APRIL NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the latest food & beverage industry news?

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QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the top food stories of 2015?
Do you know how much General Mills paid for Annie's? Or which high potency sweetener Diet Pepsi will be using this summer instead of aspartame? And just how fast are organic food and beverage sales growing in the US these days?

We thought we'd test your knowledge (or just how closely you are reading our newsletters...) to find out if you are a food and beverage news hound, a Golden retriever, or more like a slightly dazed pug...

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we are looking for Suppliers of FOODS & BEVERAGES products

Posted by Mr. Pochta. Director,

Dear Sir,

We are importer of general foods and beverages here and we are seriously looking for reliable Suppliers of FOODS & BEVERAGES products to buy,Such as Agriculture crops, Dairy Foods, Alcoholic Drinks, Spirits, Wines,Liquors, Vodka,Tequila, Brady, Gin, Whisky, Beers,Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Pasta, Food Ingredients,Herbs, Spices Fruits,Chocolates,Confectionery's, Biscuits, Candy,Condiments, Noodles, Milks, Canned Foods, Organic foods & Organic Products,Supplements, Nutrition, Cigars, Tobacco,Agriculture,Sea foods etc., So, we are very much interested and ready to buy if your capable to shipe to us for our selling here Benin Markets and within the Region of West Africa markets

So let the interested suppliers/manufacturers of the above products contact us directly with products prices for our study as we will proceed.

Mr. Pochta/ceo-Director.

Pochtabiz Sarl
Carre/5040B Fidjrosse Qpochtabiz@pochta.comuartier.
Cotonou Benin Republic
Tel:229 9866 3437

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