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Trans Fat Focus

New Tate & Lyle ingredient system targets trans free desserts

British ingredients firm Tate & Lyle has introduced a new method to eliminate trans fats in desserts, a move that comes in response to the renewed trans fat momentum in...

PepsiCo seeking Australian snack acquisitions, report

US beverage and snack food giant PepsiCo is hunting for acquisitions in Australia after spending A$215 million on New Zealand's Bluebird Foods earlier this month, according to a report.

More evidence for tea's anticancer potential

Teas, both green and black, have potent anti-cancer effects against a wide range of tumours, says a new study led by the US Department of Agriculture that adds to an...

Sandwiches set to grow on back of health and innovation, report

The US market for sandwiches is expected to continue to see strong growth, as consumers continue to opt for this old favorite that has now been spiced up with new...

Encapsulation innovation highlights

Encapsulation of sensitive ingredients continues to generate interest and research, with innovative encapsulating compounds making waves.

Trans Fat Focus

FDA to examine footnotes to trans fat labeling

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expects to launch a consumer study to determine if footnotes on the nutrition labels of food products will improve people's understanding of trans...

Ocean Spray expands cranberry production to meet increased demand

Cranberry giant Ocean Spray is expanding its dried cranberry production to meet expanding global demand for the healthy ingredient, which is said to have grown 30 percent over the past year.

Food industry weighs in on impact of chemicals law

With the final passage of the new EU law regulating chemicals in the bloc, the food industry has expressed concern about the uncertainties relating to the scope of the legislation...

New General Mills cereals meet Disney nutritional guidelines

General Mills has introduced a new line of Disney branded children's cereal that meets the entertainment giant's newly established nutritional guidelines.

Irradiation kills pathogens not taste, according to study

Irradiation technology effectively kills foodborne pathogens such as Listeria without conclusively worsening taste or smell, according to a new study.

Trans Fat Focus

New 'unbiased' test to compare zero trans oil alternatives

An independent trans fat free cooking oil contest has been launched in the US, designed to provide unbiased information on the different zero trans oils currently available on the market.

Glycemic-control is still a rising star, says research

Low-glycemic products are only just gaining momentum, according to Packaged Facts, which predicts that the glycemic-control angle will be an ever more pressing consideration for marketers and formulators in the...

Confusion drives consumers away from sugar, says industry body

A 'low sugar' claim does not necessarily mean 'low calorie' or 'better for you', said the US Sugar Association, in its latest attempt to recapture a part of the market...

Danone offers to feed the world

It is not a task for the faint-hearted, but French dairy and food group Danone has pledged to use more research and development resources to tackle malnutrition around the world.

Protein-sugar combo could boost encapsulation stability

A protein-polysaccharide combination for stabilising water-in-oil-in-water emulsions could lead to customised double emulsions with differing release behaviours, German researchers report.

Trans Fat Focus

Restaurant trans fat ban could shape consumer habits, report

The recent ban of trans fat from some restaurant menus could be the beginning of a major shift in how restaurants might have an effect on consumer eating habits, says...

Weekly Comment

Response and Responsibility

Bah, Humbug! It has been that kind of year in general for the food industry, and in particular for some major companies.

Kraft drinks escape benzene lawsuit

Lawsuits alleging soft drinks made by Kraft Foods may contain the cancer-causing chemical, benzene, have been dismissed after the group said it had reformulated products.

New potato variety boasts less acrylamide, better aroma

Scientists at the University of Idaho have produced a genetically modified potato variety of Ranger Russet with enhanced French fry aroma, and reduced amounts of processing-induced acrylamide.

Chiquita hikes banana prices - again

Fruit supplier Chiquita has again raised its banana prices in North America, a move that has helped the company offset a slump in sales after the implementation of new EU...

Australian project to turn food waste into healthy ingredients

A new project was launched this week by Australian food researchers to tap bioactive compounds from agricultural and food industry waste for use in health-enhancing foods and nutraceuticals.

Parliament passes chemicals law

The EU Parliament yesterday voted for a tougher regulatory regime for chemicals, requiring producers and users to replace some of the current chemicals in use with safer alternatives, if they...

Senators call for tighter food safety laws

A number of Democratic senators have called for the establishment of a joint task force to examine recent outbreaks of E.coli, and suggest legal changes designed to prevent future problems....

DuPont expands corn business in China

Biotech firm DuPont has further strengthened its position in China, announcing this week the formation of a joint venture with one of the country's largest seed production companies.

Routine features first in breakfast choices, says study

Taste preference and familiarity remain the most important drivers behind peoples' breakfast choices, according to a new study by market researcher the NPD Group.

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