Which new food and beverage products had the highest purchase intent scores in September?

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Instantly shelf score ranks top new food products in September
With holiday season approaching, pumpkin spice features heavily in the September edition of Instantly's shelf score ranking of new products. However, the top new product based on purchase intent scores is the latest addition to Chobani's Indulgent range: cherry & dark chocolate.

The score is measured through Instantly’s platform, which gathers insights from consumers who are polled via mobile devices at home and in-store, where they are shown a photo and a detailed description of a new product and answer questions about purchase intent, differentiation, need/desire and value.

Instantly​ has access to an army of more than 350,000 primary grocery shoppers across the United States and 55,000+ in the UK, who have downloaded its app to their smartphones and agreed to participate in real-time market research tasks when they go shopping in return for small instant cash incentives and gift cards.

When they spot a new product, they scan the barcode, upload photos of it on shelf (which show where it is positioned vs competitor products plus the price tag) and answer multiple choice questions such as: How likely are you to buy this product in the next 30 days based on the price it’s being sold for here?

The app also asks consumers whether they regularly shop the category in question.

The top 10 products ranked by purchase intent in August were:

  1. Chobani Indulgent, cherry & dark chocolate: 66%
  2. Special K apple cinnamon crunch: 65%
  3. Dole Fruitocracy apple squeezable fruit pouch: 59%
  4. Archer Farms pumpkin pie spice scone mix: 59%
  5. Duncan Hines perfect size cake, lemon bliss: 57%
  6. Aunt Jemima griddle melts: 56%
  7. Coffee Mate pumpkin spice: 56%
  8. Kellogg's Mini Wheats, pumpkin spice: 55%
  9. Gerber Graduates lil' pasta with hidden veggies: 52%
  10. M&Ms pumpkin spice latte: 52% 
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