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House passes landmark food safety bill

The US House of Representatives passed a food safety bill on Thursday that promises far-reaching reform of how food is processed and grown, intended to boost food safety and...

Manufacturers urged to detail potassium and phosphates on labels

Researchers have urged food manufacturers to label additives in enhanced meat products if they include potassium or phosphates due to their potential risk to dialysis patients.

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Saputo completes acquisition of F&A Dairy of California

Saputo, the largest dairy processor in Canada, has completed its $44.5 m acquisition of F&A Dairy of California, which manufactures mozzarella, provolone and whey products.

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NASDAQ bell ringing highlights US ice cream growth

The US ice cream and dairy industries turned out in force to end the day’s trading on the NASDAQ and emphasise the innovation and strength in the industry.

Lecithin additive may find health niche

A component of the common food additive lecithin my help the liver process fat and glucose, opening up lecithin to a potential role in the growing health ingredients category.

New blend makes antioxidant rich chocolate easier to create, says Wild

Wild has launched a blend of plant extracts to help chocolate manufacturers create antioxidant rich products without needing to buy special quality cocoa beans.

Crippling viruses threaten Michigan blueberries

The Michigan Department of Agriculture has announced that it will meet with blueberry producers to discuss ways to protect the industry after two crop-devastating viruses were detected by researchers.

EcoFlora taps Colombian jagua fruit for sustainable natural blue

EcoFlora has developed a natural, acid-stable blue coloring for foods, beverages and cosmetics and it says the creation of a sustainable supply chain differentiates it from other colors on...

Trade liberalization linked to Central American obesity: Study

Trade liberalization in Central America has led to increased imports and availability of processed food, contributing to nutrition and obesity problems in the region, according to a new study.

Organic nutrition review a call for stronger science

A new review of studies on the nutritional content of organic and conventional produce has broadly concluded that there are no differences – but the investigators raise big concerns over...

US food safety bill defeated - or just delayed?

The sweeping bill to overhaul the US food safety system was rejected yesterday over fears of imposing excessive burdens on farmers and that its hurried legislative passage had prevented proper...

Expectation of tasty food can trigger brain reward

Simply expecting to eat a tasty food can trigger the areas of the brain associated with reward, raising the possibility that drugs could be developed to deal with overeating,...

Corn Products International hit by lower demand, higher costs

The global recession has hit Corn Products International’s bottom line as its products – including high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) – experience lower demand, particularly in North America, the company said.

‘Fat tax’ could help pay for health care reform: Report

The concept of taxing fattening foods has been raised again, this time by nonpartisan policy research organization Urban Institute, in a report that says the tax could help pay...

News in brief

FDA to discuss more science review at CFSAN

The US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Science Board will be meeting next month to discuss plans to boost the review of research at the Center for Food Safety...

US giving too much food safety control to foreign countries

The United States is giving away too much control to some foreign countries over food safety as trade concerns over-ride health issues, a leading US politician has said.

Soy processors extend Amazon deforestation moratorium

Brazilian soy processor have extended their moratorium on sourcing from newly deforested areas of the Amazon, as efforts to curb destruction of the rainforest need more time to take affect.

Organogels still out of reach for food: Review

Organogels, seen by some as offering great potential as trans fat replacer and nutraceutical delivery systems, may still far from being used in finished products, says a new review.

New research to explore how food allergies are triggered

University of Chicago researchers have been awarded a $433,100 grant to investigate how food allergies are triggered, in a study that could eventually help explore whether GM crops cause allergies.

Act locally to tackle obesity, says CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a report including recommendations to help tackle obesity in the United States, with strategies to increase availability of healthier foods.

Unilever cuts trans fats from soft spreads

Unilever has announced that it will cut the trans fats from its soft spreads, while keeping levels of saturated fat below two grams per serving – even though it...

New enzyme makes melamine detection easier and cheaper, say researchers

A simple and cheap method of testing for melamine contamination of milk and other foods has been developed thanks to the discovery of a new enzyme, said US researchers.


Imagining a world where we eat less meat

Cutting back meat consumption is the new darling cause of pop stars. But if necessary environmental and health goals are to be achieved, the whole supply chain needs to be...

Chocolate cake: Leavening agent key to healthy profile

Maintaining cocoa’s heart healthy compounds in a finished product depends on the presence of other ingredients, particularly leavening agents, says new research from the Hershey Company.

Stevia: The holy grail of sweeteners?

The FDA’s non-objection in December that the stevia-derived sweetener Reb A was generally recognized as safe (GRAS) was greeted with much fanfare – but how has it been received...

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