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New Cargill sweetener targets dairy desserts and baked goods

Ingredients giant Cargill has launched a new line of sweeteners designed to reduce the number of calories in frozen dairy desserts and sweetened bakery products such as cake, muffins and...

Natural flavor enhancer promises greater shelf stability

Blue Pacific's new functional flavor system offers health-minded beverage makers the promise of shelf stability without the threat of ringing or separation.

Italian gourmet sector targets US consumers

An ambitious Italian gourmet food promotion programme could transform the fortunes of a revitalised sector - as long as EU bureaucracy doesn't ruin everything.

Rice ingredient launched as nutritional dairy replacer

A new ingredient made from rice could allow ice cream, yoghurt and protein bar manufacturers to make grain claims on their products, say scientists at food research company CRM.

Trans fat unease moves to food service sector

Eat'n Park Hospitality Group's company-wide shift to trans fat-free cooking oil reflects growing unease within the food service sector that it could be the next target of the health crusaders.

Flavor and fragrance sales continue to fall at IFF

International Flavors & Fragrances saw a further drop in sales in its third quarter, as it still struggles to overcome the impact of the sale of one of its businesses...

Anheuser sales slip marrs waste award

Anheuser Busch's waste-cutting focus may have got it into the Environmental Protection Agency's hall of fame but another slip in beer sales looks like making 2005 a year to forget.

Monsanto, Solae to create new soy protein line

Biotech giant Monsanto and soy ingredients supplier Solae are to develop a new line of soy proteins that they claim will have a better taste and higher level of solubility...

Potato plugged as new lactic acid source

Potato waste could offer the food industry a cheap, renewable and as yet underutilised source of chitin and lactic acid, according to a university scientist.

Age and habit influence cereal choice, says study

Age and habit are key influencing factors when it comes to the type of cereal US consumers choose to buy, according to a recent study by Zogby International.

ConAgra ties fortunes to rising nutritional awareness

ConAgra's attempt to inextricably link itself with current health trends is evident in the launch of its latest range of products under the "Eat Well, Live Well, Choose Well" slogan....

New studies confirm TV-obesity link

Television viewing is a key factor in the nation's growing obesity epidemic, according to two studies published in this month's Journal of Pediatrics.

Recovering Florida citrus hit again by hurricane

Up to 15 percent of Florida's citrus crop was destroyed when Hurricane Wilma hit the southern part of the state on Monday, according to preliminary estimates by Florida Citrus Mutual,...

Microencapsulation and ingredients firms share common challenges

Innovation must be a priority for microencapsulation and food ingredients companies to meet the challenges in today's competitive market, says a new study.

FDA crushes cherry claims

The FDA is unconvinced that cherries pack as much of a health punch as some marketers of cherry-based products are claiming. It has issued warning letters to 29 companies, telling...

Weekly Comment

Putting a premium on substance over style

Food producers are flogging the term 'premium' for all it's worth, threatening to flood a market that relies on exclusivity for its success with well-packaged tat.

Food industry demands quicker pathogen testing

Growing demand from food companies for quicker pathogen testing to free up both time and inventory should benefit microbiology firms, according to a business consultant.

Portion size drives food intake, confirms study

The body's biological signal for controlling hunger and fullness does not step in to regulate intake in the face of huge food servings, according to a Penn State researcher.

Tuna industry challenges validity of mercury lawsuit

A successful lawsuit against the tuna industry would lower the threshold for mercury so low that every US seafood product would require a warning, claim canners.

Functional foods could solve health crisis

Functional food could present a solution to the crisis of chronic diseases that is crippling health care systems across Europe, but the emphasis should be on action over education, according...

Florida citrus faces slow, uncertain recovery

An upbeat forecast for Florida's 2005-06 citrus crop is good news, but it still leaves the industry a long way from fully recovering from devastating disease and natural disaster.

Senomyx taps flavor potential with sweet taste patent

A patent covering the use of the human sweet taste receptor to screen for compounds could give Senomyx a significant edge in the race to identify new sweet flavor ingredients.

Food industry still wary after 'Cheeseburger Bill' victory

This week's passage of the so-called Cheeseburger Bill looks like a straightforward victory for food makers, but the industry should still be wary over the possibility of future litigation.

Acrylamide risk less with EU almonds than US version, new study

European almonds pose less of an acrylamide risk than their US counterparts, finds a new study to interest confectioners.

Further niacin price rises could be on the way

Millers and supplement makers could see prices for niacin, or vitamin B3, increasing further next year if energy prices continue to rise, says a leading supplier.

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