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Soup-To-Nuts podcast: Three trends driving growth in the bottled water category

After years of steady growth in the high single-digits, consumption of water in the US has finally surpassed carbonated soft drinks to become the largest beverage category by volume in...

VIDEO: Will we need a new regulatory framework for clean (cultured) meat?

Producing ‘clean’ meat by culturing cells – instead of raising or slaughtering animals - is a new frontier in food production, but will it require a new regulatory framework, and...


Grocery stores lead way for online ice cream orders, says 1010Data

The center of the store may be where growth of online sales and orders thrive, but consumers are getting more comfortable clicking away to buy products from other aisles to....

IFT Food Expo 2017

Tapping into demand for RTD tea, Amelia Bay launches highly concentrated tea solid ingredient

Georgia-based Amelia Bay has launched a highly concentrated tea solid ingredient designed to tap into the growing demand for ready to drink (RTD) tea and kombucha.

General Mills saw sales and profit suffer during “year of significant change”

The Cheerios maker reported a dip in net earnings and sales during the fourth-quarter and full year 2017.

VIDEO: ‘Green banana flour has the functionality of a starch and the label of a fruit…’

One product that generated quite a buzz at the IFT show this year was NuBana green banana flour from International Agriculture Group (IAG). Elaine Watson caught up with VP marketing...

ISAPP experts update definition and scope of ‘Prebiotics’

An expert panel convened by the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) has updated the definition of “prebiotics” to take into account advances in sequencing technology and the...

P-nuff peanut puffs eschew added flavors for a crunch that “awakens the senses”

When industry vet and trained sports nutritionist and food scientist Juan Salinas created P-nuff Crunch baked peanut snacks he wanted to make a product that wasn’t just “better-for-you” but actually...

Beekman 1802 epitomizes the American dream by helping small-batch producers reach their potential

Founded during the recession by two “ultimate underdogs” who needed to pay their mortgage to save their farm, the gourmet food and lifestyle brand Beekman 1802 epitomizes the American dream...

IFT 2017 part one: From clean meat and clean label, to green jackfruit and banana flour

This year, edible bugs competed with clean (aka cultured) meat, green banana flour and jackfruit for the spotlight, while many fibers remain in limbo as the FDA mulls over definitions....

Kellogg reportedly giving retailers more time to pay for products

In what could be seen as another step in the trend of pressure on the margins of big CPG brands, Kellogg Company is stretching out payment schedules with retailers, according...

COO: 'We’re in a stable financial position both from an operating point of view and a capital point of view'

Chobani moves beyond Greek with Smooth launch: 'We're a yogurt company, not a Greek yogurt company'

Chobani – which disrupted the US dairy category a decade ago with its Greek yogurt – is now aiming to do the same in the non-Greek segment with the launch...

Hain: 'Consumers want nutritious food, plant-based protein, fiber, clean labels and convenience'

Hain Celestial's Cultivate Ventures acquires The Better Bean Company

Hain Celestial’s Cultivate Ventures arm has acquired Portland, OR-based The Better Bean Company - which makes prepared beans and bean dips in chilled deli tubs – for an undisclosed sum.


Riding on popularity of pulses, Puris unveils new branding and ingredient line

Pulse-focused ingredient manufacturer and supplier Puris, formerly known as World Food Processing, debuted its new company name, logo, and direction at this year’s IFT food expo in Las Vegas.

Rice-based enzyme will bring gluten-free bread to the next level, says DSM

DSM has unveiled a rice-based baker's enzyme which boosts the softness and moistness of gluten-free bread, allowing it to compete with wheat-based breads in texture, it says.

Competition among retailers heats up as consumers seek more diverse, ethnic products

Consumer demand for products that are authentic and ethnic is not only prompting brand manufacturers to innovate it is also raising the competitive bar at retailers, according to industry experts.

Hampton Creek to enter clean meat market in 2018: 'We are building a multi-species, multi-product platform'

The first commercial product from Hampton Creek’s new clean meat production platform “will likely be in the avian family,” director of cellular agriculture Eitan Fischer told FoodNavigator-USA as the company...

Viva Las Vegas! What's happening at #IFT?

Food industry top brass, scientists and formulators have descended upon Las Vegas for this year's Institute of Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo. Catch up on the best bits...

Amid Canada’s food price inflation, center of store opportunities lie in premium and private label brands

Food price inflation has colored the behavior of shoppers in Canada, with soaring vegetable prices early in 2016 prompting many Canadians to become more conscious about food prices in general,...

Kimera Koffee taps popular trends by combining premium beans with nootropics

Premium coffee and brain-boosting nootropics are big business in the US and by combining the two Kimera Koffee is cashing in on the trends while also offering consumers significant savings. ...

Passionate paleo followers can fuel brand awareness, sales for compliant packaged products

Between 1 to 3 million people in the United States follow the paleo diet, and yet relatively few packaged products comply with the regime – making it a market brimming...

Grupo Bimbo launches accelerator to stimulate innovation among food startups

Mexican bakery conglomerate Grupo Bimbo is inviting food entrepreneurs to submit project proposals to be part of its newly-formed innovation accelerator.

General Mills seeks to create ‘entirely new category in the yogurt aisle’ with Oui by Yoplait

Oui by Yoplait – a new line of ‘pot set’ traditional French style yogurts made with whole milk – will hit shelves this summer as brand owner General Mills seeks...

Sustainable packaging: Hershey moves to display-ready cases

Hershey has redesigned display-ready cases for all its packaged chocolate candy brands, including Kisses Milk Chocolate.

PALEO IN FOCUS: Are we 'supposed' to drink cow’s milk? It’s the wrong question, says professor

'Paleo' fans argue that the dietary rot set in when we stopped hunting and gathering and started producing foods (dairy, grains, legumes) our bodies are not adapted to digest. But...

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