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I thank CSPI every day for their ideological point of view

The real answer to the question debated at FNCE is "No," the food industry and CSPI can't just get along - they are absolute opposites.

CSPI's POV is ideologically pure. Compromise, like the vernacular of the Tea Party, does not exist. Industry, on the other hand, does a better or worse job, delivering choice to consumers. High fiber, all natural, organic, cereal, meat and potatoes -- all there for the purchasing.

Having worked for the food industry on just about every major controversial issue for more than 25 years, I am thankful there is a CSPI. It paid for two college educations, a mortgage and a nice retirement fund. If it did not exist industry pr people would have to go out and get real jobs, like laying asphalt in August - no thank you.

Posted by Jeff Nedelman
08 October 2012 | 16h12

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