

Pea protein specialist branches out into whole pulse powders

World Food Processing is branching out from pea protein to offering a line of whole pulse ingredients aimed at helping food manufacturers achieve fortification targets.

Hungryroot wants to ‘uproot how Americans eat’ by swapping veggies for less healthy ingredients

An infusion of $6 million last April from venture capital investors is helping plant-based startup Hungryroot “uproot how America eats” by enabling it to double the variety of vegetable-based ready-to-eat...

AccelFoods expands portfolio to focus on snacks, international flavors & small-batch production

Food- and beverage-focused venture fund AccelFoods’ latest cohort of six startups underscore the ongoing heavy influence on industry and market potential of healthy snacking, international flavors and small-batch production.

Three whole grain trends in 2016, based on Whole Grain Stamp applications

Now more than a decade old, 12,000 products worldwide boast a Whole Grain stamp. The Whole Grains Council shares some emerging trends.

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