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General Mills on open innovation, product failure and trust

General Mills on open innovation, product failure and trust

Kamel Chida

Associate director - General Mills Worldwide Innovation Network

General Mills is throwing more and more resources behind an ‘intellectual outsourcing’ project that has significantly reduced its product fail rate. But gaining the trust of start-ups has not been easy, says Kamel Chida, associate director of its Worldwide Innovation Network.

Published: 27-Jun-2011

Think sodium not salt to achieve success in product reformulation: Cargill

Think sodium not salt to achieve success in product reformulation: Cargill

Janice Johnson, PhD

Applications leader, Salt - Cargill

The food industry is equipped to achieve realistic sodium reduction goals, but formulators must think about sodium not salt to have a greater likelihood of success, says Cargill’s salt application leader.

Published: 20-Jun-2011

Greek yogurt: Beyond the dairy aisle

Sharon Gerdes

Senior account manager - US Dairy Export Council

There are numerous ways for food manufacturers to take advantage of trendy Greek yogurt, says Sharon Gerdes, a senior account manager at the US Dairy Export Council.

Published: 16-Jun-2011

Egg replacement is on the rise, says Ingredia Group

Harmony Villemin

Project manager - Ingredia Group

Egg replacement is an up and coming trend for food manufacturers – for food safety and improved functionality – as well as to cut costs, according to Harmony Villemin, a project manager with Ingredia Group.

Published: 14-Jun-2011

PMMI upbeat as opportunity knocks for US firms at Interpack

Jorge Izquierdo

Vice president marketing - PMMI

The Interpack trade show currently being held in the German city of Dusseldorf is a truly global event that has attracted around 2,700 exhibitors from 60 countries.

Published: 16-May-2011

Where are the multinationals in free-from foods?

Where are the multinationals in free-from foods?

Lynn Dornblaser

Analyst - Mintel

'Free from' foods are still a niche sector, but strong growth means multinationals will inevitably get in on the game, says Mintel's Lynn Dornblaser.

Published: 12-May-2011

What makes a successful functional food product?

What makes a successful functional food product?

Why do so many ‘functional’ foods fail? Sometimes, it’s just bad luck or bad timing, but in most cases, manufacturers only have themselves to blame, product development guru Mark Crowell tells Elaine Watson at SupplySide East.

Published: 10-May-2011

Building consumer awareness about GM foods

Building consumer awareness about GM foods

Maria Emmer Aanes, director of marketing, Nature's Path

Missy Kampling, associate product manager, Organic Valley - Trevor Blyth, CEO, Kamut International

The non-GMO symbol is a useful reference point for consumers, many of whom still have gaps in their knowledge of genetically modified (GM) foods, according to natural and organic food companies.

Published: 06-May-2011

Food makers build in health ‘from the ground up’

David Horrocks

Research chef - International Flavors and Fragrances

Reformulation is not the only route to healthier foods and beverages, as manufacturers increasingly are seeking to build healthy products from the ground up, according to a research chef at IFF.

Published: 04-Apr-2011

Bridging the gap between health and indulgence

Bridging the gap between health and indulgence

Ramona Cappello, CEO and president, Corazonas Foods

Trisha Layton, marketing coordinator, ProBar

Is it possible for a food to be healthy and indulgent at the same time? FoodNavigator-USA asked exhibitors at the recent Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California.

Published: 25-Mar-2011

Rethinking the way Americans consume protein

Teresa Polli

Marketing Coordinator - Fonterra USA

Americans need to shift the way they think about protein and consume it in small amounts throughout the day rather than in one large meal, says marketing coordinator for Fonterra USA Teresa Polli.

Published: 22-Mar-2011

Opportunities in rising US tea consumption

George Jage

President and founder - World Tea Media

Tea is the most popular beverage worldwide after water but only ranks seventh in the United States, presenting a huge opportunity for beverage manufacturers, according to founder and president of World Tea Media George Jage.

Published: 16-Mar-2011

New Kraft water could trigger domino effect, Mintel

New Kraft water could trigger domino effect, Mintel

Garima Goel Lal

Senior Beverage Analyst - Mintel

The recent launch of MiO, a new water flavouring product from Kraft will influence other companies to launch similar brands, according to Mintel.

