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Whole grain info sheet aims to boost consumption

A new whole grains fact sheet aims to provide consumers with easy to understand information on the healthy grains: what they are, what they do and where to find them.

Folic acid effects two-faced depending on B12 levels, says study

The effects of increased folic acid intake amongst the elderly may be a double-edged sword, with benefits and harm dependent on the person's vitamin B12 levels, says a new study.

Private label grows with improved quality, variety, says report

Private label food and beverage products continue to grow in popularity, opening up new opportunities for some manufacturers, while presenting tougher competition for others.

IFF sets off on road to recovery

Leading US flavor and fragrance firm IFF has reported strong growth in its fourth quarter and full year, indicating that the company could be coming up for air after a...

UK food retailers 'committed to removing trans fats'

A voluntary commitment by British Retail Consortium (BRC) members to eliminate industrially added trans-fats represents a major change of gear in the battle to make processed food products healthier.

Guest article

Is the organic milk glass half full, or half empty?

The changing dynamics of the organic dairy industry may have resulted in different production practices, but these are not necessarily wrong, and accusations must stop if there is to be...

ADM sells US bakery ingredients division

US agricultural giant ADM has sold its North American bakery ingredients division in a move designed to streamline its operations and focus on its core areas of expertise, the company...

DSM publishes fungus genome to help R&D into enzymes

Netherlands-based DSM has announced the publication of the full genome for the fungus Aspergillus niger used to produce a range of enzymes and other compounds for the food industry.

Whey protein gel particles - the future of probiotic encapsulation?

Encapsulation of probiotics in whey protein gel particles could offer protection during processing and storage, as well as extending the food applications of the bacteria to biscuits, vegetable and frozen...

Most fruit products targeting kids are misleading, claims study

Over half of the most heavily advertised children's food and beverage products that clearly feature fruit on their packaging contain no fruit at all, according to a study released last...

Weekly comment

Deja Moo: Are we ready for cloned cattle?

Here we go again. Yet another technology in its infancy is likely to be introduced into the food supply, while industry remains cautious and consumers divided.

Umami could enhance flavor naturally, says new guide

Incorporating ingredients that deliver the umami taste into food products could be one way to enhance flavor and avoid the use of artificial flavoring agents such as MSG, according to...

Kids' fruit, veg consumption inadequate, new study

Less than one in ten US children are eating the recommended levels of fruit and vegetables per day, according to a new study.

More fat linked to less weight in kids study

Higher intake of fats is associated with lower body weight, says new research from Sweden that offers an alternative side to the role of fat intake in the rise of...

Meat flavor products regulated by FSIS, clarifies USDA

Manufacturers of flavor products formulated with significant levels of meat or poultry ingredients must have these approved by the US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA/FSIS), the...

US sweetener report forecasts higher volumes, lower prices

US demand for sweeteners is expected to continue its steady growth to the end of the decade, but despite the expected increase in volumes, market value will be suppressed by...

Yogurt drinks are leading food and beverage product, ACNielsen

ACNielsen has shone the spotlight on drinkable yogurt as the fastest growing food and beverage product, findings that may inspire healthy ingredient manufacturers to more aggressively target this functional beverage...

Scientists consider cyclodextrins as resveratrol carriers

Encapsulating resveratrol, the red wine polyphenol reported to have heart health benefits, in beta-cyclodextrin could increase the polyphenols availability, says new research.

New Syngenta corn enters US market

A new genetically modified corn is to become available in the US, after the variety was approved by the nation's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Low-fat peanut flour improves bakery texture, study

Low fat varieties of peanut flour - a common ingredient in many baked goods - can improve food texture and efficiency during the baking process, according to scientists from the...

McCormick profits fall as restructuring continues

Leading spice firm McCormick has reported a dip in its fourth quarter and full year financial results, with profits weighed down by restructuring charges.

California proposes labeling for cloned food products

Legislation has been introduced in California to require the clear labeling of all products derived from cloned animals if these are approved for human consumption.

FDA approves more meat additives

The federal food safety inspection unit has approved an additional batch of additives, antimicrobals and agents for use as processing aids directly on meat and poultry products.

Onion extract improves flavour, shelf life of sliced meat

Onion extract, rich in the natural antioxidant quercetin, may not only improve the shelf life of a processed meat product but also enhances the flavour, Irish researchers report.

FDA proposes to define 'gluten-free'

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published a proposed rule to define the term 'gluten-free' for use on food labels.

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