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Reformulation poll results: Lower salt and fat not always a selling point

By Elaine Watson, 09-Aug-2011

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Cutting salt and fat might be the right thing to do, but shouting about your reformulation efforts on pack is not always going to help you shift more product, according to the results of our latest FoodNavigator-USA poll.

Almost half (44.9 percent) of respondents advised reformulation by stealth, while a further 28.6 percent believed communications should be category/product specific.

In other words, less saturated fat or lower sodium might be a selling point in some products but not others.

Almost a fifth (17.3 percent) felt too much time was spent on reformulating products in the first place, while just 9.2 percent felt that actively promoting fat, salt or sugar reduction on pack would always drive sales.

Readers were given four options to select from in response to the question: Should reformulation be promoted on pack, or is a 'stealthy' approach better?

Here’s what you thought:

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