Published: 15-Mar-2011

Different generations seek similar functions from functional foods

Jeff Hilton

President and co-founder - Integrated Marketing Group

Younger and older consumer groups may be interested in gaining similar benefits from functional food ingredients but products should address them in different ways, says president and co-founder of Integrated Marketing Group, Jeff Hilton.

Published: 15-Mar-2011

Corn Products looks to mid-calorie stevia formulations

Adriana Rached

Director of marketing and consumer solutions - Corn Product

Corn Products International is probably best known for its corn sweeteners, but its approach to stevia has altered significantly over the past few years.

Published: 14-Mar-2011

Americans expand Latin American flavor exploration

Joe Scott

Product development chef - Symrise

Latin food trends are beginning to expand into geographies that have only featured marginally in the United States in the past, with Venezuelan, Colombian and Peruvian flavors coming to the fore, according to Joe Scott at Symrise.

Published: 11-Mar-2011

Industry's role in addressing American dietary inadequacies

Dr. Deshanie Rai

senior scientific leader - DSM

Communication between industry, government and health organizations, and consumer nutritional education are crucial to ensuring that all Americans get adequate nutrition, according to Dr. Deshanie Rai, senior scientific leader at DSM.

Published: 10-Mar-2011

Consumers not as adventurous as developers think, says flavor firm

Kim Holman

director of marketing - Wixon

Consumers are not as adventurous when it comes to flavors as most food product developers would like to think, according to Kim Holman, director of marketing at Wixon.

Published: 09-Mar-2011

The impact of texture on taste perception

Matthew Patrick

vice president of research and development - TIC Gums

Food and beverage product developers spend a shockingly low amount of time examining how texture may impact a finished product, according to TIC Gums' vice president of research and development Matthew Patrick.

Published: 08-Mar-2011

Improving economy boosts RCA conference, says president

Improving economy boosts RCA conference, says president

Janet Carver

President - Research Chefs Association

The improving economy, an East Coast location, and a tie-in to consumer drivers with a keynote speaker from the Food Network's test kitchens boosted this year's Research Chefs Association conference and expo, says RCA president Janet Carver.

Published: 07-Mar-2011

'Total diet' in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines

'Total diet' in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines

Cynthia Harriman

Director of food and nutrition strategies - Oldways

The latest version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans includes a new focus on the importance of total diet. FoodNavigator-USA spoke to Cynthia Harriman of Oldways to get the perspective of the organization behind the Mediterranean diet pyramid.

Published: 01-Feb-2011

New strategies for salt reduction

New strategies for salt reduction

Dr. Kirsten Burseg

Scientist & Product Manager - Flavour-Texture Interactions - NIZO Food Research

Reducing salt in food products is a key challenge for the industry, but reducing salt can impact consumer perceptions of taste and preference. Is it possible to maintain, or boost salt intensity and flavours, whilst reducing actual salt levels?

Published: 22-Nov-2010

Opening up the applications for stevia sweeteners

Opening up the applications for stevia sweeteners

Elizabeth Fay, Cargill Corporate Affairs

Henry Hussell, European Marketing Manager, Cargill Sweetness

It started with beverages, but with intense work being carried out by the food industry on other applications for stevia sweeteners novel products are coming to market in the US, and in other global markets with regulatory approval - from yoghurts, to mints and other confectionery, and novelty ice creams.

Published: 17-Nov-2010

No more stealth? Speaking out on sodium reduction

No more stealth? Speaking out on sodium reduction

Rosalyn O'Hearn

Manager of marketing communications - Nestle Prepared Foods Company

Nestle Prepared Foods Company is one of many food manufacturers to announce a bold sodium reduction strategy, recently pledging to slash sodium in its products by ten percent by 2015. The company's manager of marketing communications told FoodNavigator-USA why now is the time to talk about sodium reduction.

Published: 10-Nov-2010

How Coca-Cola keeps up with shifting consumer demands

How Coca-Cola keeps up with shifting consumer demands

Celeste Bottorff

Vice president of Living Well - Coca-Cola North America

The Coca-Cola Company has accelerated its launches of 'better for you' beverages in recent years but consumers often have conflicting preferences - how does Coca-Cola keep ahead of new trends?

Published: 09-Nov-2010

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