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Mass production opportunities open up for natural sweetener

Competition in the sweeteners market could move up a gear in the near future as Japanese scientists harness production capacity for the taste-altering protein miraculin that makes sour foods taste...

Chr Hansen launches natural red range

Number one natural colours firm Chr Hansen builds on ambitions to penetrate deeper into this growing market with the launch of a new range of natural reds that tackle stability...

New folic evidence favours food fortification

Food fortified with folic acid slashed rates of neural tube defects in babies finds new study from Canada that puts weight behind calls for global fortification of foods, as well...

Women could have the sweeter tooth

Food marketers will be interested by a new study that suggests women have a sweeter tooth than men.

New science to drive whey fractions market

More science is needed to encourage food and drink makers to invest in new formulations using third generation whey products, finds a new report that suggests more clinical trials and...

UN urges barriers to food threats

The UN's World Health Organisation (WHO) urges countries across the globe to improve ways they can respond to potential threats to the food supply.

US hurricane to impact peanut prices?

Damage from Hurricane Ivan that struck the US last week could send prices for peanuts, a common confectionery ingredient, rising as reports suggest that virtually all of the nation's 2004...

Wheat and soy prices still vulnerable

Prices for ingredients sourced from wheat are vulnerable to increases as global harvests could be impacted by weather risks and generally low stocks.

Oregano-cranberry mix cuts deadly Listeria bacteria

An oregano and cranberry concoction could be a potent anti-microbial agent for food processors under constant pressure to reduce the risk of foodborne diseases in the ever-expanding food production chain.

DNA tool detects drop in 'good' bacteria for cheese

Cheese makers could improve the end product as new DNA tools lead French scientists to identify that refrigerating raw milk for as little as 24 hours can cut levels of...

New science clarifies flavour balance for orange juice matrix

Researchers exploring the flavour thresholds of orange juice have made strides towards designing more precise flavour profiles for better quality citrus juices that will ultimately cut costs for beverage manufacturers...

Canola protein reveals 'remarkable' antioxidant results

Burcon NutraScience and the Fraunhofer Institute have concluded the first phase of their investigations into the potential health benefits of the canola proteins, Supertein and Puratein.

New technology to beat stale food

Hoping to beat the chemical forces that make tortillas brittle, a US chemist is taking a close look at the causes of staling in aging tortillas to ultimately stop all...

ADM praised for trans fat oils innovation

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has been rewarded for its innovation in the field of edible oils and fats for its development of the NovaLipid line of zero and low trans...

Fiber to become leading US diet?

Fiber-enriched products are the next big thing to hit the US health food market after the low-carb fad, according to a survey carried out by the Naples, New York database...

Mangoes gummy texture analysed

The gumminess texture of fresh mangoes could be improved through the presence of an enzyme involved in the breakdown of plant cell walls and in combination with calcium chloride.

South Beach gives Laughing Cow a boost

Huge swathes of products in the US have been deemed inappropriate for consumers seeking to lose weight. But the processed cheese brand The Laughing Cow, has benefited from one fad,...

GM soy to be allowed in Brazil, or not?

Food makers sourcing soy ingredients from Brazil will be interested to see that the country will not issue another decree to temporarily lift the ban on the planting and sale...

Monsanto launches trans-fat free soybeans

Ahead of new rules on the labelling of trans fatty acids in the US due in 2006, biotech group Monsanto has designed low-linolenic soybeans that can make a soybean oil...

Phytonutrient flexibility from ARS

The US government science agency has made available a new tool to help food scientists undergoing research into the burgeoning field of phytonutrients, used increasingly by food makers looking to...

Lutein given FDA and JEFCA backing as safe ingredient

The FDA has confirmed the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives' (JEFCA) ruling in June that free lutein and zeaxanthin are safe for human consumption - a move welcomed by...

Sales up, but costs keep Hain's income down

Natural foods group Hain Celestial Group has reported a mixed bag of results for fiscal 2004, announcing a healthy 17 percent increase in sales over the year, though net income...

Broad welcome for dietary guidelines

Every five years the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are updated by the Department of Agriculture, and last week's offering stirred up an interesting mixture of praise and concern from the...

Mitsubishi grows food business

Mitsubishi has strengthened its foothold in the North American food market with its purchase of the ingestibles business of Dublin, Ohio based Ashland Distribution.

US pursues CMC dumping inquiry

The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) has decided to pursue its investigation into alleged dumping of the hydrocolloid ingredient purified carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) after an initial complaint by Aqualan, a...

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