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WHICH Customers?

The question is, WHICH customers are "interested" in putting pink slime back into their mouths? The same 1% who are asleep at the wheel and see nothing wrong with eating GMO's, either?

Although I'm a vegetarian so the issue doesn't affect me directly, it's an indicator of the approach that Cargill and the other agri-giants take towards food in general. That includes foods I do eat. Why is it that any time thoughtful people become concerned about what industry will do to them for a buck, and ask to know, we're labelled as 'easily confused', 'uninformed', and 'generally in need of industry's tender guidance to see things as they truly are'?

This consumer is none of the above. I suspect that Cargill isn't polling the millions of others like me.

Posted by Jennifer Christiano
14 September 2012 | 18h51

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