All news articles for April 14, 2016

NCBA has asked for urgent action on the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal

US trade representative: TPP inaction ‘alarming’

By Oscar Rousseau

US trade representative Michael Froman used his keynote speech at the National Cattlemen‘s Beef Association (NCBA) annual policy conference to bang the drum for action on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 

'It’s like sprinkling every bite you take with starch and sugar,' said Irakli Loladze, an associate professor at Bryan College of Health Sciences and report co-author. © iStock

CO2 rises could fuel obesity as plants “carb-load”

By David Burrows

The nutritional quality of food will plummet as carbon emissions rise, with every bite delivering less protein, fewer micronutrients and more sugars, according to a report released this week.

Which high-protein ready to drink beverages taste the best?

Which high-protein ready to drink beverages taste the best?

By Elaine Watson

New research from DuPont Nutrition & Health exploring what drives liking in ready to drink high-protein beverages – a $2.7bn category in the US – revealed that products combining dairy and soy protein performed the best on taste, while 25g of protein...

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