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"I told you so" - the newest food industry whine?

No matter what we, the people, want or try to do to protect our interests, the industry apologists will find fault. "It's not about protecting human health, it;s all about getting rich from lawsuits". Really?
The food apologists' criticism is all about protecting economic growth at any cost whatsoever. It's not about reality, truth or protecting the public or environmental safety.
Yes, the public will continue to sue, because it's the only means we have at our disposal to potentially protect ourselves and force change to safeguard the environment. If the states have to change one by one and that causes the food industry headaches, so be it. If they don't like this, how could they avoid being tied in knots? Oh, what about - I don't know - maybe uniform, truthful GMO labeling? Has anybody thought of that?

Posted by Jennifer Christiano
12 November 2012 | 23h27

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