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Goodbye NuVal… and good riddance?

Goodbye NuVal… and good riddance?

By Elaine Watson

The NuVal shelf tag program – which assigned products a score of 1-100 based on their nutritional value – has been phased out. Good riddance, or do we need a system that attempts to provides consumers with at-a-glance information that helps them rapidly...

Where next for natural sweeteners? In conversation with Layn USA

By Elaine Watson

Monk fruit is still more expensive than stevia, but significant progress is being made on tackling the pricing and regulatory issues that have historically held the market back, says Layn Corp, a leading supplier of monk fruit and stevia based natural...

Organic industry fights back against USDA delay of animal welfare rule

Organic industry fights back against USDA delay of animal welfare rule

By Elizabeth Crawford

Against the vast majority of stakeholders’ wishes, the US Department of Agriculture once again is delaying the widely supported Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices because the department believes the final rule oversteps Congress’ mandate ‘for the...

Picture: istockphoto/cmcderm1

Dr Richardson: 'Strategic plans empower entrepreneurs to say ‘no’ to the wrong opportunities'

GUEST ARTICLE: Why entrepreneurs need a strategic plan

By Dr James Richardson, founder, Premium Growth Solutions

With retailers increasingly open to stocking premium products from emerging brands, and Amazon offering a great platform to help entrepreneurs reach a nationwide audience, it might seem like there's never been a better time to start a food &...

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